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From mid December on they won’t accept any more motorhomes, they only will do tents. Warm showers and clean bathrooms. Shade. $35pp and if you have motorhome that uses electric for AC they charge $20 more.
Secure. Close to beach and town. Fairly quiet for being in town. Friendly people

Camping Candango -27.42901, -48.46351

Lovely place to relax. Very nice infinity pool and restaurant serves good food on reasonable prices. Campsite is still a bit “work in progress”, but ablutions are very nice and clean. Camping was still 10.000mkw//pppn. Friendly staff. Would go back.

Zua Safari Lodge -15.92486, 34.75935

Nice spot, you’re right. The beer was great.

Little mud Salar -30.88839, -68.87191

We went to have a look. Campsite was more like a construction area besides the pool and restaurant, “ablutions” would have been the toilet and shower in the restaurant, and the price was 28.000mkw (!)/pppn. We didn’t stay. Went back to Zua Safari Lodge instead. Do the same!

ng'ona lodge -15.91327, 34.75412

very easy process for express Visa. the man is friendly and even filled out the forms for us. one of the easiest visas in West/Central Africa at the moment

opening times: 9am -2.30pm

visa costs:
1 month -70,000, express 135,000
2 month - 102,500, express 150,000
3 month - express 180,000
6 month - express 250,000

DRC Consulate -4.80069, 11.84999

we stayed here with our big rig after visiting rainbow mountain and the red valley. it's a big field and suitable for all sized rigs, quite level and rocks for leveling around if needed. people in the village were super friendly. it's quiet at night. when you come with a bigger vehicle don't go through the valley, but when returning from rainbow mountain turn to the right opposite of the road that goes left and circumvents the town. you come by the stadium and it fits easily while the town is rather tight. on the street does not exist, it's a gravel road.

Next to Rio Pitumarca -14.02335, -71.45207

Still the case now, however, there is a very rough road that is available on some days and depending on rain. I would leave your vehicle in Santa Theresa as suggested

Temporary broken bridge -13.13813, -72.59682

Great place! Barbara and Douglas made us feel like home. They're very helpful and can organise anything you need in Chimanimani.

They cook delicious food ranging from $5 for breakfast to $15 for grilled meat options. Their homemade vegetarian burgers and fish were awesome!

Double room with shared bathroom $35, bigger apartment with en suite bathroom and terrace is for $50. Negotiable if you stay longer.

Good WiFi available even if there's power shortage (they have a backup solar panel).

Secure parking, 3 lovely dogs & 2 cats around.

Stonehouse Lodge -19.80456, 32.88141

Really accomodating owners. Had a school group staying, so were not receiving campers; but allowed to stay a bit at the side and opened a cottage as private bathroom at no extra cost. Even included "sopaipillas" as welcome gift. Superb infrastructure for Chile "standards". Really nice owners.

Camping Tres Pinos / Las Margarita's -45.18515, -72.15940

Really nice place, as described above, only we were charged 5usd pp a night. Good wifi.

Casa Nohelia 11.51584, -85.55612

quite nice, clean, hit shower, nice common space.
matrimoniale for 80, breakfast now at 20 and dinner/lunch at 30. lend crampons at 30 too

Hostal Parinacota -18.13475, -68.97603

very good dishes, Basic. costs 8 soles!!

quinta almuerzo -13.54094, -72.77925

Control of the gendarmerie, they are friendly, but we searched the vehicle a little without knowing what they were looking for. Identity check

Control by Gendarmerie -45.62033, -67.65445

Nice and quiet public campground. Perfect for stopover! We enjoyed to stay here.

Aire de Camping Cars 49.60216, 1.11626

tried to get here, major power line project so access restricted on the road. stayed in a large lot closer to the interstate.

Gold Nugget BLM 33.67539, -114.07814

Good place to fill up on fuel, a bit cheaper than Fields.

Denio Junction 41.95160, -118.62719

A rustic, but wonderfully welcoming open cabin to be used and shared by anyone in need, responsibly and free of charge. A wood stove provides heat if you bring wood or there may be some there. 360 view over the surrounding grasslands. Not far away from the Hotsprings. Nice outhouse, picnic tables and fire pit, no cell service. A true gem!

Soldier Meadows Public Use Cabin 41.36066, -119.19656

If you and your vehicle are up for it, totally recommended! Roads seem to be freshly graded, in good gravel shape. Everything described below still applies!

Bog to Soldier Hot Springs Off Road. 41.64806, -118.87797

Same as others. doesn't seem like a place you would be bothered for a night. no one else over nighted.

Cracker Barrel 41.57909, -83.68191

stayed here for two nights. the parking lot felt safe and was nicely lit, but not too bright. they have Christmas lights wrapped around a few of the trees, which looks good. a deer walked behind my bus at night. security was chill and friendly. it's a small drive through town to get to, which makes it feels secluded. my dog loved peeing by the creek. would definitely stay again.

Sherwood valley casino 39.39422, -123.36110

Slept here before going to the Pingouin Rey Reserve but omg sooooo windy ! One of the worst night we had in Patagonia.

Refugio / Shelter Near Parque Pinguino Rey -53.47354, -69.29593

Slept here one night as we arrived late. You have to wait low tide to go close the the boat.
If you want to walk on the boat be careful because it’s really in a bad shape (really rusty and decomposing). If you do, walk only on the beams to avoid an accident.

Desdemona shipwreck, Cabo San Pablo -54.29847, -66.70177

If you want to walk on the boat be careful because it’s really in a bad shape (really rusty and decomposing). If you do, walk only on the beams to avoid an accident.

Shipreck El Desdemona -54.29980, -66.70478

Confirmed with guardaparques that overnight parking is still allowed at this site. Stayed 2 nights in a truck camper.

Parque Nacional Conguillío - parking by lake -38.64669, -71.65093

Successfully purchased 20 liters at 7 bols/liter. Slightly purplish color.

Shop sells Gasolina -21.40305, -67.59802

Yup it’s a great viewpoint. Pretty rutted road to get there.

Huge Canyon - viewpoint -21.46599, -67.62134

Great little museum giving an in-depth history of the coca leaves and how they are entwined with other industries.
Also, a cute cafe on the ground floor selling heaps of coca produce like coca beer, brownie, wine etc.

coca uta museo/ Museum Coca -16.49766, -68.13838

the water tank next to the rail roads was empty. but I found a fountain where u can get water through a bucket.
the water taste is good. the soldiers seem to use the water as well.

fountain next to military base -21.06009, -67.97106

A nice spot just off the main road - access via dirt tracks that seem relatively unused. Flat ground and cannot be seen from main road but good views of sunrise/setting over mountains

Hilltop views 34.12302, -4.86835

Very tidy and well organized car workshop specialized in brakes, suspension, direction and transmission. After we heard a worrying noise from rhe right front wheel on the Interoceanica from Puerto Maldonado, we looked for a decent workshop in Mazuco and we found Ivan’s and Umberto’s place and asked to control the wheels. They opened the hub of the right one and in 5’ they advised we needed to replace both bearings. One was wore but ok, the other was finished.

Umberto drove to the local market and found 2 NSK bearings, so they both started working on replacing them. Umberto focused on fixing the broken bolts of the disk brake and Ivan on cleaning the hub, installing the bearings and greasing carefully the hub. We were really impressed by the clean, precise and meticulous work.

The mechanics worked till 8:30pm to finish the job. Next morning they opened the left wheel hub, cleaned and greased it before letting us go.

We definitely recommend the workshop for its seriousness and decent pricing. We paid 120 soles fir each wheel plus the cost of the parts (340 soles), the Vistony grease (a box of 35 soles for each wheel) and the brake disk fix (40 soles plus the bolts).

Frenocentro Suspension y Direccion -13.08396, -70.36157

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