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Clean simple rooms. Wifi hot water AC/heater kettle tea in room. Friendly staff. Rate includes breakfast. Restaurant available and many other food choices close. Only street parking - paid secure parking 200m down the road for $2.50/day. 24 hrs guard @ parking lot - my bike under cover was fine.

Variety of rooms with different prices. I took cheapest room @ $37USD/night. Can pay with card but they have a 50% surcharge - so I paid cash in local currency.

There is a lot of selection for lodging in this area - take your pick. Taxis - yellow and unmarked any other colour are 5000 IQD per ride - anywhere within Basra short or long.

Castle Hotel 30.51849, 47.84211

SIM card guy speaks English - his shop is outside the arrivals building. SIM card + 1 week unlimited data $15.

He also changes money there. Dinar/USD/Euro

* during my Iraq visit NO $USD withdrawal available out of any Iraqi ATMs *

sim card and exchange 30.10238, 47.71464

Inserted in nature and with a privileged view of Castillo mountain range, Patagonia Overlander is the ideal camping for those who want to enjoy silence and tranquility.
The camping focus on motorhomes, cyclists and bikers, with small details that will make a difference on your stay.

dump station - showers with hot water - spectacular views - bilingual attention (ES/EN) - fast internet (starlink) - run by overlanders.

Price isn't fixed yet - they are happy to get feedback from you to start the next season completely.

The owners are Caro and Victor, a chilean couple with a young daughter. They are very friendly, welcoming and are happy to meet again other overlanders. They drove Alaska to Ushaia, too. Both are fluent in English and are happy to welcome you in their campground.

There is a cat and a dog living on the campground, so pets are welcome if you keep them under control.

Announce you in advance: +56988339900

Look for the wooden&black sign at the Carretera Austral to find the camping (1km south of the Morador Cerro Castillo).

Patagonia Overlander -46.14305, -72.22916


VOA with Dutch passport - easy process $78USD - 2 month visa validity - 5 minutes to issue.

CDP process a bit chaotic but still fun - the guys are helpful. Paid $25USD for something related to customs.
No insurance and no-one asked.
Don’t need fixers.

Total process 1hr.

Entering/Exiting Iraq 30.10278, 47.71518

the only place I found between Bariloche and El Bolson. very quiet and quite safe, as next to the gas station, there is the Argentine Gerdameria police accommodation. It is next to the highway, but few cars pass by at night. Very good view of the lake.

único lugar que encontrei entre Bariloche e El Bolson. muito tranquilo e bastante seguros, pois do lado do posto de combustível, está o alojamento da polícia Argentina Gerdameria. fica ao lado da rodovia, mas a noite passam poucos carros.. visão muito boa do lago.

ACA Petrol Pump -41.32176, -71.49641

This fuel station was closed when I got here (possibly permanently, it was all covered up). I had to go to Mingali to get fuel before going onto the new highway. Don't go on the highway without filling up.

Gas Station -3.89152, 15.40785

We didn’t see a checkpoint and we were not stopped. It was rather early in the morning, about 6.30.

Fruit & Fumigation -32.22062, -67.78442

not suitable for large rigs, small roads to park and only small parking lot

Big parking next to Parque de Convivencia 17.83348, -93.38090

Clean, small and inexpensive rooms with private bathroom. I paid 100,000 PYG (USD 14) for one person per night.
Motorcycle courtyard parking. Not covered but shaded.

Pousada Aurora -25.48672, -54.67509

Modern shopping mall with free parking. there is a Carrefour, food court, Decathlon and a selection of ATMs. I used Orabank for free withdrawal

Shopping mall - Cosmos Yopougon 5.34923, -4.07469

Not for big rigs, small road to get here and small parking lot.
we asked the security guard and he said it was ok, as did the local police , I would not recommend anything big than a sprinter van come here.

Big parking next to Parque de Convivencia 17.83350, -93.38089

Nice place if you're leaving Conguilla NP and look for a chilled overnight place. 4G reception.

Close to the river Alpehue and to NP Conguillo -38.85227, -71.64573


No fees - stamped CPD (even though no-one wanted to stamp me in on Kuwait entry.)
The Iraq side looks for Kuwait exit stamp on entry.

They ask for “Green Permit” so seems to be essential for vehicles.
(See Kuwait City Airport entry for detail on obtaining Green Permit).

5 minutes.

border kuwait irak 30.08259, 47.70252
Amar e viajar sm

Passamos por aqui em Vitória e estava precisando lavar roupas, então como sempre trouxemos nossas roupas pra lavarem todas do MH.
Se precisa lavar roupa vem aqui e fique com as roupas cheirosas.

Na lavanderia tem wi-fi e fica na frente do Supermercado Patagônia (Vitória da Conquista BA)

Lavanderia 60 minutos (vitória da conquista) -14.87197, -40.85610

Amazing place on the beach, clean, good also for big cars and truck. Restaurant. 5 usd p/person p/night sleeping in your car.

Robertsport Surfclub Beach 6.75229, -11.37950

Lots of room to park, a few picnic tables and a couple formal fire pits. Extremely wide rigs not idea, most of the parking is just a one-way loop. The highway noise is mostly blocked by a small hill and I didn't notice any trains on the train tracks.

I stayed here on a Friday night, and there was a party going on: music and a big fire.

Verizon and T-Mobile came in fine.

The spring was flowing out of a unthreaded pipe.

Forsyth Water Spring Rest Area 46.25621, -106.73326

Adding this place because they will let you camp in your vehicle (Hotel Remanso will not). While it’s basic, it’s a safe place for a stopover night with what you need for a short stay. There is a clean bathroom with flush toilet, sink, mirror!!, and cold shower. There is an outdoor sink for dishes and cleaning. Beatrice only asked for S/10, but that didn’t seem fair so we gave S/20. Note: there are at least three dogs on property. Two small and one medium. The tiny terrier mix is feisty (loves to play with rocks like they’re toys), but ALL the dogs were friendly and we had no issues. Also note: this is a mining area with workers coming and going, including big trucks. So it is very likely you will be woken around 6 am by a truck. Since this business is new to overlanders, let’s be kind and gracious when we stay. Thanks!

Hospedaje Don Filo -14.79979, -71.40632

This is a nice places for visiting St. Martin. you stay near the Luke with great view. There a lot of camper cars and it seems to be a save place. we stayed here for a night and enjoyed it.

Lake Lacar -40.16014, -71.36064

Car Wash at Rio Grande Argentina. Lava-Jato em Rio Grande, Argentina.

Good service at a good price. Bom serviço e preço honesto.

Max head 2.20m. Altura Máxima 2,20m.

Lavadero YBR -53.80123, -67.76093

this place is honestly the most disgusting place I've seen.
as there is no toilet etc, there is used toilet paper everywhere, even an entire rotting horses leg, broken glass and just rubbish EVERYWHERE. 100% don't recommend

Camping Viejo del Chocon -39.26942, -68.73982

For the moment it’s free as they are working on the facilities. Nice hot water pool; you can still use bathroom and showers.. friendly host. Quiet at night

Termas de Quicho -30.46071, -65.39079

Still there. No sign indicating that there's a dump station, but staff tentatively said it can still be used for free, so we did.

South of the Border 34.49557, -79.32018

Stayed two nights. Beautiful place. The beach and sunsets were perfect. Quite a few whales swam by just 50 yards off the beach, the water gets deep fast!

Agua Blanca 23.58923, -110.36743

Very nice place to spend the night. 20K XOF for a regular room with AC and everything. First place I have been to with genuinley stable Wifi (just didn't extend to my room). They have a bar and restaurant (and the meal I had was delicious). Room was okay, but was makes this place good is the nice outside area (lounge, pool, bar). When I was there, it was quiet and peaceful, ideal to relax.

Mess. Gaps -4.19704, 12.67998

Nice Asian food. But not very relaxing as it’s directly next to a busy highway and a few sellers/beggers tried their luck. Seems possible to take the food to go and eat at a more quiet place.

Hanoi Cafe 6.34978, 2.36341

Great place with wonderful view of the waterfalls!
Very friendly lady, opened up a room for us to use shower and toilett. From the bar you have a marvelous view on the falls - enjoy your drink here.

Pousada Calandula -9.07841, 16.00183

Excelente spot, protegido del viento y cerca de la ciudad con buen camino, al lado del río y del camino, muy recomendable

Los Gatos - Riverside -43.64877, -71.90921
Kiji Explorer

Plenty of places to overnight with more closer to hwy 95 rather than closer to the desert bar. A lot of trash and potential dust depending on which way the wind is blowing. Here on a Saturday the weekend of the Parker Dam 500 with the side by sides and shooting starting early. This would be a premium spot if only not so much trash - pack it in, pack it out please

Road to desert bar 34.18923, -114.20339

To reach this place, you have to drive on a dirt road for 4 or 5 km depending if you take it directly from the RN12 or from the village of Tizi n'isly. Track is okay for a 6 m van. It is possible to stop on the side, or you can get to this precise spot with a short vehicle. Altitude 1693 m. Please keep the place magnificent!

180° view on a wide valley way over Tizi n'isly 32.48536, -5.77379

Gambia to Senegal with a car, senegalese side. Purchasing the passavant; they held me in one office for one hour, saying it's not possible to have a passavant for a car older than 8 years. I guess someone is trying to copy the Diama scam. He didn't ask for money, just kept repeating it's a problem and nothing to do - even though he was holding my last expired passavant made in the very same border - but in the end wrote me the normal passavant for 10 days (+2 x 15days extension possibility) for normal 5000cfa.
After, when leaving with the car, one officer wanted to see the passavant and tried to say i need one more stamp "but he can help me with that". I said i will go myself, no need for help, and he waved me free to go. (I hear some people pay 2000 for that extra stamp.)

Immigration 13.59037, -15.60558

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