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Great equipment and working times. On the pricier end (120 soles for alignment and 80 balance of all tyres) but all is done with technology rather than guesswork.

Grupo IAP Tyre Align and balance -12.07282, -77.00408

This is a super awesome spot. It was quiet, felt safe, and there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out, but there was only a couple rigs when we got here anyway. Views in the evening and morning are killer. Easy to find a level spot and good T-mobile. The bar up the street is fun, also. I would definitely stay again.

Bombay Beach 33.34793, -115.73363

As described! Quiet, peaceful stay. No issues!

Roadside 30.23374, -87.96880

Good location to stay overnight. Friendly staff and clean toilets. Because of heavily rain no cacao tour possible. Poor cellphone reception.

Camping On Cacoa Farm - Finca Cholula 18.28446, -93.21071

A sweet little family operated pizza place. Thin crust, wood fired.

Go here for great pizza and support a local family.

Bianca Pizza -15.84010, -70.02762
sonny jadun

This is the entrance to the canopy tour. The tour cost $45.

Canopy Tour Rincon de la vieja 10.73702, -85.38693
sonny jadun

Natural spa where you go through sauna(15 min), cold dip (15 min), mud application and drying (30 min) and volcanic hot water dip ( however long you want to stay). It's an experience. The serene natural environment while going through the treatment is expensive, though. Cost $39/person.

They also offer facial and massages which are quite expensive.

Simbosis Spa 10.76458, -85.34857
sonny jadun

This is where you park to hike to Pozo de Rojo. Tgere are quite a few bike trails here too. Just go straight if you want to go to Pozo Rojo

Pozo de Rojo parking lot 10.75324, -85.37974
David Bennett

Flat spots to camp. Did have Port-cans but full of disposable diapers. Right new to FM 2262. Noisy at night.

ACWHA 31.18924, -94.88789

Nice place for the night. There's enough light to feel safe, but not too much to keep you awake if you don't have blackout curtains!
There's a bit of road noise from the nearby highway.
We double-checked with customer service about staying overnight and they were friendly :) As previously mentioned, use RV/Truck parking on North side of building. They did recommend locking up or bringing in your rig anything like bikes because there have been thefts in the past.
BONUS: There's a pet area by the RV/Truck parking to walk your pet AND kennels if you need to put them in while you go into Cabela's.

Cabela's 37.72778, -97.21215

Small and very tasty homemade food, not only veggi snd classic hamburgers for what they are famous for, but delicious vegitarian dishes and excelent Fish.

Berni Burger, homemade food -27.58135, -66.31583

I echo the original posters comments. What I’d like to add, and I’m going to start doing this everyplace I check-in that has a body of water, is how close you actually are to the water. Reason being is I have a Joolca setup and I need to be able to tap into that water for showers and dishes. This campsite is about 75 ft. or so from the waters edge. Farther than my hoses reach, so I went off-road and drove down closer to the waters edge. I don’t think you’re supposed to do that, but there are no signs saying you can’t. The photo was taken before I decided to do that.

wild camping area 34.30777, -98.10678

Great place. Delicious food. A very good place to get through a rainy day, like we did.

Incontri Del Pueblo Viejo -13.15445, -72.52528

off the freeway, past the park and ride--there's some side streets that many camper/rv/car campers stay from time to time. nearby a planet fitness, gas stations, freeway etc.

Blazing Star 43.05385, 89.45071

Nice hotel, single room with private bathroom 35.000 COP including space in garage (fits 2 cars or a few motorcycles).

Hotel San Antonio 5.42457, -75.70521

Showers are nice and hot.
5$ swimming fee and showers are included. So you can go for a swim if wanted. I would assume the pool is heated since people were swimming in 43degree weather at 6pm on November 29th.
Locker room style showers.
No time limits.
Memorial Park Pool-City of Grassvalley.
GPS says they are closed but they were open.
Again 6:30pm November 29th 2023.
Do what you want with that.
@LivingUnderARock333 -YouTube

Condon Park YMCA 39.21307, -121.05439
françois chabot

The suspension of my Fiat Ducato has been repared by Octavio. He also changed the break pads. You can trust him. He will find the solution with calm and professionalism. We paid a fair price. We could stay the night in his garage . toilets are on site. water and electricity.

Taller Libéria - Land Rover specialist - But not only 10.63821, -85.42836

a big area on the side of the church, very close to the park. it looks like a safe city, we parked here and there is a lot of space, not on the street so it's safer for the night. No facilities.

close to the church 4.13471, -75.09481

Dog park was a little crowded so found the spigot on the other side. Works great!

Dog Park 36.49675, -114.75868

Bathrooms work, but aren’t very clean and there’s no soap at the sink. Hot water flows, but I didn’t see if it got hot. No place besides over the shower door to put your clothes. WiFi works well in the lobby

Hotel Playa de Cortès 27.91245, -110.94606
Pichi en el camino

Good place with comfortable beds. The owner is friendly and shows you places of interest in Manta. It has a safe parking. Nearby there are stores, restaurants. It cost me $18 dollars for a single room.

Buen lugar con camas cómodas. El dueño es amable y te enseña lugsres de interes en Manta. Tiene parqueadero seguro. Cerca hay tiendas, restaurantes. Me costó $18 dólares una habitación individual.

Hostal El Náufrago. -0.95326, -80.74298

good place m-f to get a tank refilled right on highway 83

pico propane 28.50060, -99.83146
In the wild camper

Currently a construction site.
Don't know what they are building but the camping spots are gone.

BLM/AZ trust land 32.61439, -111.25984

Still a great place to stay. People saw us, but did not mind us or tell us to go away. Enough space for tents and big rigs. Can be a bit muddy after rain and probably best not to stay here after heavy rain. You can use the water from the water fountain next to the road.

Riverside 41.12168, 25.16973
narsch safaris

Nice shady campsite.
Good borehole water, two taps on site.
Several braai places.
Wi-Fi available when power is available (usually from 1800-0600), you can plug in at the storage hut in the center of the campsite.
Ablutions have seen better days but everything is working.
Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff.
They offer guided walks.
Laundry service 5 USD/bundle (handwash).
May bush-babies at night.

Mavhuradonha Wilderness Eco-Lodge -16.46471, 31.05297

Parking for 20 by the sea. Permitted off season

Seaside road 43.80496, 7.75162

Well worth a visit, even when you need to pay 10 times more than a local. Entrance fee 1.5 million Rial bit we paid 2 million for 2 people.

Castle Saryazd 31.60089, 54.52749

Relatively quiet on a Tuesday night. We were the only overlanders there at the moment. Just showed passports at the Silk Road hostel and we could sleep in the parking free of charge. Use of toilets also free, showers 500.000 Rial.

Make sure to check the map between the pictures and watch the balcony when making the tight right turn. You have to drive approximately 100 meters in the wrong direction.

Public Parking - Silk Road Hotel 31.90090, 54.37020

Really not so bad. We made the 35 km in 50 minutes. It is true that some potholes are really big, but it is OK.
In rainy days it could be more challenging.

Tarmac but lots of potholes -13.20985, 28.60599

Bom posto para pernoitar, Gerente muito gentil. Posto bom.

Porto Nova Era -19.74787, -43.02418

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