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This abandoned village is a beautiful and pleasant place to pass night. No services but there’s 4G low signal. 4x4 is needed if the off road is wet.

Rúbies 42.02096, 0.91256

Could pay with card. Diesel available.....

Jo Petrol 32.19997, 37.14290

Speed Camera at this location. Not sure if 50 or 40km/h. Better go slow.

Speed Camera -16.02262, 28.46860

No more to say, really lovely place, super clean, beautiful made decorations, nice pool! They also have their own waterwhole and we saw there lots of smaller animals in the evening, e.g. warthog, kudu, antilopes, different kind of birds. Camping costs are now 180 NAD p.p.p.n.

Roy's Rest Camp -19.23293, 18.49995

The location for buying tickets for the safari and entry to the Panna Nationalpark has changed. New location: 24.730706,80.010727

Ticket Office. Panna NP 24.73070, 80.01053

Great place for wild camping as it's very quiet and far from the cities. it has place for cooking and tables built on stones. also it has a trash bin.

Rest Area close to Valle de Santa Ana 38.37902, -6.76126

Filled up our canister from the ablution block of the mosque. Water thanks on the roof so somewhat treated. Good option when desperate!

Mosque ablution block 24.19437, 51.46015

Big Parkingspot of the Kuwait Fish Market. We stayed two nights, even during Nationalday it was not too noisy. Max 6m length. Small shopping mall with big super market next to the place. All in all a bery good option in Kuwait City.

Fish Market 29.38786, 47.97820

We stayed there for 3 nights. Very quite and nice getaway after the cities. A lot of fishermen during early morning and evening. On the weekend they also camped there. The police checks the area regularly but instead of sending us away they brought us lunch.

Abu Dhabi wetlands 24.23971, 54.30324

T4A lists this route as 'bad gravel' and Google maps will offer it as a route to Mount Selinda if you are headed there from the south. the road requires 4WD, high clearance and low range. the conditions are variable: corrugations, washouts, steep climbs, loose rock, overgrown sections and a slippery river crossing that is deep in parts. the drive took us 3 hours to complete, it is scenic and passes a few small villages phone signal with Econet was non existent for most of the drive.

Road from Chibuwe to Mount Selinda -20.58883, 32.49438

It is a very good place.
It has relatively clean toilets for both men and women.
You can park the car next to the complex and pitch a tent in the grass.
A little until 9:00 PM, the football field is crowded, but after that, everything is quiet and good throughout the night.
There is also a shower inside the toilets, which is very good.

near football complex 16.73010, 98.59456

Water spigot in front of Visitor Center. You really have to pull up to get the water running.

Mount Roger National HQ 36.81057, -81.42138

The rooms start from 5000-6000 CFA.
Very basic cheap hotel close to all the bus stations and the train station.
Several cars can park inside of the gate.
The restaurant next door is affordable and very tasty.

Hotel eco nord 7.33819, 13.58723
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui na Havan um dia, chegamos a tarde e dormimos e seguimos no dia seguinte.
Nós ficamos no fundo bem isolado, não deu 10 minutos que chegamos já veio alguém da Havan perguntou se estava tudo bem, aí falamos que íamos ficar pra pernoitar e tudo certo.
Eles falaram que a maioria das pessoas que vem ficam na frente pq tem tomadas, tem o banheiro que pode tomar banho. Como somos autônomos ficamos aqui atrás mesmo.
As 10:00 eles fecham e liga o alarme aí não pode movimentar o carro.

Os chips de celulares pegam bem, Claro 4G (bom) e Tim e Vivo 4g (bom). Possa ser que tenha uma pequena variação no celular, Não tivemos problema, temos um amplificador rural no carro.

Vou deixar fotos.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, sua experiência, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também.

Por favor, ajude outros viajantes quando achar um ponto legal marque no aplicativo, assim irá ajudar outros.
Use os lugares com consciência e lembre outros irão usar também.

Amar e viajar sm

Havan Vitória da Conquista -14.89763, -40.84251

It was one of the largest Roman cities, the site is a must.
C'était l'une des plus grande cité Romaine, le site est un incontournable.

Perge Theatre 36.95767, 30.85053

Nice flat spot about a mile up the road. Small fire ring. Only room for one van or small RV. A few spots for tents. Super quiet. A few ATVs in the late afternoon, all drove by slowly. Good cell service.

Another turnout 34.70799, -93.99346

Little spot to camp 2-3 tents in road loop next to beach under tree. Local visit it to see sun set. Little bit garbage aroud everywhere. Sand road, 4x4 needed.

Beach 8.65686, -79.69970

Beautiful scenic road snaking through the Atlas mountains.
Tiny villages with friendly people waving at you and stunning views wherever you look.
Driving into the shades of red and brown, you'll find here what you are expecting of an offroad trip in the Atlas mountains.

Atlas scenic road 31.39576, -6.10674

24/7 Mobile Diesel mechanic that will come to you around Savannah if you have an issue with your rig. Experienced, fair price, and a life saver if you're in need of mechanical help.

SDT Mobile Technician 32.09870, -81.22174

Agua para encher as caixas do motorhome, mas não é potável. conversamos com moradores e disseram que é não serve para beber

Plaza Colón Water Fountain -33.01430, -58.50465

Funny restaurant in an old train station. Giant burgers!! Fish and chips, pizza... Around 100-200 Rand per plate

Shuttin Shed -34.22616, 19.20658

producer of organic and natural wine. French owner based in Salamanca for 20 years. excellent wine awarded several times. Very kind owner, passionate about his job. participatory workshop each year for the "harvest festival / fiesta de la vendimia", last Saturday in February and during March. visit and sale by appointment.
contact WhatsApp : +56989500434

Bodega de vino natural. Arnaud Faupin -31.89434, -70.74106

Correction: Reservations on not ReserveAmerica

Rodman Campground 29.52824, -81.79032

Pretty narrow road, tricky for medium and big rigs when there is traffic

narrow road -24.57668, -65.36788
Marnix Tiggeloven

very nice place. view is fantastic. dolphins and sea lions welcomed us. just like the neighbors of the nearest house who showed us where it was best to make camp and were super friendly (seemed proud of their view). When we were there it was almost windless which was nice because there is little shelter from the wind. we were also a little further than the place indicated here for that reason. better views. (oh and up to this place from the Carretera austral the roads were asphalted) 4G connection included!

wild camp with sealions and dolphins -42.00538, -72.72520

Astrid & Harald are one of the Germans who lived in Colonia Dignidad for many decades.

A super friendly couple who is selling hamburgers, homemade cakes and sandwiches.

A lovely shady place very close to the entrance of the Bavaria village.

The food is much cheaper than at the Hotel Bavaria and supports the couple directly.

They are sharing their tragic story and it’s worth spending time with them.

I was allowed to pitch my tent at their property.

Astrid’s Place -36.37581, -71.61855

This is the place where to stamp in/out your Carnet when coming from or going to Burkina Faso. NOT at the border!!!
Go into the big yellow building, turn left on the ground floor and walk to the last door on the left side. He will fill out the paperwork but not stamp it.
The stamp officer is in the first floor but if you kindly ask they will send someone to go there for you. Much faster.
Guys don’t know how to handle Cdp, so stay vigilant and explain it step by step.

Customs 9.98045, -5.16151

A peaceful place to sleep. Flat, spacious, grassy field next to the town works yard. Lovely views of sunrise and large culvert pipes. Felt safe and unbothered.

Big Green Field 38.91213, -123.67924

We came here a sunday morning at 7 am and it was really quick. No queue nor waiting, but a really thorough check of the van. Maybe the more advanced we've seen in Chile. It is open 24/7 so my recommendation is going as soon or late as possible but not during the day, since we saw a lot of people saying they've been stuck for hours in the queue on google maps.

Argentina - Chile (only) Border Crossing -32.81474, -70.04884

Good spot if you want to cross the chilean border next day, which is 10 minutes away. Pretty quiet and beautiful view on the cerro Tolosa.

Las Cuevas -32.81463, -70.04835

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