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Boulevard Bahia has places to park every 500m or so, all with the same configuration.
But don’t mistake, it is not « super quiet ». Why ? This boulevard is a urban 2x2 lanes and probably the only one in the country that doesn’t have « topes ». This road is perfect to test the capacities of your new superpowered vehicle, sports car or 1000hp motorbike. Why not challenge your friends here with that brand new Volkswagen Golf you just bought ?
As a conclusion, « Super quiet » will depend on theses pilots. Give them a call before parking !

Nice parking and super Beach access 18.52108, -88.26891

Nice waterfall, the view from the restaurant is very good. Kind guys over there. We bought the entrance tickets at Mushroom Farm, 2000 k each. From there it's a 20 minute walk to the viewpoint.

Manchewe Waterfalls And Cave -10.58699, 34.11835

very kind local family (Valentin and Arturo) selling high quality, homemade canned food (jam, vegetables, olives) and olive oil for a very fair prize.
A speciality might be the tomato jam.
They are there every day 08:00 a.m. - 02:30 p.m. - except Christmas and Nee Year

Hwy 143 -34.74825, -68.17678

Crowded trailer park with no space at the waterfront and camping trailers packed on top of each other. We came and left immediately.
The drive to Playa Guinones is on rough potholed unmaintained dirt roads which make the disappointment with the campground even worse.

Camping Mirella 9.91051, -85.64307

$23R for truck/camper .. always cool on the ferries

Ferry -28.49736, -48.77489

What a view, spectacular doesn't do it justice! Most private spot as it's a bit away from Soldiers Meadow road and not visible from there. And yes, it was windy last night! Playa access via Designated Route, or vice-versa. No services, but good cell reception. Check out nearby Steamboat hill walk!

BRC Overlook 3 40.82358, -119.22519

We needed a place just to camp for the night so stopped by. Very friendly welcome from staff. however, they explained for us to spend the night we would have to each pay 35 USD park entry fee and then 20,000 shillings for camping. so we moved on.

Pian Upe UWA Bandas 1.69044, 34.58287

Great little laundrymat.

10 kg = 30MAD
20 kg= 60 MAD


17 kg= 30 MAD (25 min, was enough to dry)

Note: be sure to get a bunch of NEW 10 dh coins. It is the only thing the machines accept and there is no way to change here. All the local shops around try to help, but they must get hit up a lot bc most shops didn’t have any to change.

Laundry self service 29.38029, -10.17139

All good, fairly quiet. I recommend. we drive a Class C.

Publix parking lot 25.89509, -80.16374

Goog place. Little bite dirty but ok for one night. Safe. Locals come here to fish. You can do kayaking. We slept on Friday night. One car came here with loud music but no to long. They left.

San Javier -35.59291, -71.75013

This was the only Agua vendor in town we could find that had a small hose to fit our Sprinter. Staff was friendly and helpful. We paid ~90 pesos for 80 liters, so happy because we were running out of water! The parking lot is small. our 22.5 ft van just fit in the lot and we arrived at 7:30 when they opened because it is a very busy place.

Super Aqua 2000 31.86305, -116.62314
Nomad Katia

NCC Village- THIS PLACE DOESN'T ACCEPT FEMALE SOLO TRAVELLERS: only single males or families. I arrived there tired, after crossing 2 borders (Qatar>KSA and KSA>UAE), and only needed a bed to crash in, but manager said it's the rules: no solo females. Nearby hotels very expensive (resorts). Ended up at Western Hotel in Ghayathi, 52km away, only option affordable: 380 AED (104 USD) on Union Day (National UAE Day).

Camping 24.17890, 52.57358

Fernando and his father were amazing hosts! We didn’t meet Fernando until the morning we left but he walked my husband around his fathers garden and gave all sorts of amazing fresh produce. After signing his guestbook it was fun to see people we have met on this trip so far! Highly recommend this place! ($10/car)

Campsite Mitad Del Mundo -0.42308, -78.40478

Basic RV campground with water and electricity 30 amp. Clean bathrooms and laundry. No shade or wind protection. Highway noise. Open all year. Close to Sand Dunes NP and Alamosa.

Base Camp Family Campground 37.47269, -105.73427

water spigot but pump 5. I asked the attendant at the maverick and she said absolutely, help yourself. free. They are the best.

water at maverick gas 32.84295, -104.43045

nice, medium size grocery store with good variety of products + fruits and vegetables, all at good prize. recommended to get all you need in a less busy place - highly convenient -at Ieast on a Saturday at 02:30 p.m.

Eco Supermercado -34.63268, -68.31436

1,000 pesos per person for hot shower with good water pressure. No time limit. Individual shower areas for men and women. Pay at the office. Dressing areas and showers we're clean.

Cabanas & Camping Calafate -50.33490, -72.26061

1,000 pesos per person for hot shower with good water pressure. No time limit. Individual shower areas for men and women. Pay at the office. Dressing areas and showers we're clean.

Cabanas & Camping Calafate -50.33490, -72.26061

We spend a quiet night on the very bad road from Toche to Salento , definitiv 4x4 needed

Valley view on dry conditions 4.53287, -75.42653

Dont go here people are very unkind! The street is very dumpy too

Ibaque 4.53895, -75.47136

water spigot at pump 5. flow rate isn't the best, but it's so difficult to find water in the states that don't let you pump your own gas!

Petro Exxon 40.12315, -74.71329

Restaurant & Hotel, room as well as mattress clean and equipped with mosquito net. Toilet is shabby though. Bargain for 20000 UGX. Bike can be taken inside the room

Be aware that the hallway to the rooms is quite narrow. My bike barely fit through.

Hajji Ssekikubo Hotel -0.40745, 31.15182

No fuel on a Saturday, had to wait until Monday ! So better to come in the beginning of the week :)

Shell gas station -17.43148, 14.43221

Really a great spot. I'm sure it could be busy a certain times of year but I have been here twice, in early spring and late fall and it has been lovely. Plenty of open and level spots, fire pits, great views by the creek, and T mobile. Avoid weekends and busy season for a bit more privacy.

Kolob Terrace Rd near Zion NP 37.22116, -113.16106
Two Vets on Tracks Emiel & Leslie

Good mechanic, very friendly and very helpfull.
Can import spareparts from Paraguay.
Super garage.
They repaired our differential and cardan. Is a top mechanic for Toyota (has a lot of awards in his office;)). Efficient and very correct, took the time to explain everything. Definitely recommend!! Nr:+54 9 376 428-0551.

Carlos, Toyota garage. Top mecanico -27.40801, -55.97694

Fomos neste posto para tomar banho por conta dos comentários, mas não tem ducha e o posto nem é tão bom. Não aconselho.

Station Shell -19.89857, -43.98233

The electrical sockets are now gone so i removed this. also this is next to a road so expect some noise during the night

Wild Camp next to road -50.33733, -72.27560

Central carpark good for a night to visit the city. Guardian asked 50 dirhams but after some smiles and negotiation he accepted 35

Parking bab rahba 34.02684, -6.82926

When you are on a short or longvoyage, do not miss this place.
Far enough from Budapest, close to Balaton, border.
Incredible good food, very biker friendly.
The owner gives permission for a safe campground ( though it’s not an established campsite)

Falusi Étterem 64 46.78255, 18.50848

There is a larger gravel pullout a few meters before on the left side. Space for 3-4 cars. There are NO no camping signs there at the pullout.

Slept there for one night. Very quite (despite the stormy weather), no one bothered me. Good place.

Otter Creek Loop 44.77056, -124.07224

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