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Beautiful campground that I’ve wanted to stay at for years. Scored a one night spot and have soaked in the views. However, it’s a noisy campground,(think: generators, golf carts, kids with pink helmets and elbow pads Cars leaving at 4:30 AM!) I prefer quiet! Hey you kids….!

Lost Dutchman 33.45593, -111.48268

Its a place where locals go for Asado on weekends .. but during the week it will be very calm 👍️ free! Enjoy!

Local`s beach -27.10130, -55.56682

So many places to pick from. Plomosa is paved with turn offs into relatively flat camping areas. Plenty of room so neighbors are not so close as in the campgrounds.

Plomosa Road. BLM Camping 33.76731, -114.17163

Very nice ladies. Small store with bare essentials. Small restaurant/cafeteria, super clean bathrooms and potable water to fill your tank. No gas. Next gas 100km at Chamical

Escorpions stire and bathroom stop -30.63683, -65.39210

I tried taking this road South to North from Papallacta hot springs to Oyacachi. Unfortunately the guard at the National Park booth gave me a hard no. She said from this direction vehicles are not allowed to enter at all. From the Oyacachi direction she said cars can enter with the permit, but motorcycles are prohibited. Huge bummer because the weather was perfect and I was really looking forward to this ride. Might be because too many people have suck in? She said motorcycles are too big of an environmental impact. If you do try it, make sure it’s from the Oyacachi direction. The road itself looked like a fine gravel road.

Yuracfaccha Guard Station -0.18824, -78.11052

We asked to fill our reservoir and we did it for free because our reservoir was small. Need to transfer water from the water line to the reservoir with a bucket.

ATV Rental 9.62858, -85.15100

unfinished road, asphalt, no passage, currently no problem sleeping there around the city in peace.

route non finie, asphalte, pas de passage, actuellement aucun problème pour y dormir autour de la ville au calme.

Carretera sin terminar, asfalto, sin paso, actualmente no hay problema para dormir tranquilo por la ciudad.

unfinished road -40.74892, -71.65096

two large bins in parking lot, one is for recycling

recycling bin 30.32992, -87.29317
Carlos Saraiva

Armando managed the site and will fill your RV for free.

City Water Depot. Punta Abreojos 26.72632, -113.57369

stayed 2 nights. reserve online before you get there, no internet or phone service at camp. this campground was nice. clean and maintained.

Smokemont np campsite 35.55662, -83.31205

What a place to stay overnight!
That is you, yourself and the snowy Atlas mountains overlooking the brownish rocky hills. Very easy to get to although you are quite close to the village, you'll still feel very remote.

Snowy Atlas mountains 31.29606, -6.12733

The new price 3500 p.p. and 5000 for the RV. We left.

Camping Catarata Tesoro Escondido 10.21962, -84.28953

ATM would not accept our Visa card but transaction processed using a master card. High charge of 250.

ATM BANQUE Populaire 20.51918, -13.05440

Still working. Good pressure. Good vibes in the plaza of this little town!

Toujours de l’eau. Bon débit. Bonnes vibrations sur la plaza de cette petite ville!

Ciudad de Piedra Pumiri -18.18122, -67.40661

Good enough for one night.
The ground is clean and even.The location is very convenient for a quick stop and go.
Very good for the wind season, here the eucalyptus trees will give you a shelter for the night.

Ouarzazate 31.29598, -6.12730

one night no problem, no one ask us to leave even of the planet fitness close at 9pm on the Friday night
wifi available on floor& decor or planet fitness (f&d works fine)
a truck and another RV was there also

Kirkwood 33.74685, -84.33543

one night no problem, no one ask us to leave even of the planet fitness close at 9pm on the Friday night
wifi available on floor& decor or planet fitness (f&d works fine)
a truck and another RV was there also

Kirkwood 33.74685, -84.33543

New hotel opposite the Gare Routiere in Kolda. Handy if you are traveling overland to Guinea by public transport.

Rooms: singles from CFA 10.000 to 25.000.
Doubles from 13.000 to 30.000.

The cheap rooms are with fan, the more expensive ones with airco. Nice rooms, clean, friendly staff.

Restaurant present. Not eaten there yet.

Hotel Kolidado 12.87247, -14.96148

A lot of choice and very good products ! I recommend it

Pasteleria Mi Abuelita -25.12101, -66.16403

Decent laundromat with decent sized parking lot and not too busy on a Saturday. Here in my 34 footer and parked just fine.

Laundry Basket 38.31480, -85.85190

We don't stay here. The camping is apparently good, but the price is 11 thousand pesos per person plus 10 thousand for the motorhome. Too expensive, we continued.

Não ficamos aqui. O camping aparentemente é bom, porém o valor está 11mil pesos por pessoa mais 10mil pelo motorhome. Muito caro, seguimos.

Camping Petunia -41.09701, -71.44875

Nice easy to access dump station with potable water. The water is turned off this time of year.

Hoosier National Forest Dump Station & Potable Water 38.15428, -86.60321

está es la ubicación buena de casa surf, la otra ubicación es errónea. estábamos en el Malecón y Simón ( el dueño) se acercó a ofrecernos su espacio para dormir, cargar agua, también tener un hostel... nosotros justo nos íbamos ese día pero fuimos a tomar algo al bar y cargamos agua 🙌🏼

agua en casa surf 10.99682, -74.95393

Really interesting place. Lots of facts about the equator and the history of the area. $5 per person. I had the whole place to myself on a Saturday afternoon.

Equator Museum And Line -0.00040, -78.17505

It is a nice hostel with a camping area, for tents, van or SUV or Pickup type vehicles. There is no place for trucks. It has a spectacular climate. You can use the shared bathroom with hot water, you have good speed wifi, electricity point. It is possible to use the shared kitchen as well. It also has a hammock area and comfortable sofas. Dreams are very kind

Hostal Alma Glamping 6.23483, -75.47805

as previously said, dump station is available.

TA Fuel station 29.04991, -96.50304

If you only want to have a hot shower, no time limit, it costs 2,000.

Camarones Municipal Campsite -44.80026, -65.70763

They don’t accept free pass anymore. Told me to go try at Daily City which I didn’t. Guy was not really friendly, wouldn’t try any 24h fitness

24-hour Fitness 37.64832, -122.49267

Estacionamento amplo, ao lado da loja. Disponível para pernoite

Parada Havan -26.63636, -48.69843

Pablo wasn't there. So we couldn't change money. But the cake was worth the visit.

Especio Aruma -38.72915, -62.26445

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