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Pulled into the cul-de-sac at 7:30pm there were already 4 older RVs & vans on the street or across the street. I was parked for 5 mins when an older truck pulled into the cul-de-sac the guy started whistling and honking his horn. Perhaps trying to get someone's attention? I didn't feel safe and left.

Street parking miramar 32.88104, -117.18857
Fish and Kitty

I can confirm the existence of signs now prohibiting RV or truck overnighting. So this is definitely now a stay-at-your-own-risk site. That said, there does seem to be some nuance to the enforcement, and I'm not sure I'd treat it as a hard close.
We stayed here two separate nights this month in a not-very-stealth van with clear Winnebago markings on it, without problems. We also saw a class C and a small trailer stay here successfully. The first night, we checked with Walmart management. Their message was that they cannot endorse overnighting in the lot, and that people have been ticketed, but generally only for overt behavior, putting out camping gear, making noise, that sort of thing. I would urge some caution at this location, but if you're not drawing attention, most likely no one will care. And this is one of the few remaining workable spots in the Redding area. If you do choose to stay here, stick to the southeast end of the lot, near the Sonic Drive-in.

Walmart 40.43266, -122.28961

Wonderfull owners! Every campsite has a wind protection, and own toilet and shower. There is a nice pool, beautiful area around! The owner took us for a ride up to the mountains, we spent a great time there. 195pp

Canyon Farm Yard -27.21606, 17.90897

Leaving Saudi entering Jordan on a motorcycle:
Saudi was super easy as always.
In Jordan I got one month visa for free (US passport), very fast process. Then I got quickly checked by customs and sent to get insurance. 27 dinars for one month; that’s the shortest.
Then I went back to customs where they told me I needed the carnet. I argued with them for a bit because one of my friends crossed this border 3 weeks ago with a car and he didn’t need carnet. My carnet expired like week ago so I just told them I didn’t have one. I didn’t want them to stamp expired carnet.
They told me that bikes need carnet and cars don’t. At the end they issued 3 days TIP and told me it can be extended for 15JOD/week. It feels like a money making thing.

Durra border crossing Jordan/Saudi Arabia 29.35649, 34.96184

we parked in lot R the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. lot was pretty full around 6pm and people kept coming back to they cars from being out drinking on Broadway so it was a bit noisy at times. but we were able to sleep just fine, no one bothered us and in the morning we had the ENTIRE LOT all to our selves. but I'd recommended parking in Titan St (Way).. better view. I don't see any signs prohibiting overnight parking and I confirmed with the Building Bridge AND Titan stadium security that the public could park in this lot when there is not an event

Nissan Stadium 36.16475, -86.77295
Les Frabys

Nous avons passé 2 nuits 200 mètres plus loin que le parking. L’endroit était très calme de jour comme de nuit.

Cerro 7 Colores Parking -32.61939, -69.26694

We asked a taxi to take us to where the shared taxis are for Bishkek and he took us about 2 blocks east of this spot at the train tracks. However the pin on for shared taxis to Bishkek, this iOverlander spot and the train tracks spot we went to are all different but all along the same road. We paid 1,500som per person for a car.

Share Taxis to Bishkek 40.53731, 72.80147

Obviously low season as we have the entire campsite to ourselves! There are some lovely sites all along the river with great views but the friendly lady was kind enough to let us camp in the quincho as incessant pouring rain. 8000 per person. Water supply rather erratic, think having pump problems but managed to produce hot water on the second night and was quite apologetic! Seemed to be only campsite open at present.

Los Coihues -43.18858, -71.87360

Solid 1.5 hour slog up to Condor lookout, marginally less steep after first one en route but take lots of snacks to keep energy levels high! Nice views. The river lookout was pretty easy after that!

Administration Reserva Nacional Futaleufú -43.19694, -71.80618

150 m walk (gently uphill) to a great lookout over a narrow gorge of the Futaleufu river. Lookout has board area with benches and surrounding grassy area. Wild unspoilt mountains.
Small parking area off the road.

Cañadon del Diablo -43.22477, -71.86979

This place is worth the detour off the Carretera alone! Stunningly beautiful countryside! The campsite is right beside the river with wonderful views and nice flat spaces for tents. It is the little touches that make it so charming: the little refugio with its interesting odds and ends hanging up, the 5 minute path through the woods to a grassy knoll with another river view and benches, even the contorted wood they have used in the bano construction.
The showers are non-draughty, hot and clean. There is a platform or big log for enjoying the river views and various fireplaces. There is no electricity but who the hell needs it with such a view!? 8000 per person - I could move in!

Camping Hermanos Haussmann -43.23042, -71.87395

Sold for 6bs. quite fast, barely needed to negotiate.

YPFB - sin factora -16.42915, -68.07089

Excelente lugar para estacionar
es una maravillosa familia, todos son super lindos tanto labrador como sus hijos nosotros íbamos por 4 días y nos quedamos 13 días

Jose Labrador Place 10.58155, -71.63619

Big flat area with grass and trees everywhere
Clean male and female ablutions separate, showers have serious pressure.
A few potable municipal water taps. Not for cleaning cars.
Solar lights everywhere and some strategic spot lights.
Lapa with a Pool table, table tennis table, darts, books, magazines. Tv for dstv. Fridge, Welcome dover wood oven, 2 build in braais. Braai also outside in front of Lapa.
Roaming farm animals- turkeys, geese, a horse, chickens
Dog friendly with prior arrangements
Fenced Swimming pool
Each site have a drum fireplace. Sharing electrical point, rubbish bin
All sites on grass
Horse riding available- mornings only R300
“Uber”Cart pulled by tractor available on request

Citrus Creek -32.59476, 19.00997

This is definitely not a good place to spend a night in a van. You are surrounded by 5* hotels everywhere you look at. Who would like to sleep there ?! Fortunately we were there early so we could move from this golf car city 🤣

Playa Palmilla 23.01187, -109.72101

Stealth camped 1 night in Class B van. Arrived at 1730, departed following morning at 1000. Street has minimal traffic from neighborhood residents. Adjacent Freeway has some noise but doesn’t interfere with sleep. Residents walk their dogs along trail next to street. Would stay here again.

Street parking next to trees blocking the highway. 34.28319, -118.74187

Nice campground in a grassy area, simple but well maintained and clean. With toilett and water. Friendly owners, in summertime with pool. No bugs, no mosquitos, when we were here. We paid 30 Soles, two person in a camper. Highly recommended!

Campestre Señor de Muruhuay -12.49423, -75.91225

Quiet road, peaceful and calm. Next to a lake and a river. This site is very clearly big rig friendly. Easy pull off and pull back on to road. About a mile from the Trail of the Coeur de Lenes.

Blue Lake RD 47.47218, -116.75153

4x4 100% necessary. We had to empty out the entire van and all our water to make it as light as possible then drive at it with a lot of momentum + create a lovely burning rubber smell to get back up the hill. Then do about 10 trips up and down reloading our van.

Otherwise a lovely spot

bajo el puente -46.74615, -72.51994

Nice spot next to the beach. Beautiful view over the lake on some volcanoes. Locals come to relax and have a beer or walk their dog. We stayed here for two nights.

Bumpy road but every type of car should be able to drive there.

Public toilets (400CLP) at the beginning of the road. Just a few minutes walking towards the city center.

Llanquihue -41.24920, -73.00410

If you ask to the municipality they will let you a room close to the (now under construction) market. Quite clean. In the municipality there is fast wifi. Password: 123456789
And a friendly cat.

quiet town worh some basic small shops

Municipality room -19.23179, -66.94186

someone was already camped in that spot so we stayed a little south of them. same entrance. Have Verizon and it worked. Was still a nice quiet spot. No problem parking 28'RV with cargo trailer. Lots of dirt roads to explore. Will definitely come back!

Perfect boonedocking with a view 34.48507, -113.33929

I asked inside if it was okay to park for the night (as there was a security truck doing rounds) they said it's not allowed in the Walmart lot but you'd be fine parking over by Wienerschnitzel or Burger King. I parked by Wienerschnitzel (in maps the parking lot is lighter than the rest) and had no issues! A few other rigs showed up as well.

Wal Mart Parking Lot 36.02297, -115.12428

They’re closed on Wednesdays. We just picked a place in the parking lot and stayed two nights until they opened again. Cool museum.

RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum 41.72903, -85.88107

very friendly guys allowed us to fill our water Tank with what they said and what we think was potable water

Water at Shell -53.18322, -70.92683

it is a bit run down and trashy. however, we spent a quiet night.

Harbour Puerto del Hambre -53.60749, -70.93333

Very friendly hosts (and dogs). After a short walk you can have a splendid view of Cotopaxi, especially in the evening sun. If you need electricity, the connection is at the baños building within few meters of the campervan. 5$ pppn.

Hosteria Hacienda San Joaquin Cotopaxi -0.69410, -78.58397

We drove from La Union to Oyon with motorbikes! the road is unpaved but -we were surprised- in very good condition, few traffic, stunning landscape - we had fun to drive this route!

Road from Cauri to Oyón -10.45146, -76.74327

We had a good night at the laguna. Some fishermen passed by with spotlights in the dark, but told us they only looking for trouts so we were relaxed....
We are with two motorbikes and tent, 100m further than the pin is a flat grassy spot, even with a firepit!

Laguna de Paton -10.66480, -76.71105

There are a couple of pullouts before this one. This is the most level so far. I didn't check down the road. Lovely to fall asleep to the sound of the waves.

Pebble Beach Rd parking 41.76653, -124.23288

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