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Ulrich M.

Always nice to stay there, although the mattresses in the simple rooms for 250k are memory foam and keep their shape a very long time. Shower only started working after they had switched on the water pump in the morning.

Milly Mamadou 9.73053, -13.37135

Closed with a camping. Road closed.

Apache Trail 33.48706, -111.46786
Petra Schaftenaar

As described. Friendly people, really nice pools. Ideal when traveling with children.

Camping Las Toscas -33.63970, -65.56639

Clean bathrooms and water fountain open 24/7. Highway traffic quite noisy but the location felt pretty safe

Pennsylvania Welcome Center 41.35973, -74.70936

Good camping. 4 places where you can park with van or tent+car, and many more places for tents on the hill with good view.
lovely owner. OK shower/toilet. shower are hot and good pressure. 2 friendly dogs. there is a shed where you can sit if it rains. not super clean.
We used the whatsapp number listed below in another review.

Camping La Fueguina -42.44127, -73.77015

Good place for one night. There are cows and sometimse a car drove by, but no problems, feel safe. Be careful it has broken glass on the ground.

Under the trees 28.42480, -106.24990

Good place. We pay 20 US$ for two people and the Hotcave. Think we have payed to much. But the hot water was really nice. There are some street dogs and waste but it's okey. The roadto this place is gravel but you don't need 4x4.

Hot Pool Camp 26.89049, -104.36588

Très bonne vétérinaire, gentille et professionnelle. Elle nous a donné de bons conseils et a bien soigné notre chien.
En revanche, le certificat de bonne santé (le normal, pas l'international) coûte très cher: 450 Q...
A contrario, la visite coûte seulement 100 Q.

Clinica Veterinaria Santa Lucia 14.55526, -90.73867

Not really a single campsite, but rather thousands to chose from….super beautiful desert landscape among thousands of palms with lots of space in between to find your perfect site. Older lady came by in the morning collecting dates from the palms. Although we didn’t share any language, she was super kind and gave us loads of her dates! ❤️ 10/10 recommend this place. Super peaceful to recharge away from everyone.

Increíble Palmas 31.02444, -6.56945

Good spot for the night. Paid 30BOB for a habitación simple, solo cyclist. Loads of space downstairs for bikes. Friendly family owned who were happy to store my bike for a night as I had to go to Cochabamba on the bus. Hot shower, decent wifi.

Alojamiento Gutiérrez -17.65038, -67.21097

They are closed on weekends and all holidays. There are a lot of holidays in November.

Dropped my van off for bonded storage while flying out of the country. The older women were struggling with the system/using a computer, so it took a while. You get a form that says it’s in storage. I asked for a copy of the old TIP too. Make sure you go get them to stamp your passport entry stamp that says ‘this person cannot leave the country without their vehicle’, otherwise you may have issues at the airport.

They take your keys but they put it in an envelope and staple the hell out of it shut. They said they are not allowed to access the envelope. Fingers crossed.

Aduana Office David 8.40755, -82.43077

Parking lot of the Shi Shi Beach Trailhead. Toilets and garbage disposal available, Starlink connection was ok if you stay at the left side of the lot.

There is no „no camping“ sign but a „overnighters please go to the other parking lot 0.8 miles away“. The other „parking lot“ (it’s a green meadow) costs 10 $/calendar day so 20 $/night without any service, so I decided to stay at the trailhead.

Cars are leaving in the evening and coming in the late morning, but it’s quite at night.

The trail and Shi Shi Beach is amazing!

Shi Shi Beach Trailhead 48.29369, -124.66519

beautiful place to stay. You can stand with a van on the grass by the beach. We saw dolphins and seals. There is a public toilet.

Playa Santa Barbara -42.85361, -72.79900

Very busy. Close to Ruta 3. calm at night. no toilet.

Laguna Verde Camping -54.84546, -68.58011

Lindo lugar para dormir, muy tranquilo. tiene luz y agua.

Camping Praia das Areias Brancas -30.25165, -54.91156

still open this time of year! Please take care of this as this is my local dump station and I would hate to see if taken away. this is NOT a place to leave garbage/plastic gloves/etc.

Mound Dump Station 44.93833, -93.66350

Camping muito bom, lindo e bem cuidado. Um pequeno paraíso em Villa Pehuenia. Fica a beira do lago Aluminé, tem uma área enorme com excelente esteira e linda cabanas .

Camping Don Cirilo -38.89305, -71.15077

Nice quiet night’s sleep. Very helpful staff in the info centre

Texas Travel Information Center 35.19125, -101.72582
stealth compact SUV

A few other cars on a Monday evening around 11 pm, but not sure if they were just checking out the river or if they stayed overnight. In the morning there were also cars with people walking their dogs etc but was not bothered. There's a neat trash dumpster at the end of the lot. Great spot. Full bars T-Mobile.

Colorado River 34.84661, -114.60132

Just to make an Update: entrance for the lava tunnel and to visit the turtles which are living wild here is 10$ per adult and 7,5$ per kids. Coffee is still free…

El Chato Ranch Ecological Reserve -0.66750, -90.43034

Just update: water taxi is now 1$ per adult 0,5$ for kids. You need to have a mandatory guide. 10$ adult/5$ kids

Las Grietas -0.75736, -90.31510

Just to update: still there but only 1/4 of the way is open. Basically it’s a pier in the Lagune. Not a must visit for us….

Laguna de las Nimfas -0.74760, -90.31645

It’s an okay hotel. Nice, quite, clean and good mattress and good working A/C for a perfect sleep. The breakfast is not a buffet anymore but fresh fruits, eggs, bread, coffee. We stayed 4 nights as a family with 4. Not the cheapest option but very okay. We paid around 30$ per person/pn incl. breakfast….

Hotel Seymour -0.74355, -90.31664

I thought I would have a quiet night but I was dislodged by the Police who took me to a campsite in town.

nowhere 30.76287, 49.72105

The Police took me to this Iranian campsite with picnic sites and WC, but at the start of the evening it was a little noisy, the young people came to show off their motorbikes.

City 30.76287, 49.72101

Free water behind the air pump next to the road. Attendant said it was clean. The spigot is only a few inches from the ground, so a hose is needed to fill almost anything. There is a hose here, but I'm not sure how clean it is.

Fry's 33.41902, -110.81690

4x4 mechanic. Does a very good job on repairs and takes care about everything you need in your 4wd. Experienced on Jeep, Toyota Landcruiser, Land Rover Defender etc.

BMS Auto Network 4x4 -6.32388, 106.96033

Day use parking area has a water spigot, just behind the informational sign. There is a pit toilet here also. You can get to this area without paying an entrance fee.

Manchester SP Day Use 38.98297, -123.70563

Posto 24 horas, pátio grande tanto para caminhões quanto para carros de passeio.
Banho custa 10 reais ou de graça mediante abastecimento. Banheiros limpos. Funcionários solícitos. Tem água gelada a vontade na parte dos caminhões. Um excelente Posto para pernoitar.

Posto Planalto 2 -18.83197, -41.98856
Sam Evans

Camping area next to Pub, no camping facilities, must be self sustained. Beautiful views, flat grassy area. Lots of wildlife. Not far from town.
Free camping

Sutton Forest Inn -34.57042, 150.31805

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