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Camping de parcelas que funciona todo el año. El lugar tiene bajo mantenimiento. Lo bueno es que está frente al mar. Nos cobraron $4000 pesos por el vehículo y $2000 x persona.

El Cóndor es un lugar mágico realmente vale la pena visitar.

Plot camping that operates all year round. The place is low maintenance. The good thing is that it is facing the sea. They charged us $4000 pesos for the vehicle and $2000 per person.

El Cóndor is a magical place really worth visiting

Camping Trentinos -41.05218, -62.83033

Clean, comfortable, and cheap by local standards. Room with bathroom (squat toilet) 30.000 dinar, or $20. Street parking under CCTV, paid parking nearby.

Hotel Albayan 31.98941, 44.31819

decent place to stay for free. some sites have water most don't. Hot showers, dump station, laundry, Dumpster. some highway noises are not too bad.

Falcon County Park 26.56566, -99.12787
[email protected]

Nous avons dormi dans cette distillerie
La piscine est propre et grande.
Il y a la douche (eau froide), 2 machines pour laver le linge mis à disposition gratuitement, des toilettes.
Une cuisine extérieure et des tables pour manger.
Des jeux pour enfants et un terrain de basket
C'est vraiment un lieu très agréable.
Nous avons fait la visite et la dégustation de la tequila.
C'est une distillerie de petite taille qui a gardé les traditions et la culture biologique.
Nous avons payé pour la nuit et la visite:
400 pesos par adulte

Destiladora Puntual 20.86990, -103.82726

Really awesome place to stay near SF. This is the second time We've stayed here and both times it felt safe and quiet. It's level and has good service, and it seems to be allowed, as there are cops driving by who don't say anything, and there are always other rigs there. We would definitely stay again!

Marin County Civic Center 37.99722, -122.53184

We spent a very happy night here, we came with the tour from Riohacha with the History Travelers agency and we really enjoyed it. the food was excellent and everyone was very friendly.

Passamos uma noite muito agradável na cabana, viemos com o tour da agência History Travelers de Riohacha e gostamos muito. a comida era excelente e todos foram muito simpáticos.

Analaüli Restaurant & Hospedaje 12.20504, -72.15090

Embarcadero to Punta Gallinas when the road is closed, it is possible to travel by boat, round trip costs an average of $ COP $ 250,000 per person to spend the day there. The boat leaves at 4am, but we recommend taking the full tour with the History Travelers agency in Riohacha, it's really worth it and a unique experience.

Embarcadero para Punta Gallinas quando a estrada esta interditada, é possível fazer o trajeto de lancha, ida e volta custa média $ COP $ 250.000 por pessoa para passar o dia por lá. O barco sai às 4am, mas recomendamos fazer o tour completo com a agência History Travelers de Riohacha, vale muito a pena e é uma experiência única.

Juya Tour Embarcadero 12.18990, -72.14640

Viemos até aqui com o tour de 3 dias da agência History Travelers desde Riohacha. A estrada esta bem alagada nessa época do ano (setembro a novembro/2023 fica intransitável) mas o local é lindo e sem dúvidas vale a pena conhecer, é das coisas de se fazer uma vez na vida!

Punta Gallinas 12.45809, -71.66744

We got here with the History Travelers agency's 3-day tour from Riohacha and it was an excellent choice to be able to count on their experience to travel through this fantastic desert. The risk of coming on your own is very high, road and weather conditions change constantly, cell phone signal is extremely poor, water and energy are scarce and if there is any problem there is no support nearby ;)

Chegamos até aqui com o tour de 3 dias da agência History Travelers a partir de Riohacha e foi uma excelente escolha poder contar com a experiência deles pra transitar por esse deserto fantástico. O risco de vir por conta própria é muito alto, as condições da estrada e do tempo mudam constantemente, o sinal do celular é extremamente ruim, água e energia são escassas e se houver qualquer problema não há suporte próximo ;)

Dunas de Taroa 12.43678, -71.60664

For cyclists:
There is a checkpoint about 1km after the intersection on the tabuk road.
There was just a ranger and he told me that bicycles were not allowed in the wadi.
After several calls with his boss in the main ranger station (south entrance) and a little bit of arguing with him, he let me go through. I pitched my tent 2-3 km after that.
Riding the wadi is obviously easier from top to bottom. I have 2,25" and 4 panniers on my bike but with low tyre pressure I was able to ride at list 75% of it. Amazing, water along the way and impossible to get lost.
I met friendly police guys during the ride and no questions asked when I passed the ranger checkpoint in the southern entrance.

Wadi Disah Northern entrance / checkpoint 27.70994, 36.61590

Well-stocked tienda. Fruits and vegetables. More than the other one listed!

Despensa Susi -23.23909, -67.01699

We asked if we could sleep in the abandoned building next to the football field beside the factory. A few men were polite to us and went off to ask a manager - all good.

Building itself has four walls and no roof. Some broken glass inside but very isolated, we easily found enough room to set up our three-man tent. Plenty of wind protection (we think better than what we could have got camping at the tourist centre), and shade in the afternoon.

transport factory -23.60233, -66.77472

Nice Hostal, friendly owners, you can hear street a bit depending on room, kichten with foodprocessor, breakfast included, 2nd floor but you can put a (1-3) bikes in 1st floor into their kitchen. More than one electrical soket and it was even near the bed! And free toploader washing machiene :)

Entrance hidden, there is just a bell with the Name Manoa. If they dont come shout to the trace or go to their shop continuing left of the entrance crossing the street.

Price was negotiated 50.000.

All in all seemed like the Perfect deal :)

Economic Manoa Hostel with breakfast 4.44051, -75.19304

On 140, about 300 fit before El Portal on your left side of the road, between the trees, there is a good gravel road. We entered with 31 fit motorhome with no problem. The place is leveled. There is place for 3-4 RV. No signs at all. You see a white trailer, park neer it.

Yosemite El Portal 37.67310, -119.78755

It is also possible to take the tracks down to the beach; better view of the mountain range W of Lago Argentino, though no wind protection whatsoever.
Strong Claro signal.

next to lago argentina -50.11538, -72.12198

we arrived at the visitors centre at 3.30pm which apparently was too late to get camping at the refuge so they made some calls they told us to come here and that we had permission. Security were very friendly but were confused by this and insisted on making phone calls at 10pm to confirm that we actually did have permission. it's just a car park next to a family park that closes at 9.30pm with showers and toilets that stayed open all night and WiFi.

Itapu Costarena Visitor Parking -25.39286, -54.63539

Friendly people, nice view, quite nights.
7000p (~7€ atm) per adult, kids free.
The free park campsite have all been closed.
You can fill your water tank here.
As we need no infrastructure we can not say anything about toilets and showers.

Bahia Solis Camping -42.66648, -71.67693

Really a must stop!
Great bread and more.

Almacen de Panes -41.96977, -71.53592

Had lunch on the parking but the way up to the waterfall is not in place anymore. Maybe too much water or a covid victim

Cascada de la virgen -41.82791, -71.41916

We ate at this restaurant in mendoza and now we also found it here. O m g. We ate so much pizza in our lives and this is the best one!!! They open from 9 untill 12 in the evening so no siesta.

The napolitana is great! All the others as well. You can order 6 or 8 pieces and you can order 2 flavours! You get free garlic bread as a starter.

Enjoy ! Its a italion owner

Almacén the best pizza in the world -34.57933, -58.41172

Nice Park with lots of paths. About 100 yards of parallel parking on the opposite side right where the pin takes you. A small lot is up the road 100 yards, and another small lot is just around the corner in the other direction.

Cleveland Park 34.84433, -82.38655

Gas station with parking lot and minimarket (mainly, beverages, cookies, chips etc.).
Toilets didn’t look invitingly. Seems they have 2 showers. One of them was locked the other didn’t look invitingly. We neither used showers nor toilets.
A couple of trucks parked for the night, but it was quiet.

Gas station Tres Cruces -17.60075, -62.21784

Nice campsite, we saw lots of monkeys and birds.
100 Pesos per person incl. WiFi (slow)

Biohidroselva 16.25591, -90.86140

I drove a few km down and there could be other spots but didn't see any.
A large flat area with fire ring. Clean. Quiet except for occasional aircraft. You can just make out the highway in the distance. Think it's next to an OHV path but haven't seen any yet. Spent a night here with an F150 with a RTT, but larger rigs shouldn't have a problem getting here. Bit of a hump from the main road.

Saguaro Spot 2 32.77535, -112.25895

Nice quiet street, light residential on one side and a strip of land on the other that sees some dog walkers in the morning. Overall foot traffic very light and hardly any passing cars. It felt secluded especially if you park behind the trees then you're mostly shielded from the park. 10 minute walk into town. Excellent 5G on t-mobile (300mbps). No signs. Parked here one night and slept well.

Carmel Valley Lupin Lane 36.48305, -121.73087

woke up by cop, told to stay at the Walmart on folly road. Considered a James County Park so you can't stay after sunset.

Medway Community Garden 32.72174, -79.96833

the good place for propane RV
good price

detweler's propane 27.42269, -82.54625

We spent one night, quiet and well located parking spot nearby downton and the entrance to the trail Paseo de los Colorados.

Street Parking -23.74779, -65.49751

Excellent place. Hot shower, clean and there is free wifi.

Rosehill Community Center 47.94576, -122.30291

Lots and lots and lots of parking space. No no camping signs. A beach, BBQ grills, picknick tables and restrooms at the building north of the beach.

Golden Gardens Park 47.68710, -122.40297

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