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Stayed two nights and wasn’t bothered by anyone. Not one of the cleanest Planet Fitness facilities we’ve been to (dirty showers) but the equipment was nice and staff was friendly. Definitely a good place to sleep (quiet and safe).

planet fitness 30.48991, -87.22445

I think the police did a big crack down on the homeless around here, from talking to locals. We were the only overnight campers here that we could see. Asked inside and it's fine to stay but at your own risk - the employee said it's not the best area. We had a relatively quiet night, train and traffic noise, but no people around.

Walmart Abbotsford 49.03618, -122.27004

We stayed here for 3 nights. The owner offers water and energy daily for 30 soles. It's a good place to rest from your trip.

Hotel Mejia Mollendo Campground -17.05076, -71.97262

Stayed one night in our van, no issues, relatively quiet. Publix bathrooms are great if you’re not a PF member.

Planet Fitness 30.42966, -81.66343

Beautiful and peaceful at the Bayside area. Hot showers and toilets in the camping circle without electric, short walk from the other area. 50% discount on second night if you have Texas State Parks pass.

Galveston Island State Park 29.21190, -94.95503

Came late, got a very quite night in one of the bigger lots in the right corner. No knock, good place to stay.

Best Western Oceanside Parking Lot 45.99694, -123.92798

Pasamos una noche muy tranquila estacionados sobre la calle. Enfrente hay un terreno baldio con vistas a la duna. Dejamos la camioneta estacionada mientras recorrimos el lugar y sin problemas.

Huacachina Street Parking -14.08660, -75.76354

Very comfortable place. Lots of pitches - could be tight if it's busy. Clean bathrooms/showers - hot water once the sun heats it up. Good WiFi. Beach access but not the greatest beach due to the usual garbage but once you get to the water, a nice walk. 4G reception. Access to a washing machine. We stayed 3 nights.

Camping Atlantique, El Ouatia 28.49412, -11.33635

Excellent spot away from the main road, quiet and undisturbed.
You will pass some salt lakes with shallow water. When approaching them on foot, use extreme caution. Your shoe will be lost for sure if you don't tread very carefully.

Dunes near R95 22.63078, 54.42307

very very clean.
a lot of new washer and new dryer.
Open 24 hours.

Your Laundromat 29.38612, -100.91472

Easy access to a quiet and panoramic place at the edge of the dunes. Getaway from the busy main road and far enough from the dirt road. If this is still to close for you feel free to continue through the small dunes (firm sand). First part is a dirt road/partially paved. Next turnoff to a dirt road to the left and afterwards leave the road and continue between the small dunes. 4x4 recommended.

panoramic spot in the dunes 22.67015, 53.30909

For the truck they asked 2700 met. We negociated it as a car + caravan which is 450 + 450 Met.
And still 450 met per person, kids free.

Pomene reserve gate -23.01375, 35.54674

Fresh clean cold water. Good pressure no tap fitting

Mosque fountain 29.58459, -9.16867
Guy Giesa-Wilson

It's hard for me to make sense of the original posters route.. like how did they drive through Cotahuasi and then end up here in Arcata on their way north to Cusco? In any case, I rode what I gather is a similar route south from Cusco towards Arequipa through the remote crux of the area.

Day one: Cusco to Santo Tomas. There are a number of ways to get there and I think it's all good. I passed through the spectacular Rio Velille and then cut west at Paclla to the PE-3SY, through the high country northeast of Santo Tomas. Just north of the tiny settlement of Yavi Yavi was a completely abandoned town of a few hundred houses right along the road that was surreal to stop and walk through. Santo Tomas was a lively town with an impressive old cathedral in the central square and many shops and restaurants.

Day two: Santo Tomas to Huacullo via the CU-1889. Impressive scenery and one major pass that nearly reaches 16.000ft. I saw a local motorcyclist and two mining trucks all day. The road was very poor in places, particularly the first 50km or so from Santo Tomas, I think requiring a 4x4 vehicle or competent motorcyclists with decent tires. I rode solo but in hindsight that's probably not ideal due to the remoteness. There is a single tiny hotel in Huacullo with brief windows of solar power. No wifi, no cell reception. It dumped rain in the evening that transitioned to snow later in the night.

Day 3: Huacullo to Orcopampa via the AR-664. I woke to snow covering Huacullo and the surrounding hills, so I was apprehensive about tackling the remote ~100km through some of the highest terrain of the trip. Fortunately the road wasn't bad, better than the previous day in fact, and the weather cooperated so I didn't have to deal with snow on the road. I took a short hike at the final pass before the descent to Mina Arcata to reach 17.000ft, the high point of my trip so far. The gate operator at Mina Arcata was very friendly and surprised to see me; he said that I was the first tourist he'd seen pass through in at least five years which shocked me a bit (could that be true??). The final descent into the Orcopampa valley was stunning, and Orcopampa is a cute town with a really nice thermal bath nearby.

Day 4: Orcopampa to Cabanaconde area. The road from Orcopampa to Andagua was unpaved but in pretty decent condition, and then turns to pristine pavement for a few dozen KM before turning back to gravel again at Ayo. The road up Colca was quite good in my opinion, but evidence of numerous small rockfalls in the first 20km or so made me uneasy as I rode under the towering cliffs. At the beautiful town of Huambo the road turns to flawless pavement again and the rest of the ride to Cabanaconde is easy and extremely scenic.

All-in-all, I wouldn’t recommend this route freely to everyone. It’s extremely remote and committing between Santo Tomas and Orcopampa and the road conditions in some places were less than fun. But, as the original poster said, it’s a route few take the time to travel, and the wilderness you pass through is stunningly vast and gorgeous. If you’re someone with a capable vehicle who enjoys really getting off the beaten path, this might be a good option.

4 x 5000mts Pass Ride (south) -14.98457, -72.30470

I was looking forward to coming out here but it was a bit of a let down. Yeah there’s no one out here but there’s also nothing else either. Some rocky beaches and a road that’s been beat up by hurricanes two years in a row. Plenty of arroyos, each with a edge that takes your momentum, I returned along the beach which is fine at low tide. The dirt track is so salty there’s no point worrying about the salty beach, beyond here the track is washed out and overgrown anyway resulting in going along the beach instead regardless. Most of the dirt track is mangrovey, bit of sand, I’d recommend 4wd just because there’s no one out here to pull you out, high clearance is a must. I got to the fishing camp 10km from the end and there were no tyre marks, not even a distinguible track so I turned around. Plenty of better areas if you’re looking for something off of the paved road. As for camping, there’s a few spots, usual Baja type beaches.

I was on a motorbike and there’s been countless better opportunities in Baja.

Beyond Serenity... 26.71617, -111.81200

Less crowded than quartzite! there are a fair number of flies because of free range cattle. I use some window fly screens which really help. You can get them on eBay.
there are some stores nearby, check out Rio Valley Market to the west, on Harquahala. they have some great food there!

Saddle Mountain 33.44906, -113.03148

Hands down the best vet to got to for your fur babies papers. MGAP is a 5 mi item ride away and you need no appointment to get your papers stamped. The day I was there, MGAP didn't even charge me and it took less than 5 minutes!

Perro Verde -35.61454, -61.35982

Wonderful place, but no services at all. You need to be self sufficient. Very nice and helpful guards. Some fisherman at night. We walked up the beach to the gost town (Lagouira). Not legal, but no control...

Cap Blanc 20.77016, -17.04998

Awesome spot to stay close to Hurricane and St George, less than 1.5 miles off the hwy but you can't hear much of the hwy noise. A few spot might work for something larger than a van but it would be pretty tight to turn around.
Great hiking trails and views of the resivor. Good cell phone coverage. Garbage and 1 porty pot.

Please keep it clean so areas like this remain open:) 1 night stay

Parshall Flume 37.16989, -113.39679

We stayed here 2 nights, feel safe. As described below. Employees very nice.

YPF -25.60481, -54.56277

This is an OHV day use staging area on BLM land. Shotgun Creek Recreational Area. We stayed in this small parking lot off season and had it to ourselves in a truck camper after a couple OHV's left. There is a couple staging areas around here, all paved roads and a vault toilet if needed. It might be a bit busy in the "go" season, but now it is good.

Shotgun Creek BLM 44.24602, -122.86370

Very beautiful cafe, nice athmosphere. Unfortunately the pizza was not that great. Don't expect too much! It's the same quite boring pizza you get in many places in Peru.
The cakes looked very delicious, but I did not try them. Wanted to come back the next morning, but unlike what she said the day before, it was not open.

Shunto Pizzeria -6.70929, -77.80445

A place to sleep (alone or with family) take a shower, snacks and drinks, rent a bikes, beatyfull area like a farm but next to the sea (Gaivotas Beach). PT: Um lugar para dormir (sozinho ou com a família) tomar banho, petiscar e beber, aluguel de bikes, linda área como se fosse fazenda pertinho do mar (Praia das gaivotas)

Parada dos Guerreiros (Warriors Stop) -24.23245, -46.90890

This spot is nothin fancy, just a nice flat rocky area next to some towering silos of cement. The road is here because of a hydropower station being built in the valley below. When the workers drove past us on their way home they were all smiles! Very quiet peaceful place

Pad next to the cement silos! 22.39380, 103.07366

Quiet pull off on a gravel road by the Delaware River, parallel to the River Walk. Few cars and people go through, so really peaceful. Arrived at 4pm and left at 11am the next day, and had absolutely no problems. Would def stay here again.

Titusville River walk 40.31205, -74.88792

es un lugar increíble. tiene un carbet para colgar hamaca o armar la carpa. después hay varios sólo con mesas y sillas.
en esta época el único gran problema son los mosquitos. nosotros no pudimos disfrutarlo por causa de este.
pero si venis en otra época es un buen lugar para disfrutar!

a la noche pasaron a fumigar pero la plaga de mosquitos es incontrolable

Crique Morpio- Free 5.49005, -53.30400

Camping is allowed here as everyone has said. Felt safe here! Definitely quieter the further away from the big rigs.

Harrahs Casino 39.14212, -94.54714

Small gas station near city center. Staff let us use bathroom with shower, let us use an outlet and shared wifi. There is a security guard all night.

Posto Santa Fé 3.87886, -59.63515

Close to the city, very nice. But to park horizontal you need to have a lot of wood…

Next to the firefighters and Eem 52.16208, 5.37848
Sérgio Kruger

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Plaza Luiz Piedrabuena -40.80907, -65.08829

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