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For registered guest only. Campground full hookups (water, electricity and sewer at each site).

Dump Station StAndrews State Park 30.13521, -85.73975

The very friendly mechanic repaired our flat tire in 15 minutes! 8000 pesos

Repuestos Lubricantes -43.18620, -71.86807

nothing for bigger tha a car, whole la libertad is not camping friendly, especily for bigger cars or vans.

Safe parking (+perhaps camping) 13.48784, -89.31800

Campground has Exceptional vegetation but many potholes in in the small road through the campground. Superior laundry room, bathrooms/showers. Right now end of November, campground is empty.

Some cabins in use but not worth $165 per night (2/2 with four beds, kitchen, living room).

Stephen C. Foster State Park 30.80911, -82.37447
Yvette en Richard

Very clean. Very friendly hosts. You cannot use the the kitchen, but you can bring your own food and eat it in the small common area. Hosts are very helpful, they provide unlimited hot water if you ask for it.
There's also aan nice living room on the first floor.

Hostal Mielito -43.97305, -72.40635

the place is open, is safe. we stay 2 nigths in this place. in front casa Santander.

estuvimos dos noches. el lugar es muy tranquilo y seguro. hay Internet y funciona bien.

Street Parking 4.62223, -74.06483

I was greeted by signs saying no overnight parking by ordinance. It was late and I saw three other Class B's so decided to risk it. Was not bothered.

Cracker Barrel 29.25561, -81.11718

ok for the price. payed 1500 to sleep in the car. 1 person. Very simple baths. A Lot of dust because of the Wind. some trees to shade

Camping Balneario Maldonado -38.73343, -62.31190

The Aqua Caliente border crossing is now an easy one from both sides, Guatemala and Honduras integrated and streamlined the paperwork and procedures. They are now together in one building and you walk easily from desk to desk.
The Guatemala border station just 2km before the border has no function anymore, proceed directly to the border, cross it and drive into Aqua Caliente.
When you see a big green sign, keep right direction “Parqueo Centro de Control” and stop at the barrier. The guys at the barrier are looking as fixers, but they aren’t. Official guys that take care of the initial check of your vehicle TIP, here you can decide if you want to pause or cancel your TIP. They make a copy of your Guatemala TIP without any cost. Barrier goes up and they give you a parking spot for the further process.
In the blue and white main building all official activities for both countries are handled, first do your passport exit and entry and next big room behind is the same process for the TIP. Very easy self guided process and the staff is very professional and helpful, they will send you to the next station. No copy making needed anymore, they make the copies themselves they need.
Payment for the passport entry of USD3 is done directly to the officer with receipt, payment for the Honduras TIP must be made at a sort of bank, just right in a small green building at the barrier where you stopped the first time.
The whole process for our rig with motorcycle took 1.5 hour

Guatemala - Honduras border 14.53131, -89.28303

Warning: I was greatly deceived by the owner of this place on multiple occasions. At finca rosa del mar I had money stolen from my backpack, was grossly overcharged on car maintenence work and later sold my car to Javi (the owner) against my better judgement. He rang me frantically on the day of the sale explaining that he couldn't access the money. I empathetically agreed to receive the money post sale which I'm still yet to recieve. In fact I can't even make contact with Javi. I got played on multiple occasions despite my ongoing generosity. My advice to any traveller would be to stay clear of this property. There are amazing campsites nearby, hosted by genuine people. Namely Camping Los Garrobos in Bejuco, the beach there is much more beautiful and safe.

Finca Rosa del Mar 9.49672, -84.34415

Guest House and camping. Local catering possible. Mountain shelter standard. Electricity from a generator and the sun, so there are restrictions - as in the entire village

Guest House Bashkimi 42.54669, 20.06578

Lugar com chuveiros, água e energia passamos duas noites 🌙 lugar seguro em frente a praia, para trazer a família muito bom e bonito para quem quer ficar alguns dias parado o lugar perfeito.

Praia de Marobá -21.04372, -40.82658

We stayed here for four nights, felt safe and used the free museum wifi and water tap.

Parking Museo Antropología Salta -24.78655, -65.39778

Easy border crossing, almost no one there, exit from Salvador was done in 2min without stepping out of car, Aduana (TIP) is on the left just in front of the bridge. They took the TIP from us and in 5min gave us confirmation about cancelling.
Enter to Guatemala was also easy, stamps in 2min, TIP was also smooth. You have to pay a fee in quetzales about 180Q in the bank window. The bank system didn't work so we went to one copy centre and they did the payment for us with another cost of 20Q. You also need a copy of the car document, driving licence and passport with entry stamp(you can do it in copy centre for 15c). No search, no problem. One of the fastest crossing.

Valle Nuevo, Guatemala to Chinamas, El Salvador 14.01758, -89.90668

Nice place to spend a night. There is water, electricity and many tables. Lights were turned on all the night so it’s better to pitch the tent not too close from the tables if you want to be in the dark during the night

The sociable chatter of local parrots and cool grey sky -29.52269, -68.53868

Laundry service, . They do normal cleaning and dry cleaning. 80 roupies/kg (28/11/23)

UClean 24.60037, 73.70182
Osvi Travel 88

Pernocte frente a Prefectura al reparo del viento, los baños publicos, a veces suelen estar cerrados, restaurante cercas, FINES DE SEMANA MUY RUIDOSOS. wifi depende de las condiciones climaticas

costanera lago buenos aires -46.54113, -71.60967
Osvi Travel 88

camping con tarifas para jubilados, es pequeño, los baños son calefaccionados, pero pequeños en capacidad, tiene fogon al reparo del viento

Gob. Gregores Municipal Camping -48.75443, -70.24342

Great place for camping. there are a lot of spot to put the tent or where to park the car. night are quite and relaxing, just a bit windy after de sun set. There was a trail to go down to the lake, but was not available because the plant closed the way(the guard told me that the machine to clean the path was broken). The guard is there 24h. There is water for drinking and for showers, also toilets. The price is just a donation, I gave 120cordobas and I think it was ok for the guard. The sunset was the best. Just be careful with the ticks and Scorpions, I saw a few(in theory only in the rainy season they said). The way to arrive is quite okay, perfect for moto or car, not sure for caravane because some parts where a bit steep.


Mirador Apoyeque 12.24527, -86.35500

Honest and transparent. Diagnosed our issue but couldn’t help us (due to a water crisis in Antofagasta and part availability). Didnt charge is but helped us find a places to help our situation once we reached Santiago

Servicio Automotriz Muñoz -23.63138, -70.38222

Pinturas e soldaduras. Boa pessoa! Fizemos um solda na porta da kombi, algo rápido.

Miguel Cruz Vw 18.63893, -91.82925

Large flat lot behind the Marathon gas station. The lot is well lit at night.

Marathon Gas Station Truck Parking 30.82645, -81.66117

On the way down from laguna Paron. Nice and quiet. No problem in rain even with 2wd

Laguna Peron - Roadside Lot -9.03007, -77.78563

Simple place but very nicely located on the river. Toilets are ok, no shower but electricity available upon request. very nice owner. We paid 2000 pesos per person.

River Adventure Park -31.48981, -68.64821

Very friendly welcome from the manager. There is a lot of wind, it allows us to use the large room to cook with our equipment. He helps us find a good mechanic. The campsite is very old and deserves to be refreshed and the sanitary facilities cleaned every day.

Camping Municipal -47.75523, -65.88842

Free Water at Shell. We asked inside. They said okay. Very friendly. Located at the righthandside of the building. Thank you Shell!

Shell Gas Station 44.92634, -65.04863

We stayed here for 3 nights and visited the Kejimkujik during the day. It is a very cool spot with great walking paths directly at it. We stayed at the bottom spot cause no one was around all the days but please notice that there is a sign saying that parking is only allowed at the upper spot. I guess in the summer that's more likely to be needed.

Four Mile Stillwater Trailhead 44.50120, -65.24700

sites are a little small but kept up, very neat & clean.

Patriots RV Park 27.96999, -97.11049

Schöne sehr gepflegte Anlage mit Chalets, großem Pool und Campingplatz.
Von Nov-Jan 600 MT pPpN, sonst 500 MT

Goody Villas Campsite -21.56160, 35.22551

Very nice Restaurant and bar just around the corner of Goodys Villas.

Brisa Mar -21.56313, 35.22731

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