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A simple gras spot, next to the road. Easy to find. Just skip the road, the first 7 meters steep but then flat place for camper van or tent. I used it with tent.

Simple spot next to the road 18.04226, 106.28694

All fuel stations were out of Essence. We had to ask at the market in the centre. Bought 20L for 60 $Mau/litre. Further onwards in Nbeka they wanted 100 $Mau/litre so better make sure, that you can reach Alak.

Fuel Stations Tiyikya 18.54654, -11.43787

I don't think there are more superlatives to add to this place. It is a fantastic campground with everything you need for your perfect stay. There are showers with hot water, a pool, a kitchen, a BBQ and, of course, a beautiful ocean only a step away and terrific hosts. If you are an archeology enthusiast - ask John about the artifacts he found :)

Chuparosa Gardens RV Park 15.68839, -96.24165

A very nice site. Nacho and his wife are very friendly. Laundry service over night.

Las Torres del Simpson -45.42425, -72.44091

I survived the night, but noisy trains would go by regularly. The shops closed around 7.

shell gas/DQ 32.64717, -111.39095

This is the best place to go first thing after crossing the border from Colombia. You have a big supermarket, claro and Movistar shop to get Sim Cards, Banco Internacional for cash, pharmacy and other shops. Safe parking lot.

Mercado Supermaxi y Todohogar 0.34616, -78.13570

Super recomendo, local seguro, banho quente, com Wi-Fi liberado, tem restaurante, farmácia, conveniência sem contar que é super organizado e limpo. Excelente lugar para parar e descansar.

BR grupodecio -17.75122, -50.87596

Pasamos 2 noches en este punto, pero a la vuelta frente a la escuela. La plaza es muy bonita y la gente muy amable. Lugar seguro y tranquilo. Solo un poco de musica hasta las 11 pm aproximadamente. Lo recomendamos!

Parking at center park of Melipeuco -38.85306, -71.69453

After going down to the lake and found no place or no reasonable price for a place for camping we found this Informal campsite in town.
We asked to sleep and the owner accepted for a very convenient price. There is security fenced parking.
They have a big big garden quiet and nice where you can have a beer (2000). Also seems to be a restaurant (but was closed when we were here).
Night was calm (except only the church bells at 6 only :))
Nice people and friendly owner who can also propose organisation of safari if needed.

Duluti kahawa garden -3.37453, 36.78175

As described by the last person. I did not call ahead and have not spent the whole night yet. Seems like it shouldn’t be a problem as there are 18 wheelers. It’s pretty noisy of highway traffic. And bright.

Planet Fitness 29.69203, -95.52953

Nice clean meadows, we asked the park ranger if it is okay to put up our tent for one night. No problem but some noisy stray dogs

Riverside -39.53332, -71.55817

In Februar it was very muddy. We almost got stuck with our pickup. So during rain season be carefull!

Between Julaca and San Juan -20.86751, -67.62537

We parked here next to the road to the mines. In februar it was muddy everywhere and it was very hard to find some place which is not muddy. This one was the only one we found in this area. Next to the road but not much traffic. We had a quiet night.

Dry even during rain season -20.82597, -67.34372

We found the WiFi Mercusys_7949 as someone wrote in the comment but it needed a passwort.

Free Wi-Fi in the street -20.46433, -66.82717

Es gratis y los chicos que atienden son buen onda.

Planta Depuradora - Aguas Rionegrinas -41.99064, -71.54127

Todo el camino hacia el mirador y para llegar al rio azul es de ripio y en mal estado pero con nuestra combi pudimos llegar sin problema, hay que ir despacio e ir esquivando pozos, hay bajadas y subidas. Este lugar es camping y un parador para venir a pasar el día y disfrutar del río. Cuenta con un estacionamiento muy pequeño afuera del portón, donde no te cobran por estacionar y tampoco por entrar a pasar el día al río. Y tienes la opción de entrar al estacionamiento del parador donde te cobran $2,000 pesos por el vehículo.
No hay posibilidad de pasar la noche en el estacionamiento de adentro, para eso está el camping, nos dijeron, pero este cobra $8,000 pesos pp demasiado caro para nosotros. No sabemos si en el pequeño estacionamiento de afuera te deje pasar la noche.
Adentro del parador venden comida rápida, y bebidas.
Baños $200
Dentro del parador hay un sendero hacia la derecha donde puedes encontrar bajadas al río con sombra, y si caminas más llegas a una pasarela donde hay unos piletones más grandes y profundos, muy hermosos y mucha gente va a este lugar y también puedes llegar en auto pero desconocemos si hay que pagar parking y el estado del camino.
No hay señal telefónica.

Camping Los Alerces -41.95093, -71.56599

Nos quedamos 1 noche sobre la calle Carlos Pellegrini a un costado del hospital y al día siguiente a las 7 a.m. nos tocó la puerta el policía de la municipalidad donde nos dijo que estaba prohibido pernoctar en cualquier calle de la ciudad Bolsón. Teníamos un papel el vidrio, en la noche a las 22 hrs nos dejaron la acta de infracción y el policía nos lo entregó.
Inmediatamente nos fuimos.
Quiero aclarar que en esa calle no decía ningún letrero de no pernoctar, el letrero está en el estacionamiento enfrente del parque y entre el hospital, pensamos que al movernos a una calle paralela esto no nos fuera afectar.

El Bolson -41.96429, -71.53383

Esta prohibido pernoctar en cualquier calle de la ciudad, aunque no esté el letrero. A nosotros nos pusieron un acta de infracción en la calle Carlos pellegrini donde pasamos la noche, y al día siguiente por la mañana nos levantó el policia.

Plaza Central -41.96605, -71.53504

Ficamos uma noite por aqui, venta bastante, mas o por e nascer do sol são muito lindos vale a pena!

Wild in Casapueblo -34.91413, -55.04639

It's not the most luxurious, but it's very clean, the Wi-Fi is free and the bathrooms are being completely renovated. Furthermore, the owner is very friendly and we feel at home. The price (360 for 2 people) is very correct for Swakopmund

Desert Sky Backpackers -22.68145, 14.52765
Colores del Sur

Beautiful wild place. Ideal for tent or motorhome. Next to the river. You can not make fire. Take your garbage when You leave the place

Hermoso lugar agreste. ideal para carpa o motorhome. sin servicios. al lado del río. no se puede hacer fuego. lleven sus residuos cuando se van

Flat spot by river -39.89388, -71.38073

what can I tell you? Assan is a nice guy. and as you can read he's working hard to realise his dream. But be aware... he's still Gambien. He helped with lots of things, and I'm grateful for that... but after two more weeks in Gambia I know now that he cheated several times.
So be careful, and fix all prices in advance.
just some examples that you know what I'm talking about:
- he was getting a SIM for me (super nice). but he told me it's 200 dal to buy one, now I know it's free.
- he told me the price for the night is 600dal (as you can read it below). when paying he explained that now the 600 is per person! in the end we agreed that this is not ok, and I paid 600 per car... and so on.

I can still recommend the place... just be careful about prices!

As well he promised to make a menu (which I should put in here). so that in advance everyone knows what the prices are... of course he never sent it 🤔.

Still the place is cool! maybe the best option in town.

Assan and Renata's Private Paradise 13.53569, -14.74910

En temporada alta es estacionamiento temporal de autos que van a la playa por lo que no aceptan MH. Se veía muy desmejorado el lugar

Camping João & Tere -29.35695, -49.73691

There is a lounge, a kitchen and a bar with reasonable prices.
We enjoy chatting with our hosts on the terrace with a view of the lake and marvellous sunsets.
It is a really nice campground and we can highly recommend it.
There is nothing left to be desired, so we decide to stay 4 nights!
We go shopping in Ithezi Thezi with Ruth and Brad. Amazingly, even without a large supermarket, we manage to buy all the goods we need in the small shops. I wonder if we would have found everything on our own?
Thanks again to our hosts.

Chibila -15.77729, 26.00681

Large, super quiet, rest area, clean, strangely void of trash cans, as mentioned by others, but a great layover stop. Would highly recommend.

Rest Area 43.53218, -119.32104

Pretty flat & long pull-out right off Highway 1. Not a great area for walking a dog. Not much highway noise after about 8pm.

Large flat paved pull out 38.78441, -123.55340

Perfect hot shower in the route. The charge $300 pesos Argentina per person.

YPF -43.49692, -70.80741

Very pleasant small campground, quiet, nice communal kitchen, reasonably priced. Sites are separated by bushes , some are level. I would go back

Rancho Escondido RV 23.35139, -110.14374

spent the night on the backside of the building where the night entrance is with no issues. was safe with clean bathrooms

Welcome center South Carolina 32.26633, -81.08580

Nice place to stay, calm and quiet with hot water, hammocks, WiFi and a restaurant, and you can rent a tent for $250 or use yours for $150. Close to the beach and if you gonna stay more than 3 days, you could negotiate to camp by $100 pesos with your own tent. Consider a lot of mosquitos at night.
All island is a calm paradise.

Páach Kan Camping & Restaurant 21.51481, -87.67165

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