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Ficamos uma semana neste estacionamento, lugar super tranquilo com ponto de agua e luz.

Pagamos 30 reais a diária por pessoa!

Estacionamento/camping do coli -27.14879, -48.49948
Stephen Nell

Dispersed campsite with fire pit, easy access just off the forest road. Very quite not a lot of traffic.

Tuskegee National Forest campsite #10 32.48659, -85.58815

Drive straight to where you see that turtle hatchery make a left down the beach to a cul-de-sac. Solid ground for parking. Definitely no restaurant or anybody selling beer here. Asked the taxi driver and he said that was the case. The waves are a killer, literally trying to keep my knees from buckling pretending to know what I'm doing . Be careful. Nice spot to hang out for a while. there is a couple residences and that's it.

Laguna Agua Dulce 15.89669, -97.13957
Les Frabys

Fresh and delicious bread and pastries.

Pâtisseries et pains frais.

Panaderia y confiteria Santa Cruz -47.75323, -65.89436
Luci en Africa

Everthing said before is correct. Took us 15 minutes. Thanks for all the information.

Carnet stamp 14.69660, -17.42420

little nice variety of bread. good one (french guy saying lol)

Bakery: vollkornbrot -41.31847, -72.98593
Rachel Lea Wanders

Vast park. Open bathrooms. Trash cans. Close to police station. Safe place to day park, not sure about night parking. Playgrounds. Private parking areas. Lots of land and Picnic tables.

The commons 35.05869, -85.07107

We paid 20PpP entry and 100PpP for Camping, there was never any mention of a guide for anything. If you wanna use a drone, ask the friendly ranger at the entrance. Spots are down the road short before the parking, not very levelled. Nice area, very quiet, beside the no muffler guys on the mainroad.

Jardin Botanico 'Helia Bravo Hollis' 18.32741, -97.45438

Dormimos aqui uma noite lugar excelente, muitos hoteis em volta rua segura.

Safety Park Area -13.00902, -38.51690

Location is wrong , correct it. 15 Pesos for 20

Purificadora De Agua "Acacia" 18.56688, -99.60389

We paid total of R573 for two adults (SADC) + 1 vehicle for one night, including camping and conservation fee.

Nice enough site but very busy - tightly packed with caravanners, not much privacy.

Beautiful park with fab hikes.

Ebb & Flow Rest Camp (North) -33.98970, 22.60810

Great chance to visit one of the last parts of virgin Atlantic rainforest in this region, a part of which the family owns and opens to public.

Total of 3 walks through the forest plus a large circular one. Quite similar but beautiful. Start early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat. It got to 35 degrees when we visited.

Birdlife is amazing, even though can be difficult to actually spot animals.

(We saw humming birds, king fishers, green billed tucans, Squirrel cuckoo, Tropical parula, woodcreepers, yellow headed caracara, etc etc, as well as monkeys, lots of butterflies, funghi, native trees, plants, etc)

Level of the lake was really low at the time we visited, because of a leak in the dam.

Road is hard packed red clay but in good condition. Can be slippery and perhaps even muddy after rainfall, but will dry up and harden out quickly.

We stayed in the garden with our motorhome (2p + MH, 75.000 per night), they also rent cabins. Includes electricity and access to showers and toilets.

Their garden is beautiful, with an array of local trees, plants and lots of birds as well.

They also produces soy beans and we saw maté plantations around the property.

Best to e-mail / whatsapp Christina ahead to let them know that you are coming. The visitor center supplied us with Christina’s number when we called the Pro Cosura head office. Not sure if she wants it here publicized.

They travel a couple of times a year so they are not always there, although workers and guardian will be present all year long.

Yatai Nuevo Gambach -26.63817, -55.66363

here start the trail to the spring, you don't need to pay in balneario pozo azul. just follow these trail, you'll have to across the river, but is not deep and there are wire to help. These trail is more beautiful than the other.
Check the photos if you have doubts.
I added it also in Google maps.

Pulhapanzak spring - trailhead 15.01775, -88.01114

good place to get info. if you have a child, there is a place to play. many pictures and infos about the animal. Baños clean with toilet paper for free. :) even internet !

Visitor's center Peninsula Valdez -42.46453, -64.49918

Vamos viajando en una motorhome grande 25 pies, 8 metros de largo.No hay problema para entrar. El lugar tiene todo lo necesario para estacionar motorhomes, agua, electricidad y dumper para botar las aguas servidas! Personal amable y junto a la playa .

Bahia Marina -32.13603, -71.51944

Marcos aka Wero is and outstanding and friendly host. Cost is based on donations. Marcos works very hard to improve his site, he is currently working on a kitchen area so definitely consider helping out when you visit!
Marcos is a knowledgeable motor guide. He offer tours around orizaba and can take you to pico de orizaba. If you need a guide, not only for Veracruz but all of Mexico, Wero is the man for the job. He has travelled around Mexico and can personally guide you to the most scenic routes. Rates and fees apply for the motor tours so call Wero for quotes. He is super friendly! Don't hesitate to come here!!!

In our case, we stopped at his place to spend the night and then continue our trip to San Luis Potosi. We told this to Marcos and he offered help in recommending us the best route to reach SLP. Marcos gave us a route to avoid expensive toll booths, while driving on a well-maintained road and passing through strategic points to see small towns and natural attractions. We were marveled all throughout the trip and all thanks to Marcos advice! Marcos is a great friend so if you need some travel advice, asl him, you will not regret it.

If you visit this place, make sure to also leave a good review on google maps so Marcos place can have more visibility so that he can help more travelers!

Make sure to text/call him beforehand so that he can expect you

An Oasis 18.86424, -97.04232

Well spoken English from the owners, very friendly, the guy took us across town to help us find an iPhone cable. Thankyou

Chez Yed 6.74073, -3.49461

Great place. Loved the pizza, hiking and climbing. Facilities are rustic but scenery is beautiful and vibes are great. Lots of friendly dogs. 2024 price is still 100 pesos per person. We will be back!

Aventurarte Campground 22.61467, -100.40318

The toilets are very clean unfortunately the water in the shower was rather cold. No possibility of recharging water, nor of dumping gray and black water. The parking spaces are very narrow.

Camping Paseo Mazzaredo -47.18343, -67.14751

many spots to camp here. it’s very peaceful, right near a river. wish we had time to explore more!

light foot 41.27968, -122.38945

Great spot. Several pull outs around this area to use. Spent 2 nights no problem. I suggest coming later though. Pulled up at 6pm and it was busy, seems like a hangout for all types of local people. I left and came back at 8, lot empty with no problems either night.

Pebble Beach Rd parking 41.76649, -124.23265

Great little camping. Clean showers and big communal area with well equipped kitchen (pictures are outdated). Can get really crowded and cramped, good for social contact less for a good night of rest. People go to bed around midnight and wake up around 5:30 for the early bus. would recommend, with earplugs.

Camping Calafate -47.25410, -72.56863

Stayed here before crossing the border to Mexico. Very helpful and welcoming people. Great location. It is walking distance to the Center but quiet at night.
Big parking lot and Julio says he is open to also hosting people staying in their vehicles.
We stayed in a room as we had to repack and clean out our car a bit but could cook dinner in our camper kitchen :)

Hotel Buenos Aires 14.70562, -91.86060

Normal CB. Highway noise dies down later in the evening. We were just unlucky being here on garbage day. The dumpsters were emptied at 5:30 am….
Otherwise, slept well through the night.
(We parked behind the restaurant and could capture the wifi with our sliding door open.)

Cracker Barrel 28.55215, -80.85321

Both directions were pretty easy. Coming back into Chile the agricultural ladies who should check vehicles were too busy giggling amongst themselves, so they barely checked anything. No check whatsoever entering Argentina.

Go have a bite to eat if you come from the ferry, so you don't arrive at the border together with everyone else.

Argentina/Chile Border -53.29972, -68.45846

we stayed here for two nights. we were able to set up our laptops in the palapa and use wifi to do some work between surf sessions. hot water showers and composting toilets. view of the beach from where we camped was nice - we could decide if we wanted to surf without walking down to check out waves.

I used WhatsApp to message Jaime before arriving >> 34 646 44 82 92

there are lots of dogs there, so we had to keep ours leashed and in our campsite. we exercised her at the beach.

ALAIA Surf Lodge 23.14818, -109.50514

Large pullout at the entrance of a (currently locked) forest service road. Separated from the main road by some trees, so more private than other pullouts along the road.

Forest Service Pullout 36.24970, -105.59451

Rooms with private bath, internet, air condition, hot water,
Restaurant on top floor with good views of city
NO free airport pick-up or drop-off as indicated on homepage
Security very high, search of person and baggage before entering
Very central located
Room 3000 AFN (42 USD) with breakfast

The Sadaf International Hotel 34.34838, 62.21952

We were the only ones and paid 80 R$ per person. There is WiFi and showers and little huts for shade and cooking. You can access the river for swimming which is really nice. Still, we though that the price is very expensive, as we didn't use much of the facilities.

Seu Assis -21.42063, -56.39039

pull off from R23 next to a stream. be aware that there are lying dead guanacos around.

A Paso del Medio -49.50364, -72.58236

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