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Stayed for 2 days straight in my 24’ RV with no issues! Highway patrol pulled in, seems like they were just hanging out. Quite a few visitors for the beach access and trams went by (lasts 5 seconds each, they’re super short) so there was noise but nothing too bad. Went down to the beach each night and saw dolphins at sunset! Highly recommend, one of the most beautiful places especially for being a pullout on the highway

Turnout w/Pocket Beach + View 34.46314, -120.09855

Nice on the beach camping. Some parties on the weekend, but was not bad. Today, Monday, we have the beach to ourselves. We have 2wheel drive, and was fine. 4 wheel would be better for some spots.
I marked NO for big rigs, but for a daring big rig driver you might be ok. The road in would be daring also.

Playa La Curva del Soldado/Playa Bobito 23.10098, -110.11431

Terrain is angle away from dump hole so you can't empty completely your tanks. There is NO water at this side, would not recommend

Douglas 31.34668, -109.56030

Beautiful beach parking down just off the main road.

***Do not stay here overnight*** Just for day parking.

We were told by several people it's not safe over night but there are super friendly locals and spots in town nearby that you can camp at - we drove through town and had heaps of offers after asking around at the tienda. This is super chilled during the day.

Mellow waves, beaut beach and lovely views next to the rivermouth. Lots of families relaxing in the evenings with picnics and BBQs, really friendly vibe.

Playa Linda 17.69544, -101.64681

Pretty good spot, quiet, leveled, we had a good night. 2 other vans parked overnight as well

Parking at Bryant Canyon Road 36.42995, -121.31165

Marco is a very good guy and an excelent mechanic, honest and eficient
Lot of experience.
He was the best mechanic in Juliaca and now he has moved here, where his family lives!
Specialist in mercedes sprinters.

Motors Marco for MB Sprinter -16.43157, -71.54127
Casa de Rocío

Lugar para estacionar seguro, en mi casa puedo ofrecer servicio de baño y ducha, agua potable, energía y ambiente casero.
Previo a lllegar es necesario enviar un whatsapp al +56979800615
Esto es porque mi espacio es muy reducido.

Casa de Rocío -29.94016, -71.25502
Overland Vic

Visited on 2/26/2024

Open Monday - Friday 8am-4:30pm

Plenty of information here. The representative is very nice and has a vast knowledge of the Inyo area from Lone Pine up to Mammoth Lakes. There are plenty of maps for campgrounds and local activities for those who want more information.

Very clean bathrooms inside.

FYI California residence, there is a DMV next door, usually with very short lines.

Inyo National Forest Visitor Center 37.36229, -118.41138

This place is awesome and very safe even with all the people using the area for recreation. I had to leave my van here for three days and it wasn’t touched at all.

Wide open spaces 36.27287, -115.51669

Windy but quiet today. Beautiful views of the gorge.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Rest Area 36.47456, -105.73671

Quiet sites during the winter. Most services were shut down. Nice pavilions to block the ruthless winds

Coyote Creek State Park 36.17195, -105.23286

Fuel station
Potable water station
Cleaning car service

Copec -37.47415, -72.33332

good place for border crossing, i arrived in a rain day, secured garage for car and motorcycle, breakfast included, I took economical room 90 reals it has two single bed and ventilation, no ac. shower and toilet inside.

Pousada Chui -33.68976, -53.45173

Visa on Arriva for eu in 2024 is 25 000 cfa for EU pasport (not sure about another)!!! the officers they cheat us and ask for 80$ per person. becouse we have only dolars and we think that it coat 35 000 cfa like before. So finały we pay 70$ each person (42 000 cfa). Totaly 140$.

They say that this is Exchange rate so this is why is higher... we know that it was cheating. But night was almost coming and we try do this faster.

on ghana site was great and fast. on togo site they check bagpacks and ask for gift. police on the Gate very corupted. make sure that you have cfa and pay only 25 000 cfa. you will see stamps on you visa (10 000+10 000 + 5 000 cfa).

Leklebi Kame Border Ghana 6.35822, 2.09518

Love this spot. There were many sites in this pulloff and they’re easily accessible by our 2WD and low clearance van. Heard a large RV have issues in the middle of the night turning around in one of the spots but they figured it out and all was good. Stayed here 3 nights and had neighbors each night. Didn’t bother us. Tons of firewood in the forest behind these spots. Very close to Grand Canyon. 10/10 highly recommended this place, even if you’re not going into the park.

Kaibab National Forest Dispersed 35.99259, -112.13799

Hello, I´m living in a beautiful place in the deepest Costa Rica. I offer my services and you can sleep here in your car, camper, or in a room with fan. ) not AC.

I offer you yoga and meditation classes, Zen Massage, Conscious Tattoos and Retreats. A break in your busy holidays.

I have two dogs inside the house, nice dogs, but I don´t accept more animals inside... sorry.

If you come here to healing yourself really welcome.

Only let me know in advance to prepare the space and be more confortable.
Please, send me a WhatsApp to +506.7278.0050
And lovely to meet you.
Check my website with the prices and the accomodation is included.

Indreni Miko 9.45887, -84.06988

Good place to shower. Parking is a little confusing but you can pay at the gas station and the showers are in the back. We entered through the back door and had to walk through the store to get to the area with the shower rooms. Very spacious. Great for 2 people. Our tub had hairs in it so we didn’t use it. Saw staff actively cleaning other rooms. Left my ID for deposit, got it back when done. There are shampoo and soap dispensers in the shower. $15 per room.

Little America Travel Center 35.19103, -111.61927

Good spot to do laundry. Lots of machines. $3.50 for smallish washer, $5 and $4.50 for bigger ones. Dryers are 7mins per quarter. Bathroom for customers. Needed quarters so I asked one of the nice staff and she ran my card and gave me a couple rolls. Fairly busy. Many chairs around to chill in.

Estrellas Laundry 35.20535, -111.61770

Super nice place to stay. Free, we asked confirmation to a local.
Great view. Facilities closed as of febuary 2024.

River Carrileufu -42.55563, -71.60025

great restaurant about 5 minutes from chitza itza. stopped in for some delicious food and cold cocktails.

La Mestizas 20.69522, -88.58490

Water tap in Front of the Centro Cultural

Water tab in Front of the Centro Cultural -28.75425, -68.20564

it is a park with Picnic area and Play Ground. Also some potty toilets . Very nice place for relaxing.

fill water bottles 28.61754, -96.62306

A new tourist attraction is a glass-bottomed Skywalk at the top of the mountain overlooking Huajuapan de Leon - you can see it from anywhere in the city. There is a long gravel road up the back of the hill… the first section is good, up to a large statue of a coyote … and an area you can informally park over night. It was beautiful… and could take a large rig if required. The coordinates given here show this informal boondock.
The road continues a couple of kms up to the skywalk, and gets progressively tougher and rougher… and steeper. 4x4 is recommended, but the Mexican cars that are parked at the top are of course just regular cars!
From the parking area, a short steep walk up to the viewing area.
The view from the skywalk is spectacular; the custodians (who sleep up there) charged M$25/p; we watched the sunset before hiking back to our van, then driving down to the flat spot near the coyote statue.
The entrance sign to the road indicates the gate is open 6:00AM to 8:00PM… but we suspect it is just left open all the time.

Mirador de Cristal de la barranca 17.83385, -97.75633

Wow, this is heaven for any vehicle enthusiast! It's like a huge supermarket full of accessories for cars, motorcycles and even boats! You can find good, branded oil at great price, rooftop tents, winches, GPSs, motorcycles, riding equipment, hiking clothes, even MC4 connectors and whatever else you can imagine!

RECASUR-tools and products for cars -53.13521, -70.86841

Out of order per the propane man :( bummer because the spigot is right there!

She'll Gas station 40.01440, -105.22558

Locals living nearby told us that there is no more camping in this area.

U.O.M. Camping Recreativo -33.72298, -62.01154

Does not look like A proper place to camp. There is a playground in the middle of very rundown houses/ village. We did not feel safe here. And wouldn’t recommend to camp here

Punta Chianguao -43.14392, -73.48438

I have no idea if this place is officially open or not.
Big banner and the property is on sale.
As we arrived no one was there even on the next day.
A lot of bugs.
But water and electricity is available. The showers are really dirty but with hot water.
At all not recommended.
Very loud through the whole night.

Trailer Park Los Cocos 21.53241, -105.28334

Open today, the curanto is prepared using the traditional method and is very very good. Price is 13’500 pp, completely worth it. Not completely sure but we understood that it was the last day of the season (at least for curanto), so maybe for next year... They answer on WhatsApp on this number : +56 9 6247 2135

Curanto al hoyo. (Seagood prepared in the ground , tradition) -41.87612, -73.89201
Vivendo Estradas

posto muito tranquilo pra dormir, seguro, com um pátio muito grande, cabe qualquer tipo de carro, banheiros limpos, atendentes muito simpaticos e educados, o banho agora custa 10,00, e a água é quente.
o restaurante estava em reforma mais creio que em alguns dias já estará funcionando.
não pega muito bem área da vivo, é a claro pega muito pouco também, tem wifi, um pouco lento mas dá pra entrar nas Redes sociais trantranquilo, bem próximo se encontra vários comércios, restaurante, lanchonetes, carrinhos de lanches, mercado e padaria.

Gas Station. BR252 -12.49960, -41.28961

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