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Great place for overnight. Noisy cause of the highway. Many RVS around.

Access Road to the South Skyway Fishing Pier 27.58760, -82.62290

Great free parking downtown. RVs parking available.

Free parking 27.78469, -82.62484

Plenty of space in various parking lots. the end of the road is very sandy.
no sign or fence at all

Ozean camp -42.90187, -73.48421

Was passing through early morning and stayed overnight. There were two trucks already here and it was quiet relative to the typical interstate noise Also noticed the coordinates were incorrect as this is North bound only.

Hampden North Rest Stop 44.76577, -68.93635

Nice and chill spot for a sleep. I-74 isn’t the busiest of roads so not many other cars thru here on a Saturday night. One of the better sleeps I’ve had at rest stops but I use white noise app to drown out truckers starting and stopping their rigs which was common. Playground here also.

Spoon River Rest Area, Dahinda, IL - Westbound 40.88043, -90.08877
iNomads OnTour

Camping 3.000 pp

At the weekend there is a party scene. Very loud and deep bass at night until the early hours of the morning.

Centre d'accueil Sainte Famille 6.83053, -5.25973

Lovely clean and well equipped site. We paid 3000 pesos for 2 people, car and roof tent.

Camping Municipal -26.79575, -60.41735

Just checking in to say we could park our motorbikes in their gated and secure parking space! There is no space for a car though, as the owner keeps his here. I confirm this hostel is super nice and the owner is very kind! Contact them beforehand if you can :)

Ruta Alterna Eco Tours -7.14893, -78.51507

Paid parking from 9:00 am to 3:00 am at $2.00 per hour. You can only pay for 3 hours at a time. Use the app Parkmobile to manage your parking by your phone, or use the machines located around the lot. They came by at 2:30 am to check that I was paid up. They use your plate number and parking zone, so if paid up there is no knock. Right by the beach, so on a beautiful Saturday the lot was full. Fortunately we didn't show up until 5:30 so found a spot without a problem. For rigs that fit in a regular sized lot. 5 bars Verizon.

Public Parking 25.79706, -80.12740

You're not allowed to overnight on the parking, nor next to the entrance. Completely crazy. These rangers are a real pain in the ass and rude af. Recommend just flying the drone from outside the park and see everything you can without paying, that's all they deserve.

Parque Provincial Aconcagua -32.82353, -69.94230

Just an Update. We thought we may try our luck and see what he’s offering, but the rate was horrible, even after negotiation.

He startet at 10.000 CFA for 16.000 Naira. While the official rate is more than 26.000. Don’t even think about the black market rate.

Definitely not recommended, avoid this place.

Naira Exchange office 6.37921, 2.60996

Fueled up and filled the fresh water tank in our 28ft ClassC. They have uncovered gas/diesel pumps to the right of the main entry which made it easy to fuel up. Pump 15 had a fresh water spigot.

The dump station was broken/out of order.

Flying J 28.32588, -82.32278

Lugar tranquilo para pasar unos días cerca de la playa. Hay varios motorhome, sin ningún tipo de servicios

Barra da lagoa -27.57070, -48.42957

Praça com muitas flores, pista de skate e brinquedo para crianças. Possui tomada e torneira. Local tranquilo para pernoitar e limpo. A polícia passa algumas vezes Além disso aprecie as araras nos tocos de árvores.

Square with lots of flowers, skate park and children's toys. It has a socket and tap. Quiet and clean place to stay overnight. The police pass by a few times. Also, enjoy the macaws on the tree stumps.

Praça do Skate -19.83252, -54.82791

It's a paradise! Very good vegetarian food. Simon and his guys are doing a great job. Clean bucket shower, clean toilet and a clean beach. You sleep under palm trees.

Victor's Place 6.27785, 1.82363

five star ⭐ place! great views, great cell, and the wildflowers are going to bloom all over the hills in a week or two

BLM Land Right Outside Kofa. 33.26048, -114.23063

We loved staying at this place ! Now it’s 17 US dollar per night. You have access to a very Nice garden with pool and hamac. You can also use shower, hot water and good pressure. There is also a restaurant, lomo was very tasteful. Hans is welcoming.
You can also visit some arpund, like Bodega Tempus Alba accessible by foot, very good wine dégustation at this place, we recommand !

Posada Cavieres Wine Farm -33.01200, -68.75569

Paid 19 OMR for sim and 30+10 GB data, valid for 4 weeks. Other price I remember is 8 OMR for sim and 7+3 GB data.

Don't go for tourist packs (if you stay in Oman for a longer time), more expensive and only valid for 20 days.

Oredoo 24.74506, 56.44894

Just follow Google maps until this point (or any other spot in the wadi you like). From the tarmac the track becomes compacted gravel which is easy for any vehicle. To enter the wadi it gets a bit more bumpy/rocky and soft/sandy in some spots, here some clearance and maybe 4x4 is useful.

We had a wonderful quiet night here. Just some locals during the day, they all smiled and waved.

Good internet reception with Ooredo.

Somewhere in a wadi 24.68558, 56.43129

UAE > Oman.

All in all easy border crossing but they have no clue how to handle a CdP, so we thought them.

UAE side: passport check, exit stamp, and 30 AED exit fee at the gate. Then park on the right and go to customs on other side of the fence. She had no clue how to handle the CdP so we thought her how to. Some guy had to come with a stamp but then it was sorted quickly. Drive to exit gate and present gate pass you received along the way.

Oman side: first do insurance in building on your left, indicated with a medium size sign. Then gate for passport check. Then park on the right and get visa stamp inside (we had 30 day evisa, they stamp/write this in your passport). Then continue with car to customs for car check, very very superficial. Then drive a bit further and take the first possible right and head in the wrong direction to some truck loading docks. The guys up there will stamp your CdP. They don't really know how to but they stamp wherever you want them to. Continue to exit gate and present the gate pass you received along the way.

UAE exit at Khatam 24.97821, 56.36483

A lot of hype regarding Don Tacos - and the beach is unbelievably good (clean, safe, beautiful, calm water for swimming). Don Tacos site itself is also decent. There is a communal sitting area, a well stocked (pots and pans) kitchen and a couple of showers. As others have said, there is space at the back for big rigs and semi-shaded spots on the front for tents. Overall it’s a lovely place and I would recommend a stop here but I would also note that it’s super busy. Don Taco packs everyone in and so there is not loads of space and/or privacy. This also means it’s often noisy around the site (don’t expect to sleep in!). In addition and as previous comments have also noted, the locals state that Don Taco isn’t well liked owing to the way he treats them. I spoke to a couple of locals on the beach, who both echoed he can be rude/angry to them - which feels a real shame!

Camping Don Taco 15.69041, -96.23703

Cheaper if you pay cash. Great place to refill propane. Friendly folks.

Rio Grande Propane 36.40149, -105.57633

We paid 890 pesos for a double with two beds on the second floor. Indoor parking with balcony overlooking it. Clean, simple, very slow wi-fi

Hotel la Riviera 24.81558, -107.39525

Came in around 11 pm. Couldn’t figure out a way to get here. The road to it was gated and locked.

Gallup OHV/ATV facility 35.54898, -108.70394

Class C dump $10. $5 additional if using water to flush the tank.

Pit Stop 33.67382, -114.21661

We met the manager from here in the Beer Garden BerlingHausen Brewery (where we camped ) he is very friendly and the wine is nice and affordable. and the view is amazing

las Nubes 32.08007, -116.65422

North side of the bridge, heading south behind the barrier there is a blue sign. Space for 2 tents, just cyclists though as it is tight getting in. Good access to the river and screened from the road by bush.

Bridge Camp cyclists -44.64231, -72.28078

Great spot for a few nights. Very clean and well looked after washrooms. Beach access is unbeatable. If you kite surf or enjoy watching it, this is the place.

El Sargento Beach 24.08051, -109.99242

NO parking fee.
1000 CFA entry fee includes guide. He climbed with us on top of some domes and we sat there, watched sunset and had a good talk. Good opportunity to meet a local…
Best light is around sunset.

Domes - Ticket booth 10.72448, -4.80696

Public Land. Follow signs in neighborhood that say public land. There are signs posted at the trailhead that say no camping so I drove down the trail a bit and camped and had no problems. This area is for ATVs so there was some of that and planes flying over but it was so quiet at night. Great place to stay.

BLM Chimney Drive 39.62275, -119.77852

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