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Price is now 450 birr for a single room (which had a double bed in it).

Butajira Bright Hotel 8.21580, 38.46681

Modern basic hotel near city center. Room with two queen beds for two persons cost 350 pesos. Clean, comfortable bed but bedding was a little worn. Good internet, hot water, air conditioning and secure parking.

Hotel del Roble 20.48456, -99.22070

Good supermarket with most grocery items you need, including some camping equipment.

Large parking lot right in front with one police officer

La Anonima -43.24682, -65.31052

The water tap is near the Diesel pumps for trucks. Look for the "Hielo" ice freezer.

Decent water pressure but it varies, had better. With a filter it takes quite a bit.

YPF -43.22793, -65.30019

The bridge to swimming point and viewpoint is broken, so you definitely need a 4x4 and high ground clearance now. I uploaded a picture of the bridge.
To get to the viewpoint, it’s currently impossible with a car because of a tree leaning over the track. Still possible by motorbike. We did.

Salaa Falls Viewpoint 11.29610, -12.51935

Peace restaurant. They have really nice food (Spaghetti Bolognese for 30.000 etc.), serve breakfast (opens at 9, Omelette for 10.000) and double as a sports bar.
The owner is super friendly and can organize a visit to the chutes de Saala by mototaxi. We payed 150.000 for 2up on one mototaxi to the falls and back. Very responsible rider.
No need to book expensive tours or est overpriced food somewhere else.

Cafe Peace 11.31306, -12.29210

Spring water, looks good to drink. Might also be a camping area

spring water 38.74752, 38.42274

Good an very nice restaurant. The pizzas and seafood are excellent, very friendly staff

Gavin’s Trattoria -34.82607, 20.01355

Two apartments adjoining the home of an American family. Both apartments have bathrooms with toilets and hot water is available for bucket baths. A total of four beds. Wifi upon request. Close to the river port and airport. Filtered well water available. Meals often offered. Room for one vehicle within the compound along with plenty of space for tenting. Extra parking outside the wall if needed. WhatsApp - +242 06 832 7720

Chez Combest 1.59474, 18.06020
Lucélia Aparecida Silva

Casa térrea com estacionamento na rua tranquila e segura, local próximo à BR 153/ 020 , ofereço chuveiro, sanitário, máquina de lavar, Wifi, pequena cozinha, aceito casal e ou uma pessoa. Sou senhora idosa e também viajante.

Lucélia Aparecida Silva -16.58599, -48.99028

The place is open for camping from April 15 thru Oct 15. We just drove through.

vétérans mémorial campground 43.89671, -91.11589

No obvious road leading to the gravel pit. The road has been recently graded and you need a bit of clearence to go through but it's probably possible. Saw patagonian maras near the pit.

Gravel pit aside RP31 -44.20499, -66.11270

$3000pp and $3000 for motorhome, $1500 for tent. water is potable inside the buildings but not from taps around the camp ground. Has two play parks for kids.

Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal -45.91744, -67.55065

Friendly and fast service. I paid 5,514 Colones for a 20 lb tank.

Z Gas/Tropigas 9.99092, -83.11215

Beautiful spot near giant boulders and mountains. Some rock climbing spots around. You can get pretty close to this spot in a sedan but the last little bit is severely washed out. With careful driving and a partner, I was able to drive to this spot in my RAV4 that has all terrain tires. Worth it if you can make it! Beautiful shade trees and lots of birds<3

Dragoon mountains 31.87033, -110.01811

Great selection of bread, sausages, ham, cheese and of course beer. As we shopped there at Christmas time, the place was full of German Christmas classics! Great place, great owner!

mercado alemán -0.20268, -78.42483

Very professional
All nicely folded
Very friendly
Close to La Ley supermarket and Pemex

Las 2 Amigas 26.01349, -111.34884

There is a sign saying camping is prohibited in this spot

Gold Rush Rd 33.37886, -111.36300

awesome place. you pay 1 dollar per person and they let us sleep there. its private now. they close the gate at 5pm . very Nice people.

Laguna Aramuaca 13.42871, -88.10064

I’ll post a map photo on a separate comment. This is a nice bay that right next to town yet very secluded. I was the only person here. The approach comes in from the north on the west side of the bay. It definitely requires a high clearance four-wheel-drive vehicle, and probably nothing bigger than a Toyota four runner or jeep grand Cherokee. The final approach to the beach is very loose and has some tight side to side clearance between large rocks. It required me locking up the rear differential to get back out and even then it was sketchy. The road actually continues across the beach to another area on the east side and that road is arguably even worse. It continues on east on this peninsula and where it ends up, I have no idea. there are salt pans in each of the areas that would be good flat places to pitch a tent, but they could get really soggy if it’s been recently wet. There’s decent snorkeling in the rocky areas on either side of the bay, but make sure if you’re out in the water that you shuffle all the time you are walking, as there are scorpion fish, and stingrays all over down here. They are not aggressive, but if you step on one, it will not be a happy Experience. Hence the shuffling as you will scare them off before they sting you. You’re only a couple of miles from town where just about everything you need would be available, but there is nothing down here in the bay and no cell service. On low tide, you can walk out to many of the points on rock shelves, but be careful as conditions can be slippery.

Ensenada de Carricito 27.86100, -110.90296

Bay is called Ensenada de Carricito. First photo is looking from east to west across the cove. You can see road coming in from Guaymas on the right. Map Photo represents aproximate location of road.

Ensenada de Carricito 27.87166, -110.90002
Frank on the road

3 douches dont une immense. Endroit très propre mais encombré par de nouvelles pompes à essence neuves à installer. Eau chaude et très ajustable selon tes désires. le gars nous a rien chargé a ma femme et moi.

Elan #6 Travel Plaza 29.76861, -95.21242

Very nice natural reserve. You can do VTT trails, kayaking and bird watching in the biggest aviary from South America. Very nice place. You can see many species of birds. Enjoy and relax the parc. There is some beaches, trails, playground.

Parc Tricao and biggest aviary from South America -33.72189, -71.63805

It's actually called DB Residence, reasonable place, clean rooms, good WiFi and restaurant seemed very nicely laid out, despite us not reading there.

The dead-end alley where is on its quiet and apparently there's a guard all night, so we left our Motos there.

For Luanda, it's not a bad option.

DM Residence -8.82382, 13.24256

police checkpoint when I passed. But they seemed to mainly stop trucks + do speed checks. I was not asked to stop, even having Paraguay plates.

police checkpoint -32.65484, -63.64651
Stefan M

Checkpoint: verified passport and visa, and processed carnet. Friendly. Searched top box (more of a training exercise for new customs official it seemed). No money asked.

Checkpoint Aduane 11.07581, -14.49088

It’s a Wednesday and there are only two of us here: a family from France in their van, and us in ours. We’re just here for the day. Unfortunately, the bathrooms are locked. We drove through town and the road almost rattled our teeth out, but once we left the town, the road was good. Glad we persevered. It’s quiet

Parque La Primavera Campamento El Pedernal 20.70923, -103.57407

This is where there is is a current road shut-down for construction. They only open it at specific times to let vehicles pass.
9:00, 12:00, 2:30, and after 5:00

Florian Construction 5.81178, -73.90710

I just parked here and it looks like you can only pay for 24 hours at a time. Is there a way to pay for multiple days at once?

Angrignon Park Parking Lot 45.44238, -73.59911

ok for a night, but a lot of lorries passing by during the night, dusty and annoying, otherwise wide, open gravelpit with a small green part and trees. showers at puma station - 200 pesos f 12 minutes - hot and cold water. Wifi worked well at YPF.

Oil Petrol Parking Lot -32.42779, -63.31134

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