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Nice hotel. We can park our motorcycle in the secured backyard.

Hotel Mitru -21.44480, -65.71857

Saindo da Costa Rica e entrando na Nicarágua: nesse prédio você faz apenas a aduana, ou seja, a saída do seu veículo. Foi necessário apresentar apenas o passaporte e nada mais. Depois, deve pegar o seu carro e ir no próximo prédio, uns 200 metros a frente, para fazer a imigração.


Leaving Costa Rica and entering Nicaragua: in this building you only do customs, that is, exit your vehicle. It was only necessary to present the passport and nothing else. Then, you must take your car and go to the next building, about 200 meters ahead, to do immigration.

Salida Costa Rica 11.21213, -85.61099

great and nice mechanic. did his best to help us. eve manufactured a seal for us. fair price

Lubricentro y mecánica Bartelt -29.88121, -71.25983

3 charlets and 3 camping sites
Showers and entertainment area
Vehicles with own tents also welcome
3km from b1 road

kakwa campsites -23.08090, 17.12825

Nice hotel. nothing fancy but nice and clean rooms and the cheapest place I've found in all 3 of these countries. Rooms for 1 or 2 people, 500 or 700 Suriname dollars ($14 or $19 USD). All rooms have AC, cable tv, hot water and queen sized beds. cheaper rooms are upstairs, a little smaller and don't have a fridge in them and are farther from wifi so check if wifi works in your rooms first. highly recommend, first affordable place I've found since I got to the Guyana's. Large parking lot should fit any sized rig and I parked under the stairs near the office so it's pretty hidden and covered.

Hotel The Park 5.93629, -56.98392

You will soon see that Visa cards don't work almost anywhere in Suriname and most ATMs don't work with foreign cards as well. this one does. I used the same banks atm in Paramaribo as well and it was the only one that worked for me in the whole country. not sure if it's the same but in Paramaribo there is a limit per withdrawal of 4,000 and a daily limit of 8,000

Republic Bank Blue Machine 5.94455, -56.99217

No problem to fill up our diesel tanks. price is 7.79 R per Liter, payable with credit card. At 10a.m. No other cars in the line

Pacaraima 4.48204, -61.13569

We jumped into Brasil for 1 day to renew our Visa and Tip. On our way back we needed more than 4.5 hours at the aduana (seniat) at venezuelan side. The vehicle insurance (valid 1 year) "La Seguridad" we bought in an office in San Antonio near Cucuta 2 months ago was not valid because the company of the insurance is not registered in the system of the aduana. The supervisor was very motivated to help us but in the end we had to buy a new insurance for 1 year for 46US$. Otherwise they would not let us in.

Aduana (SENIAT) - Vehicle TIP 4.48825, -61.14860

There is a water tap near the dump station where you can connect your own hose. I wouldn't use their hose. Water is potable. Excellent water pressure.

There is also a sink where you can get water in water bottles or do some laundry maybe?

Very clean and well maintained facility.

Water tap & sink at Copec -46.12214, -72.16326

Very friendly and quiet campsite safe 3km from the main road owner is always on site and he make sure everything is in order 👌👍

kakwa campsites -23.08093, 17.12827

We spent one night and made a fire (and a fire ring). The road calmed down at night and we had a good night sleep. I would say this place is for one rig or two if you travel together. Place is small.

E Old Spanish Trail 32.07650, -110.64719

Nice clean and relatively new Hotel/Hostel. Very friendly owners. We could park the bicycles inside the house. Double room with private bathroom and van 55.000 COP for the two of us. Room with shared bathroom 40.000 COP. Everything is very clean. Wrong location on Googlemaps. It's actually Carretera 3, calle 10, 10-17.

La Casa Hostal 3.69733, -76.43918

Very nice but at an advertised price of $85 a night you may want to think again. Pricey.

Desert drifter rv resort 34.11783, -116.45565

Saindo da Costa Rica e entrando na Nicarágua: nesse prédio você faz apenas a imigração. Primeiro, há 2 máquinas semelhantes a um caixa eletrônico. Ali, você paga seu imposto de saída da Costa Rica com cartão de crédito ($ 8 dólares por pessoa). Depois, entra na fila para ter seu passaporte carimbado. Pague o imposto primeiro, senão eles não carimbam o passaporte e você vai “trancar a fila” enquanto vai pagar. Vimos que do lado de fora há um Banco da Costa Rica. Não sei se tem como pagar em dinheiro, porque pagamos com nosso Visa. A aduana do veículo é feita em um prédio anterior, uns 200 metros atrás, antes da imigração. Se você não deu a saída do seu veículo, volte.


Leaving Costa Rica and entering Nicaragua: in this building you only do immigration. First, there are 2 ATM-like machines. There, you pay your exit tax from Costa Rica with a credit card ($8 per person). Then, get in line to have your passport stamped. Pay the tax first, otherwise they won't stamp your passport and you'll be “locked in line” while you pay. We saw that outside there is a Bank of Costa Rica. I don't know if it's possible to pay in cash, because we paid with our Visa. Vehicle customs is done in a previous building, about 200 meters behind, before immigration. If you have not left your vehicle, return.

Costa Rica Border 11.21483, -85.61207

Two parts of this park, one that is nice and private (sites 1-30), then the other part that is wide open with vary little trees. Not much to do in the park compared to others, but not a bad location to explore others activities around the area. Showers were nice with tiled floors & walls, water was hot. Two of the three bathhouses seemed newish, while the third seems quite old. Boat launch area has some kayak rentals as well as a boat tour.

Collier Seminole State Park 25.99193, -81.59415

on the right side of the gate. Even with a hose and adapter for your own hose to make filling easier. Locals come here as well to get their water, because the quality is so good. And while you fill your containers, enjoy watching the Panama Chanel!

good drinkable water 9.27890, -79.92319

Small hotel with air conditioned rooms with good WiFi and a restaurant with ice cold beers. They have a large dirt parking area for RVs no facilities. They can organize flamingo tours which are well worthwhile.

Flamencamarones Hotel 11.42274, -73.05923

arrived during high season at 10:30 p.m
I got a sice for a long time as I wanted, but I had to change one time the site.
A loop for 35 USD.

Gilbert Ray Campground 32.97315, -111.72865

Great deal! Get a member and you get really 20 USD to play and 10 for food. Per person!

stood at the huge huge parking lot for 3 nights over Super bowl weekend.

really a must have.

Desert Diamond Casino 33.01062, -111.75882

Great place to spend the night! Lots of flat parking.

Playground 30.03797, -90.59910

Aktuell geschlossen. Öffnet voraussichtlich am 19.02.24 wieder.

Camping Municipal Tupungato -33.32776, -69.17640

We did not stay the night but the host Frank was very accommodating. There is showers, bathroom, restaurant, pool and beach. He is looking to open up to campers and has many spots. Probably enough for approximately 20 campers.

El pulpo playa 17.93181, -102.22266

Probably the most expensive food we had in G-B so far. But unfortunately not the best.
5000 cfa for a quarter chicken with 10 fries and rice. Not really recommendable compared to local food in the market.

Restaurant Kony 12.27926, -14.21949

laidback, basic, with kitchen, lockers, AC / fan dorm, double.. fan dorm is 25k.. in the patio you can park one or two motos..

The mango tree hostel 4:20 10.43080, -75.53708

honestly the best established spot I've stayed at. the shelter area has a private table. area was pretty flat. felt safe considering all the traffic all night. make sure before you get to the main rest area you pull into the parking lot and follow it up. (see map view)

Rest Stop 35.00443, -105.85325

The coordenates are right, they used to be in the main plaza but they moved here.
Absolutely delicious home made K’alapurka using the traditional cuisine techniques.
They have veggie option (which is sometimes difficult to find in typical dishes).
The owners are adorable, happy to have a chat about traditional cuisine and share their receipts. We would definetly repeat.

Tambo Señoral -19.58929, -65.75258

Excelente ponto de apoio dado com todo carinho por todos da família do Sr Aldo. Temos os responsáveis pelo Motorhome Curitiba, Murilo e Lucas. Lugar lindo e, eles ti cedem energia, água e banheiros. Sou suspeito pois os tenho como irmãos!

Abarebebe motorhome, eu, Leonardo e a Magali.

Motorhome Curitiba -25.59186, -49.16899

at the back of a construction landfill lot closes at 4:30pm. 5 gallon cost minimum price per gallon was 3.30

Arizona Propane 33.44200, -111.86362

We didnt find this place, looked up the whole street.

Qrecer (Currency Exchange) -42.77257, -65.03744

stayed here for one night, but the main thing for us was to be welcomed by two absolutely kind Hundrians. Really also worth to just get a hot chocolate or cafe on your way by.

Cafe Juan 316 14.83481, -89.15910

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