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I would no longer use this border for entering Thailand with a foreign vehicle. They seem to have caught on to people crossing without an agent and are now strictly enforcing the whole procedure. I spent eight hours at the border and three days in Thailand (bike had to be parked in cambodia) trying to get the permissions they told me. In the end a mysterious 8000 baht fee was demanded and i gave up. All in all a very bad experience. Tried another border a few days later where i didn’t have any problems

Chongchom Border 14.42943, 103.69783

Lovely place just in front of your own beach. Restaurant and bar is at the moment closed. The price is not cheap with 1700 for two for one night and you have to check out at 10 in the morning. At the ablution block there is neither toilet paper nor soap. The beach in front of the campsite is cleaned up, but if you walk just a few metres there is rubbish everywhere. What a pitty!

Morrungulo -23.23169, 35.49137

Crossed from West to East in 2007 Toyota Fortuner, water approximately wheel depth. Locals (both at guide house and people at river's edge) assured me it was safe from crocodiles to verify depth by foot.

Drive straight into water and continue straight across to the gravel bar on opposite side, exit onto gravel and perform multi-point turn out of the water, re-enter river and drive up-current to the exit now on your right side.

River Crossing - Rió Bongo 9.74475, -85.21167

Simple crossing, no need to scout on foot. Can be driven straight across.

River crossing - Cano Seco 9.73613, -85.19490

Crossed from North to South in 2007 Toyota Fortuner with water approximately wheel depth. Drive straight into the river downstream for approximately 60 m toward the private road. Begin to turn your vehicle to the left while mid-current until you are facing up stream and are along the far bank. Then drive up the current approximately 70 m to marked exit road on the right.

River Crossing - Rio Ario 9.72434, -85.19317

a bit before the antenna. made a flat spot fir tent and bike

Wildcamp near Mex 1 25.52433, -111.44232

smallsite parking, not really big rig friendly for a night

Mirador at Restaurant La Chiva 13.50144, -89.53162

Extremely friendly and hospitable people. The trout is great and they let me set up my tent in the garage to escape the rain.

There is even a shower you can use and if it’s warm you can jump in the river. They have a great set-up going and are wanting to grow and welcome more people. Would recommend the stop if even just for a coffee. (They also rent the cabin if you want more luxury)

Parador Touristico Ruta 45 1.62020, -76.28301

Nice hotel, great comfy and clean beds. Breakfast is very good, with yoghurt, eggs, ham, cheese orange jus etc. Even if you don’t sleep here, you can stop for breakfast. The grandson of the old lady speaks English and can tell you about his family history and the history of this place. We pays 70.000 for two. They have a parking place.

Hostería Costanera -46.62320, -72.67494

Dump station with hose for flushing can be found on the semi/trailer parking. On the left as you enter this area.

Visitor Center - Louisiana 30.29865, -89.71109

the guard was not nice. first he kept us waiting for 15 minutes saying we needed permission from him boss. then he asked for 10 Usd each, we said it was too much and then he told us to fuck off. we could not get in.

Abandoned Ducor Hotel 6.29217, -10.77923

6 nites at B08 site. Across from washroom. Flush but no paper towels.
Electric hookup. Rob/Terry came and we visited and hiked Watchman w/ them. Got cold, thought water froze but we had a leak and it emptied.
Also van cab system may have been on and we drained battery. Our jump system lines were too short to reach ground peg, so Rob improvised and it turned over. Slow shower drain. 8 point buck off our slider night 2. Amazing views, Starlink obstructed here and was spotty every 10 min.

Watchman campground 37.19681, -112.98873

Dump station open, $10 payable inside gas station.

Roseville Automall Chevron 38.75269, -121.25079

very good mechanical garage. we had a problem with the brake fluid light. The man immediately saw the problem, and looked for other problems.
we recommend.

garage mecanique 32.79944, -6.42172

Perfect place if you have to do any repairs on your car / van / motorcycle etc. The guys speak English very good, have a small workshop and will find the perfect garage for your specific needs.
We had several issues and Vrezh and all the mechanics took perfect care of our old car - thank you so much for this!

Brothers workshop 32.73871, 51.58884

Quiet area off of a gravel road as stated with minimal traffic . Truck camper and mountain bike
Stayed 1 night

Alton Grange trail 43.86033, -80.04423

Beautiful spot tucked in between a bunch of juniper trees. Very cold, but beautiful. Probably not the best time of year to camp out, but what the heck

BLM land off US 93 41.20858, -114.85654
Kees Veth

A perfect place to start and to finish when your plane goes to of flies from Capetown. Christof is a very nice host and the campsite had all we needed. Look for the dog and the Indian at the mountain side when you are on site 1 or 2:-)

Ruah campsite -33.46225, 19.61782

decent rest area. clean bathrooms. no way to avoid the highway noise. didn't see any "no overnight" signs

Rest Area 40.27195, -88.67500

Close to a switch, it looks like a former small logging area. Clean open space available for 2-3 vehicles; suitable also for small RVs/Sprinetrs, but not so flat.
Open sky for solars and Starlink. Verizon = zero
We stayed 2 nights. Amazing full moon

Hardin Flat Rd 37.80556, -119.92450
Blue Sky Adventures

This place is in the wrong location, but I'm not sure where it is!

CARTEL PATROL !! 28.58115, -99.61845

Nice spot for van parking. Still open for use. Felt safe here.

Kroger 40.00780, -82.99669

On the far side of the river from the road there is dirt good enough for tent. slightly more visible than gravel areas but still reasonably hidden

along river 35.24914, -5.33805

This place is permanently closed.

Punta Ballenas -4.10733, -81.06118

Natural Foods parking lot. Spoke with the manager who said “no one will bother you”. Well lit quiet parking lot and a quiet night.

Tucson 32.27460, -110.87401

Lovely free wild camp just off the highway. New looking hybrid drop toilets and lots of spaces to camp. Good mix of overlanders,
grey nomads, and backpackers.

Warri Campground -35.34452, 149.73789

I was a bit creeped out by the guy throwing up beside his car. The nearby us next us decided to leave. We weren’t bothered by security though.

Walmart in Homewood Alabama 33.44890, -86.82072
sonny jadun

Stayed here on the weekend for two nights. At sunset it gets busy. When it gets dark people leave. Friday and Saturday night young people stay late. No loud music bit enough to wake you up. Beautiful sunset here. There are benches and garbage can here

Mirador Bahia Salinas 11.07015, -85.64021

camp 12 nice by Santtetlah creek. fire ring, private

FS camp spot #13 35.34335, -83.96220

We stayed one night, spent some $$$ (Dinner & breakfast) and it confirms previous comments. Along with four other rigs, a lot of spots on paved ground and had a quiet night. Asked/obtained permission to stay for the night, thanks to CB.

Cracker Barrel Parking Lot 37.07828, -113.58402

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