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Rodman Campground 29.52824, -81.79032

Pretty narrow road, tricky for medium and big rigs when there is traffic

narrow road -24.57668, -65.36788
Marnix Tiggeloven

very nice place. view is fantastic. dolphins and sea lions welcomed us. just like the neighbors of the nearest house who showed us where it was best to make camp and were super friendly (seemed proud of their view). When we were there it was almost windless which was nice because there is little shelter from the wind. we were also a little further than the place indicated here for that reason. better views. (oh and up to this place from the Carretera austral the roads were asphalted) 4G connection included!

wild camp with sealions and dolphins -42.00538, -72.72520

Astrid & Harald are one of the Germans who lived in Colonia Dignidad for many decades.

A super friendly couple who is selling hamburgers, homemade cakes and sandwiches.

A lovely shady place very close to the entrance of the Bavaria village.

The food is much cheaper than at the Hotel Bavaria and supports the couple directly.

They are sharing their tragic story and it’s worth spending time with them.

I was allowed to pitch my tent at their property.

Astrid’s Place -36.37581, -71.61855

This is the place where to stamp in/out your Carnet when coming from or going to Burkina Faso. NOT at the border!!!
Go into the big yellow building, turn left on the ground floor and walk to the last door on the left side. He will fill out the paperwork but not stamp it.
The stamp officer is in the first floor but if you kindly ask they will send someone to go there for you. Much faster.
Guys don’t know how to handle Cdp, so stay vigilant and explain it step by step.

Customs 9.98045, -5.16151

A peaceful place to sleep. Flat, spacious, grassy field next to the town works yard. Lovely views of sunrise and large culvert pipes. Felt safe and unbothered.

Big Green Field 38.91213, -123.67924

We came here a sunday morning at 7 am and it was really quick. No queue nor waiting, but a really thorough check of the van. Maybe the more advanced we've seen in Chile. It is open 24/7 so my recommendation is going as soon or late as possible but not during the day, since we saw a lot of people saying they've been stuck for hours in the queue on google maps.

Argentina - Chile (only) Border Crossing -32.81474, -70.04884

Good spot if you want to cross the chilean border next day, which is 10 minutes away. Pretty quiet and beautiful view on the cerro Tolosa.

Las Cuevas -32.81463, -70.04835

Beautiful campsite just off of of Calveda pass on Nevada 361. Stayed here one night and didn’t see or hear a soul. Can walk farther down the road to an evaporative mine operation.

Road is generally good but wouldn’t bring anything low clearance. Turn south off the pass at the top. Campsite is to the left after about 1/8 of a mile.

Nevada high desert 38.58868, -118.12156

very large campsite could easily fit multiple rigs here. Road coming in a little rough at spots but handled fine, it is quite narrow though only one car may go through at a time. Made it back just fine in a sedan though. Fire pit, I’m not sure why this is here as fires aren’t allowed in Joshua Tree Wilderness per BLM. This site may be just outside, would still use at your own risk and be very careful.
Beautiful views surrounded by Joshua trees and rolling hills. Great place for bird watching.
T-Mobile fluctuates between 1-2 bars. AT&T 2-3 bars.
Very Quiet place to spend the night, some people walking around with dogs and a couple vans/jeep passed me during the day but very quiet at night. Please keep this beautiful site clean

Wee Thump E Rd campsite 35.52646, -115.06079

Parking next to the beach. A restaurant open at the bathing season. 10 places for van or small motorhome. The path to join the spot is quite tricky but it’s ok, no danger, enough space at the end to turn. Parking light is on all the night.
Went in February, very calm.

Praia do Barranco das belharuncas 37.09137, -8.18310

Big, well maintained site offers camping (1000KES pp) with shower and gazebo. Also the have nice rooms with warm shower and breakfast for 3500KES.

ENKORIKA Eco-Village -0.27666, 36.22704

Close to the former Villa Silly campsite now closed and used as a military station.
Complexe Milo is a training center where events and village festivals are organised.
The owner after some price treatment allowed us to stay for the night with our 4x4 camper for 10,000 F with electricity (active from 7pm to 7am). He initially asked for 30,000 F.
No service, possibility to eat at the restaurant but high prices. Ok for one night if you are passing through Kankan.

Complexe Milo 10.36728, -9.29722
La Rayuela Hostal y Cabaña

Es un camping ubicado a 20 minutos de Manizales y de Pereria y a 15 minutos de Santa Rosa de Cabal. Ofrecen servicio de parqueadero, agua, luz y habitaciones. El costo por la estadía es de $ 20.000 pesos por personas y si desean habitacion es de $ 50.000 por parejas. Ofrecen servicio de lavanderia $ 20.000 pesos

Camping la Amelia 4.99282, -75.60241

Road has collapsed in many places leading down to the lake. The lake is almost non existant and far away next to dam. Did not stay but if needed a good place to stop for the night. No idea how you can see the sea from here😂💡

Hidden spot by the lake 30.68333, -9.21892

Didn't ask permission. spent the night in my RV without issue; quiet and peaceful. felt safe. 6 semis, q van, and 4 cars did as well. would stay again (if they don't put a stop to it: 2 cars had lots of trash around them).

Walmart Super Center 31.97993, -81.17488

Stayed one night (near the dumpsters!) and it was relatively quiet. Several other vans and tow-behinds were already here when I arrived

Cracker Barrel 30.43666, -89.09453
Overland Vic

When pulling into the turnout, take a moment to walk down the first 30 feet to analyze the rocky terrain. See photos of rocky entry. Amazing views with several spot lake front.

BLM on Lake 38.67087, -119.54852

Pullout right off the highway, space for a couple of rigs. There is supposed to be dispersed camping further down the forest service road, but it was snow covered so we didn’t check it out. Three bars of Verizon.

Forest Service Road Pullout 39.22123, -114.96230
Overland Vic

As of Sunday 2/24/2024 the water is locked. Clean bathroom is open.

Verizon 3bars
T-Mobile 4bars

Topaz Center Fire Districs 38.64328, -119.52853

Beautiful drive through remote villages to this back gate of the nature reserve. For assistance and directions to enter the park (gate needs to be opened) WhatsApp Emmanuel at: +265 881 35 65 16
From the main road it’s about 50 km to the reception, 20km already inside the park. Takes about 2 hours.

Matjete Nature Reserve back gate -15.81033, 34.58566

Asked for permission, no problem. Good stopping point as others have reported in the past.

Restaurant Chapala 29.37622, -114.37522

Site for a vehicle on one side of a road bridge that goes towards the passage of the mule. This road is bordering the Nilahue river. There is also a campsite that is at this time abandoned

sitio para un vehiculo a un costado de un puente del camino que va hacia el paso de la mula. este camino va bordeando el rio nilahue. también hay un camping que en estos momentos se encuentra abandonado

next to the bridge -40.30335, -72.16457

We stayed here the night before taking the ferry. It’s a really beautiful area, outside of the city but still fairly close. Mostly people walking their dogs come here. Very quiet at night during daytime some people walking by if you stand at the beach, if you stay in the dunes it stays calm. We saw some tire prints along the beach and through the dunes, so locals sometimes seem to drive here too.

Only for 4x4s, better to reduce tire pressure in soft sand and only small vehicles! The path is very narrow in the beginning with thorny bushes! So be careful…

Path leading into the dunes starts here (36.1667012, -5.4401160), people walking their dogs park there too.

Ocean & Dunes Algeciras 4x4 36.17019, -5.43463

Tickets for a Pajero (5 meters long) & two people at Carlos agency:

Algeciras - Tanger (two way, open return)

Algeciras - Ceuta (two way, open return)

You can buy your ticket and take a ferry at the same day, port is a 20 minutes drive from Carlos agency. We were told that the ferry to Tanger (Morocco) is more uncomplicated, because the entry procedure is done on the boat and customs are simpler. Plus it’s a little cheaper. The ferry to Tanger sails five times a day. You have to be there an hour before departure.

You can change euros to dirham bills at Carlos place, you get 1€ = 100 dirham (= 10% exchange fees)

Keep in mind that you arrive in Tanger Med, not in the city Tanger - they are ~45 minutes apart! Tanger Med is only the port, there isn’t much around!

Viajas Normandie (Carlos) 36.17945, -5.44125

CAT Insurance: 97€ for 1 month for our Mitsubishi Pajero (4x4, Length: 4,90m), very simple and friendly! Be aware: had to be paid cash, Euros possible!

CAT Assurance and Reassurance (3rd party insurance) 35.87085, -5.52040

Pullout off the northbound side of the 285 that is also accessible from the southbound side just be ready for the turn. Lots of space to park with a couple of picnic tables and trash bin. The only posted signs say no littering. Spent the night here and it wasn't bad, noise from the highway which doesn't bother me but it is loud. Woke up to find a car and semi also parked here.

Picnic Pullout 34.59681, -105.32741

Beautiful spot surrounded by rocks, it’s the end of a small gravel track so nobody really comes here. It does get really nice & quiet because it’s well protected from the wind.

Track leading here is all along the river bed, it starts here: (37.0572205, -2.4057705)

Camp between Rocks 37.07218, -2.40606

Nice for one night, but keep in mind the altitude! In February it got icy cold at night (0 Degrees). This spot and the few spots around seem to be used for partying, there’s quite some trash… depending on where exactly you stand you have 4G or no reception at all. Monkeys didn’t visit us here, but we saw some along the street sitting in the sun!

Oak Forest - Azrou 33.40723, -5.22658

Private property with a lot of attractions for kids. Theres hot showers, basic kitchen, pool (in the summer) and a bar selling drinks.

At the moment the camp site doesnt offer electricity and water spots where the tents stay.

Parque Travelum -26.37761, -49.32975

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