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We're not fans of informal sites. However, we were caught on the highway, which was closed due to smoke clouds for over 2 hours, so it prevented us from going to the place we had planned to go, and we had to find a place quickly to spend the night safely. There was no attendant on site. But we parked (level!) and went to do our grocery shopping. We even had time to walk a little in town before sunset. The town is not touristy, and we were able to enjoy Mexican life. In our little RV, we slept very well, no noise. In the morning, we had to pay 256 pesos according to the time elapsed, however, the regulation says that a lost ticket costs 150 so I found the parking attendants, who are not easy to find, and told them that I didn't want to pay more than a lost ticket. In the end, we paid 150 pesos and had a good night!

Soriana paying parking 19.17760, -99.47103

got the knock at 9 pm, local cop said parking lot closes at 8 and you can't just sleep in cars and need to go to motel etc. also for single car setup he said things that block out your windows like reflectors or curtains are illegal in NY, idk I'm from out of state

Reeves Meadow Visitor Center 41.17373, -74.16846

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to warn people away from this area. probably so they can have it all to themselves, I guess, but it is definitely NOT on private land of any kind. This is Utah state trust land and open for camping with the usual rules. Why do people do this for no reason? if the area were closed to camping, there wouldn't be campers, as there would be signage saying no camping and/or there would be reports of the local agencies running people off, which there is none of. Stop being ridiculous, please!
In fact, after walking around and checking the survey markers, I realized that the folks that own the adjacent private property has illegally posted no camping signs on the BLM and State Trust land. Not sure how they're getting away with that, but it might tell you something about how often the BLM or state agencies come to check on this area.

La Verkin Overlook Road 37.21527, -113.25060

So glad we decided to stop. Wonderful garden to stroll. We really lucked out and met Lupe as soon as we arrived and chatted for a few hours. Such a neat guy. Learned so much about the flora and fauna, medicinal and recreational properties. Who knew you can pet cacti to relieve stress. I'll upload a picture of him.

Cactus Sanctuary 23.74588, -110.11234

Beatiful view on St-Laurence river. house and street light close. no sign indicated for camping permission or not. we were for winter camping night. may be busy place on summer.

Rue du quai 46.65128, -71.92675

the restaurant is good, but the accommodation is running down,

Roxy Resort -3.41440, 37.52098

Dormimos uma noite neste local. É bem tranquilo e seguro. Para ingressar na Comunidade é cobrado $2 por pessoa.

We slept one night in this place. It is very quiet and safe. To join the Community there is a charge of $2 per person.

Parking Lot at Laguna Quilotoa -0.18308, -78.48583

Outside the botanical garden entrance. Shady with some traffic noise during the day. The security personnel is at the gate 24/7. The trees provide good shade. Free access to the park. There is a bus stop a few meters where you can catch the bus downtown.

Outside botanical garden -25.25165, -57.57781

Operator tells us that he no longer allows parking.

Pecsa Gas Station -4.66390, -80.24499

They allowed us to spend the night. There is no bathroom, but there is access to water.

Nos permitieron pasar la noche. No hay baño, pero si hay acceso a agua.

Grifo BUME -4.66293, -80.24267

Many RVs and Vans. Power in numbers! Come late and leave early. Should be fine.

Walmart 39.58736, -106.09550

Still under construction. No access. Doesn’t say when it’s gonna be open

Vista Point 32.83668, -116.66062

lots of people using the pull outs. great flat spots for vans. some people had tents.

Next to Skull Hollow Campground 44.39617, -121.06117

Still a perfect place. Still 10 Dinar p.P. for a delicious diner by the fire. We enjoyed a very hot shower and a clean bathroom. Gave us information about driving through the wadi. We felt very welcome. You can easily enter the place from village Dibah and avoid the visitor center by that way (to keep your Jordan pass untouched).

Rum Planet Beduin Camp 29.65010, 35.47998

très bon bivouac le long de la corniche.
la police a demandé les passeports et nous a autorisés à rester là. bien pour la visite du Musée.

Bassorah 30.50477, 47.85489

Nice bakery and coffee with really good baguette and croissant.

Block Butter bakery -34.80145, 20.05176

This is one of the best camps in Botswana! the way to the Campsite is a litte sandy, but very fun to drive!
it has a pool, bar, restaurant, slow wifi, lots of acitvities. Saw, crocodile, elwfants and hippos on the mokoro.
Its188pppn, but we got a very good spezial price for 3 nights.

Etsha 13 - Guma Lagoon Camp -18.96295, 22.37357

very nice! the best shower in Botswana!
Good pool, reataurant, wifi. its now

Audi Camp -19.93428, 23.50954

The place changed names. It's now called Gueye service.
The staff is really kind and the food isn't very expensive. Plus you have a lot of choices, and it's close to Auberge Sadio.

Restaurant Gueye Service 13.76590, -13.67548

There is an abandoned village at the top which is interesting, but even more wonderful are the views and tranquility and the “bonkers” mountains!!!
Entry still 1000N ($0.70) pp but we had to take a guide. 10,000N for 3 people which we would recommend. 2 hour hike.

Old Idanre hill top village 7.10636, 5.10619

Basic hotel. Very friendly. Safe parking even for big rigs. Single room is 7500N ($5.50). We were 3 people in 2 cars. We had to buy a single room to have access to bucket shower and toilet for sleeping in the car (although room had fan and was tempting) but at <$2 each it was worth it.

Hotel Rock Valley 7.13445, 5.10068

Large beach with multiple parking spaces, Free, and quiet.
Grande plage àvec de multiples parking, Gratuit, et calme.

Bagazkent Halk Plaji 36.83569, 31.13577

Caravan park whose price is not 3 Lira, but 350 Lira per person, I did not stay.

Caravane park dont le prix n'est pas de 3 Lira, mais de 350 Lira par personne, je ne suis pas resté.

kardiye beach park 36.85919, 31.00691
Wolfgang Kleinbach

We stayed here for one night.
Father Mike and the sisters are very friendly and they do a really good work here.
If you need power, you can ask Peter for it. The generator runs between 7-9pm.

St Gabriel Parish Abakaliki 6.31153, 8.15434

Chalets are beautifully located, interior is charming and (without having to ask) the staff will burn wood that heats your water. Vervet monkeys pay frequent visits.

From Jan to May there are hardly any guests and since you will see less wildlife, the staff is aware that the official lodge prices are too high. If you want to stay in that period but find the prices too steep, you can call +260 966689816 / +260 766247300 and talk to Sylvester supervising the place. He will think along with your budget and provide a more reasonable offer for lodging, food and/or activities. Instead of negotiating down to the minimum, think about what you can afford: the Kasanka trust has lost some funding this year, to the extent it is a real struggle to keep the place with staff open during the quiet months. Sylvester is very welcoming to visitors.

Wasa Lodge -12.55531, 30.29531

Take the D2483. There is a guard, very friendly and you can fill up your water bottles. I cycled 500 m and camp behind a tree, 3 cars with cattle passed by but no problem at all.

Wild camp for cyclist -21.00177, 16.80235

Here you get dog food and dog stuff. Hard to get in Westafrika.

It is a French supermarket, where you get all the European food.

Carrefour 5.30144, -3.99384

We slept two nights in here, quiet and safe as it is surrounded by condominios with security cameras. We even left the motorhome alone while doing things around. There is no water point or trashcans. Wifi works very fast

Parque Lincoln -17.36928, -66.17363

They told me the rooms start from 10000 CFA but they actually had a room for 7500 CFA in another building.
There was also a room for 5000 CFA but fully occupied.
7500 CFA for 2 double beds with a mosquito net and bathroom.
The main building has an OK wifi, and is barely usable in another building.
The main building has rooms with a hot shower but only cold showers in another building. They provided me with a bucket of hot water for the shower when I asked.
Nothing around this area. No shops or restaurants.

Guest house diocese of Ngaoundere 7.32626, 13.56778

Here is the place where Mirian, an excellent Spanish teacher, gives you privat lessons. Here WhatsApp Number is: +59172899948. She does a very good job and I can recommend her.

My Spanish School -19.05018, -65.25959

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