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Galo Prateado

Um oásis verde dentro da capital Cajamarca muito perto do centro. Pessoas muito amáveis e prestativos, lugar lindo com cultivos orgânicos, leite fresquinho pela manhã, ovos de campo, frutas. Fantástico. O melhor lugar no Perú até agora. Há duas plataformas, uma perto da rua para carros com mais de 2,5m de altura, e outra mais próxima dos serviços de banheiros e duchas, para carros menores. Ficamos 3 dias aqui. Preço acessível.

Creas- conciencia ambiental - fundo Santa María -7.15665, -78.50533

Very capable mechanics!
Would highly recommend if you have a problem that needs creative and solution orientated thinking. Also take LHD and any type of vehicle.
There is a whatsapp number on their website.

Cliffies Auto Repair -33.01267, 27.89664

Visited Free Spirit for the second time. First time after coming in from the Saudi and second time on our way back from Oman. Traveling on two older ‘90s BMWs. The team helped us on several major and minor things. Knowledgeable, reliable and get shit done. And besides both Bruce, Sara and team true motorcycle enthousiast and just kind people. Will work on any motorcycle. If you are into motorcycles… the workshop is already worth the effort to just visit even if you don’t have any major repairs needed. It feels like a motorcycle treasure trove.

Free Spirit Motorcycles 25.13975, 55.24143

We stayed here for a weekend, great spot with beutifull sunset vews. Now the lake has been drying a lot, but it still shines. This place is full with a lot of boats parked, but they have reserve an special place for overlanders with a greta view to the lake. It has water and electricity, I could not see dumping area. We really enjoyed our time here from friday to sunday. Refugio, the guard was very welcoming and supurtive. We payed 350 per night per vehicle. We use a Chevyvan 92 class C. Valle de Bravo is only 20 min driving, we took a taxi on the road at the entrance, for 20 per person *We were 2 adults 2 kids"

Embarcadero Laumase 19.22450, -100.14389

We spent one night. The place is nice and quiet, but around 11 at night a man was spying through the windows of our motorhome.

When we asked him what he was doing, he said he was security and that he was going to be at the checkpoint. The security people have a blue uniform and this man had nothing, so we believe he was a voyeur.
Pasamos una noche. El lugar es bonito y tranquilo, pero a eso de las 11 de la noche un señor estaba espiando por las ventanas de nuestro motorhome.

Cuando le preguntamos qué estaba haciendo, dijo que era de seguridad y que iba a estar en la garita.

La gente de seguridad tiene un uniforme azul y este señor no tenia nada, así que creemos que era un miron.

Mitad del Mundo: East Parking Lot -0.00435, -78.45100

Loved this place. Had to leave because it rained and got quite muddy. Before the rain, our 2WD van made it easily. There’s one spot right on the road but as you keep going you can turn left or right. There’s 2 places with fire rings to the left and 1 to the right. There is a trail all the way down the left side of the road that was fun to walk down. Cows everywhere. They didn’t get up in our space but were in a couple other campsites. They have cowbells so you know where they are. Some broken glass and trash around but it wasn’t bothersome. Stayed 2 nights.

Kolob Site by the River 37.25178, -113.13945

Único lugar para rellenar agua en San Antonio Este. Esta agua es potable, hay que desconectar la cañería y listo. Excelente, agradecido de SAE.

Llave de Agua -40.80566, -64.88042

Lugar con árboles, sombra, parrilleros, mesas. por las noches es muy ruidoso.

los parrilleros -31.36717, -57.98293

Easy to access for 2wd when dry. So many different, large camp sites available on 688 but trickier to see after dark. Unfortunately I saw at least 5 deer shin bones left over by hunters? I had no reception.

Kaibab forest free camping 35.92581, -112.12025

água potável funcionando. galão de 20l 13 pesos, 10 litros 8 pesos, 5 litros 5 pesos, sistema self-service que fica em uma esquina.

Water Dispenser 21.28444, -89.65982
A sudden leap into boondocking

A nice flat pull off area before the road gets to "iffy" for a low clearance 2wd vehicle. Perfect for Van's and possibly a small RV. There is a quarry on the left just before the pull off area, which is also on the left. It is on BLM land, which allows 14-day camping. I found this spot while heading to the dispersed area further down the road. It was a welcome site and came right before a washed-out area in the road that I didn't think my van would do good in. The area is beautiful. I counted 8 abandoned mines in the hills around the campsite. The road in is better than some but still very bumpy.

Muchas Minas BLM 32.18894, -108.08788
El Carrito Azul

Sells or refills and cleans the 20l gaffon

Amansi Agua Purificada -45.57501, -72.05178

Small lovely hotel/hostel. We stayed here for a stopover, waiting for our camper.
They aloud dogs!!
We stayed 4 nights.

Reserva Santa Teresa -22.92519, -43.18723

Only used showers. 4000 each. Feb 2024. Warm/tepid, but not hot. Lovely girl on reception.

Lago Pehoe - Torres del Paine -51.10720, -72.98715

Only used showers. 4000 each. Feb 2024. Warm/tepid, but not hot. Lovely girl on reception.

Camping Pehoe -51.10712, -72.98775
Radio Baobab

We could of have stayed on the square of Bonfim in our casa rodante but the yard of friendly mister Sansao felt a little safer. As we didn't need anything we could spend the night for free. Quiet friday night. Recommended.

Pousada SANSAO 3.36383, -59.84069

nice night
went to the fish restaurant around, very good
not so much noise. nobody on the morning
nice to hear the sea

Beach Parking -45.85918, -67.47449

Stayed two nights. Good location and we felt safe. Payed 60bol/night. Shower were really dirty we didn't use it.

Residencial Tarija Camping -19.58452, -65.75568

Toilets are available next to the museum entrance. Please bring your own toilet paper. Our friend was ill, so she asked for a bit more paper. The lady at reception refused. Our friend had to take off her underwear. The toilet lady also refused to give paper to a student, saying it wasn't for her. Both situations were degrading and inhumane.

Monte Alban archaeological site 17.04658, -96.76533

Pasamos 3 noches acá, brisa durante las noches, muy tranquilo durante la semana. Hay duchas y baños, cobran 5 USD por vehículo la noche, son muy amables. La playa es linda, pero el oleaje es fuerte, de todas formas hay una rocas y se forma un espacio para los niños. Lo recomiendo.
Si van hacia Barcelona, ojo con el camino, es muy malo el camino costero.

Ciudad Vacacional - Los Caracas 10.62797, -66.57298

Dirty and the level of water is very low.

hot spring dip pool -26.92306, -68.14634

Andy, the owner of the campsite is a super nice guy. The view over Quito is fantastic. We were there for 4 days and were able to leave our truck there for 12 days (Galapagos) for little money. ($3 a day) Andy takes you to the airport and picks you up again. He is very reliable. The place is highly recommended.

CoDa Vista -0.24096, -78.47976

You can stay wild camping at a spot up the road towards the river, there are a few wooden tables you’ll see. However, I had a better time at Mariano’s house. He rented me a kayak and let me park on his property. He has grey water from a well for washing dishes. Compost toilet as well. Paid a contribution and helped him with a small task.

Guadalupe River Mouth 32.09520, -116.87722
Numinous Expeditions

Our first stay in a tree house. The big rig could park comfortably underneath and the sunrise view in particular is pretty awesome. Double bed and two singles. Bring your own bedding. The shower was hot and the signal was good. The deck (which makes up most of the unit) is the highlight. The sides roll and open up to give you an amazing open air feel.
It's rustic, safe, comfortable and provides all the basics you need for a quick escape. I recommend waking u early to make the most of your stay.

The Tree House -31.06652, 30.18062

Clean hotel with German inn-style rooms. Quiet location and great views over the valley. about 10 minutes walk to the center. I would come back at any time and can highly recommend it. Lots of secure parking. Thank you Jürgen for your help and the many conversations. And a delicious beer according to the German beer law.

Hotel Freiburg 10.40495, -67.28367

Couldn't drive it with our fiat ducato van, unfortunately... we started from Villa Cerro Castillo and after about a third of the way there way a very steep and long part of the road we couldn't go through. and we tried... ended up driving back to coyhaique to buy new tires since we destroyed ours 😅 but the views were beautiful and I wish we could have continued more!

Scenic road X-735 - lago de las ardillas -46.13437, -72.21090

Not the quietest until much later (very close to I-10 and Friday night) but still a safe mostly quiet night. No complaints.

Cracker Barrel 30.21322, -90.95204

A Good place direct at the beach . On the 22.02.24 we meet a lot of overlanders here.
Left from the place is a small restaurant. Eat and drink.

Cotonou Beach 6.34467, 2.27051

Only shock absorber place that had the right ones after asking many other shops. Guy modified mounts and bushing for free as well. Friendly and helpful. Reasonably priced.

Shock Absorbers -33.45252, -70.64178

Be extremely careful here! stopped to fill 30lb totally empty tank. printed receipt but it had no ink and it didn't show a price. The attendant said it was 500 pesos. Days later filled empty companion tank in La Paz and it was 350 with receipt. Same company, Baja Gas. Make sure it's zeroed and do the math yourself to confirm price! Ripped off 150 pesos!

Baja Gas and Oil 23.46870, -110.21624

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