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price now is 10usd for foreigners (like in almost all national parks in honduras), too much, I didn't come in. I hate to be treated like a money bag.

Parque Eco Arqueologico Las Naranjos 14.94047, -88.03270

Worth the extra pesos. Very peaceful place. Good shelter, tables and fireplaces. You get to see how a Chilean family lives in this part of the world. Really good breakfast for 5.000 CLP. Marta also made dinner for us at a good price.

Rio Grande Farm -44.66561, -72.26708

We stayed here 4 nights and no one came the whole time. Lots of places to park and be hidden from the road

Big area 6.68515, -3.64742

Quiet place, parking área, has shower and bathroom

Dique Fatima -1.42855, -78.00521

Zona de baches durante 50 kilometros be careful the holes in the road are really big and if you don’t slow down in advance it can damage your tire. There is often a small dirt road on the side are as alternative

Ruta 40 : zona de baches -45.09239, -70.00822

The only pull off not directly off the road. Very peaceful. Amazing 360 views. Ocean, lake and mountains. A lot of switchbacks and low hanging branches. Might be tricky for some but were able to tow our Jeep with our 28 ft class C and perch up here for 2 weeks with no problems whatsoever. 5 out of 14 days it was very windy and we lived in a cloud.

Los Padres National Forest - Turn Out 34.51496, -119.80127

Well maintained campground with many amenities typical of European RV parks. You can visit the Tule Tree which is within walking distance. In the same area, on the road there is an excellent restaurant called "Caldo de Piedra", ask for their specialty, you won't regret it.

El Rancho RV Park 17.05351, -96.64215

This Walmart allows smaller Class B/C units, along with Walmart delivery rigs. Asst Manager just advised to park as far away from front doors as possible. We stayed there in our 21 ft Class B last night. There were 2 other Class Cs there and 3 or 4 rigs. Walmart hours are 6am to 11pm. They are in the centre of a large plaza with several other shops and a decent Chinese Buffet style spot. Many other restaurants and fast food within walking distance. There is a nearby train track with a train seemingly going by every 1/2 hours. a bit loud but not disruptive. Parking lot has a continuous gentle slope so some blocks may be necessary. We were able to find a level enough space for our smaller unit.I posted this from a McD's 0.6 miles east of the Walmart so the GPS coordinates are from there, not the Walmart

Walmart Supercentre, Cordele, Georgia 31.96115, -83.75632

The exit from highway is called Khawasa Gateway Pench NP. You will drive 9km road crossing forest is very nice. After passing through the village called Turiya, you will find a house for adventure sports activities. There is a large grass field, where you can camp. Some locals came for curious but nice. It,s perfect for relaxing time, no noise. Also if you want to make a safari the gate is 2km far from here. Local market on Sundays.

Pench NP 21.44045, 79.21430

Camping de frente para o mar, excelente estrutura, banheiros extremamente limpos e chuveiros quentes, bastante lotado na temporada…

Camping Lagoamar -28.02091, -48.62272

Excelente atención. Estuvimos una hora esperando las duchas, hay que pagar para que te pongan en la lista de espera.
Hay 2 duchas con inodoros, mi pareja y yo pudimos entrar juntos a las duchas, cuando es tu turno te entregan las llaves.

Posto PUMA -41.06923, -71.16330

Close of the airport, but no “No Overnight parking” sign.
8 parkings slots in total, not for big rig

Small rest area 56.65045, -111.25139

It was such a good restaurant, we loved it, food was good, service was good, but... it changed all of a sudden. I think Eric is not there anymore?? the service was bad, people were rude, the steak was not ok and as for my wife, she ate fish that was not served as requested and the next day she was sick and sat on the toilet all day. We were so happy with this restaurant, especially because of the Belgian chef, but this was the last time, never again.

Como como 14.54568, -90.72811

Robinet avec diamètre supérieur au standard (15/21)

Tongoy playground -30.25433, -71.49498

Ver nice campsite some have power and water it all depends what you book.
Very clean ablutions and a separate area to wash your cutlery.
With a short hike to rock pools all over the place and if you don’t want to then they also have a man made pool.

Mountain sanctuary park -25.83720, 27.47490

Not possible for us to go here with a big rig. We ended up driving through the very small streets of Diaguitas which was quite difficult.

Diaguitas River -30.02595, -70.63581

Very nice place to visit, do a tour and taste some pisco. Very cheap, only 3000 pesos per person, and you get to keep the funny glass. We liked it very much, to bad our spanish was not sufficient enough to understand the guide.

Pisqueria Los Nichos -30.15640, -70.49702

If you want a break from Kebab this is your place to go. They have a lot of vegan/vegetarian options- Burgers, Pizza, Salad Bowls, Pasta. We had the Classic Burger and a salad and both were super nice. They also made us a little starter and the staff is also super friendly.

Filoofood 32.61990, 51.67149

Dispersed BLM Dispersed Camping,close to Salida, CO and near mountain bike trails.

Methodist trails BLM site 38.51180, -105.98030

Booked online. Check in at the lodge which is annoying as you see all the facilities you can’t use!! Can use the pool wifiand restaurant/bar/shop at the NWR camp which is nice. No need to book for food. The individual ablutions were appreciated and we had a great sunrise view.

Sesriem Oshana campsite -24.48113, 15.79465

I camped with a tent, beautiful place but I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT, it's dangerous for landslides of big stones from above

the two rivers -32.82726, -69.70391

What an incredibly beautiful campground. Astounding views over the lake, and you can camp on higher with views across the lake or down on the beach with easy access to the water. Probably one of my favourite campgrounds in all South America. It was quiet when I was there with perfect weather, a little shop with basics to sell, kind owners, friendly campers and again, the location is simply to die for.

Camping Ragintuco -40.85496, -71.51800

I stayed at Sabins place, it’s beaufiful and the toilet and bathroom is very clean. She has hot water in the shower and water tap. You can cook outside protected from the wind. Ocean park is a cozy place beautiful for having a walk trough nature, beach super close and I visited the river too, super beautiful. The pizza next door is delicious. Sabin helped us with all the questions that we had, gracias!

Ocean Park Overlander -34.87164, -55.11906

slept m-f with no issue (gone by 7am, back around 10/11pm), got the knock at 6:30am sat morning. lots of general noise from the street at night but felt safe the whole week! would probably say it’s a no-go on weekends unless you’re willing to wake up early. hard to find parking around from 8pm-11pm on weekdays. seems like a lot of transients also use this planet fitness for restroom/shower so the inside was pretty busy all the time

Planet Fitness - Venice Blvd 34.04782, -118.33793

Bumpy road but should be fine for most. lots of vans and campers already here but it was pretty quiet.

Beaverhead Flats Rd 34.71417, -111.82045

Nous sommes au camping . 100 000.00 part nuit, très bien pour faire une alt.

Hôtel du Fouta 10.68890, -12.26528

This resort is now fully open! Andrew's contact details are as below and he is a mine of information eg about the best way to get to the Island.

We were made to feel very special which after months of overlanding was much appreciated. Its a real honeymoon island with beautiful snorkeling, and use of boats, bikes etc.

Yes it's costly if you are on an overlanding budget but there's no way we could have afforded anything so special in Europe . Nor indeed would such peace be easily obtainable in Europe.

My advice is to look at the pictures and then message Andrew to see what he can do on price eg we shared his boat back to the mainland. Paradise !

Pure Likoma -12.09470, 34.72222

Fantastic restaurant, we stopped for a short break and enjoyed some daal naan and eggs. Very good food and very affordable. Karak tea is solid. Quick service and has AC.

Al Melwani 24.56033, 55.75153

I was told by an employee that RVers etc are allowed to stay all night despite the signage stating No Overnight Parking. Sure enough there were about 10 of us from large RV’s to vans. I’m in a 17 1/2’ van with a dog. No one made any disturbances. Keep it simple.

Walmart 34.15592, -114.27797

Free first come first serve RV/camping area! water spickets throughout the area. not at every site. but it was nice to have water! there are two large trash cans here. covered picnic tables. this is a city owned area that was donated by the local and honor of her husband who served in military. there is a cool display to honor POWs and veterans! a very cool place to visit just one mile down the road is Shakespeare ghost town! I recommend taking the tour!

Veterans Park 32.33289, -108.72095

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