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For smaller vans ok. In the pm more places. We didn’t stay with truck/camper. In the center

SÃO FRANCISCO DO SUL -26.24292, -48.64011

We paid $28R for truck/camper. Time table still correct. 40 min crossing.

Car Ferry Port -26.24845, -48.70589

Well located very near the cathedral. Friendly staff, exceptionally clean, lots of hot water. Room had two comfortable beds, no air conditioning although in November the issue is cold not heat. Very secure parking which is suitable for bikes or cars but not trucks. The room rate was posted at 1100 pesos for two persons but they charged us only 800. We had a very pleasant stay here

Hotel Posada Tolosa 22.77905, -102.57167

They would only sell 20 litres at 7Bob. No room for negotiation. The lady tried to get her husband to reduce the price.

Corner shop that sells gasolina and diesel -18.17841, -68.70903

Great natural park where you can camp, spend the day, make a bbq, take a cold bath directly at the river...
This is the start of the long trekking path going to Pico Espejo or all the tall mountains around it. There are some camping spots on the way, this is the 1st one.

La Mucuy, trekking start to Pico Espejo 10.43085, -75.53704

Campsite near Pico Bolívar. Approximately at 1h walking from Pico Espejo and half an hour from Pico Bolívar climbing start point.
Campsite is located at approx 4500m height, it has a small lake closeby if one wants to take water there (non treated)

Campamento base el albornoz 10.43085, -75.53704

We parked here to sleep for the night, we weren't bothered nor anything. park on the left side of the road just next to a big white wall

street parking - quiet & well lit 14.96547, -91.78563
sonny jadun

This is where you make your reservation or buy a ferry ticket for your car. Make sure you make a reservation in advance, or you will be put on the waiting list. It is Russoan roulete then.

ferry vehicle ticket 11.54088, -85.70075

Ordering fish and rice for 1 person will be enough for 2, easily. Got a whole big, big fish and heaps of rice.
The fish was one of the best I ever had. Paid 2.50 OMR.

Reem Al Yamen Restaurant & Kichens 23.10558, 57.27284

arrived by bike ready for breakfast and were treated to a huge plate of eggs, potatoes, beans and cheese. really great.

Los Pinas restaurante 24.59062, -111.46871

we got guided by cesar who made us understand the cloud forest and what its been transformed into in nearby coffee farms and pastures. also why the cocora valley is a temporary sight that will need to change. Well recommended tour. price nowadays is however up in the 40000pesos.

Reserva Natural Kasaguadua 4.62726, -75.58792

Amazing, amazing, amazing! everything as described before, Kika and Anoao are wonderful Hosts. We stayed 4 nights.

La Bonanza 2.61358, -76.46473

O estacionamento fica ao lado da rodoviária e alguns ônibus e caminhões também passam a noite no local. A rodoviária ao lado fica aberta 24h e tem banheiros públicos, mas sem ducha.

Bus station parking lot -38.26261, -57.84247

Paramos aqui em busca do ponto de energia. Encontramos passando os banheiros, na primeira ruazinha a direita, tem uma tomada pendurada em um poste de luz. Não ficamos para a noite. Local bem arborizado, com muitas mesas, e churrasqueiras. Bem próximo da rodovia.

San Carlos Park -34.79364, -54.90674

Gas station on the official ANH list that is supposed to sell to extranjeros. We paid international price and we were able to fill a jerry can as well. Short line for gasoline, long line for diesel.

YPFB -17.24396, -67.90517
Waka Nash

Still great cakes and icecream. Highly recommend.

Don Costa Restaurant -37.37589, -70.27443

Boat trip 1500 dh (full morning trip from 7am until lunchtime) + national park entrance fee 150dh per person.

Amandou made sure we saw hippo’s and chimps. He took his time, which was amazing. Often he turned off the engine and we drifted along the island so we heard the birds and chimps. Big recommendation!

Kunta Kinteh Boattrips 13.67017, -14.89096
Waka Nash

Great Campsite, along the side of the river. Clean bathrooms, hot high pressure showers. We paid 1700 ARS 2x people 1x van 1x night.

Camping Municipal Chos Malal -37.37139, -70.27509

Por la aplicacion ubicamos esta hostal ,ningún problema nos arrendaron por 10 soles con agua caliente y toalla .

Hot shower for 10sol at Inkawasi Backpacker Hostel -12.12039, -77.04162
Waka Nash

Great little campsite. Very clean bathrooms, hot shower. Lovely lady in tourism office next door. Friendly locals, small kiosk up the road that sells everything.

Camping Municipal Ranquil Norte -37.37590, -70.27444
Waka Nash

Great guy, fixed our puncture with a smile. Has a pit may do vehicle repairs too. Highly recommend.

Gomeria y Mecanica -36.82209, -69.91933
Chavaleh Jahn

Huge pull throughs, smooth roads, and lots of spots. However, if you have dogs, watch for the goatheads in the "grass"

Safety Rest Area 31.53657, -103.08126

Stopped me, asked about fruits, I said: Yes, Apples. He let me pass anyway.

Checkpoint fruits and vegetables -33.24101, -69.09030

Fantastic site by the ocean, good restaurant overlooking the ocean at affordable prices. Camping 190 ZAR , Bungalow 150 €, Wifi is required to pay , 10 ZAR only 30 minutes

Cape Cross Lodge Campground -21.75561, 13.97073

Asked about fruit and took a looot: Apple, orange, grapefruit, peach, nectarine, bell pepper, tomato.
Left us: Avocado, broccoli, garlic, onion

Fruit Control -33.48377, -68.98440

Very nice and cheap local restaurant with good food in Masindi. I am vegetarian so I tried only vegetarian option

The new friends restaurant and take away 1.68086, 31.72154

Laundry service. Very fast with same day service available. $20/kg which is a good price. English spoken and great customer service.

Splash 2 Lavandería 21.29458, -89.60688

Still here. Free for campers or $5 for non campers. Pay at ranger station. Flush water only.

Dump station 30.32050, -87.27132

nice place to park for the night, no one bothered me. there is some train and highway noise at night but not to bad overall.

Glade Across the Tracks 49.69076, -92.52856

Awesome spot! Free water and electricity.

White River Tourist Information Centre 48.59220, -85.27613

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