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Pablo wasn't there. So we couldn't change money. But the cake was worth the visit.

Especio Aruma -38.72915, -62.26445

After we had dinner here, the owner offered us his customer parking space in front of his restaurant to stay overnight. We were happy to accept this. The restaurant closes at 8 pm.

Mia's Restaurant & Pizzeria's Overnight Parking 10.20906, -84.30642
Elizabeth Emonds

Based on prior comments, I called & asked. OK for a night far away from store & next to fences. Very busy parking lot.

Walmart- Hendersonville, NC 35.34795, -82.43854

1km from the border to Chile. We checked out all the other paid and free along this road and the options were pretty weak. We’re heading to the border campsite when we stumbled upon this place. Two trees for shade. Spots in the river for a chilly swim. Close to the border for the crossing the next day. Recommend

Two trees -35.79722, -70.12682

Awesome spot I just stumbled across because I wanted to just take a break. Ended up spending the whole afternoon here. Cars whizzing by but it's still so lovely. I plan to leave after sunset.

S Roosevelt Ave, Street parking 24.55224, -81.76046

Here’s a place if you want free wifi. It’s the Ceiba restaurant’s wifi. Normally, you gotta eat there to have the wifi free, but you actually don’t need. For the password, you just need to put: BVC and right next to a 3 digit number, but not to high. Ex: BVC123 They are 1 hour entry, so just gotta entry another when the jour is over. Envoy it.

La Ceiba 17.25700, -92.11407
Carlos Saraiva

They have a hose connected to city water; if the water is running, the attendant told us, they will fill your tank.

Corona Store 26.72059, -113.57045

On the road to Salta, there's a small and calm place by the river. Some goats welcoming. Easy access. 4G with Claro. Ground may be hard for tents

Close to the river -25.04004, -65.49789
Carlos Saraiva

If you camp in the parking lot, you may be blocking traffic; the owner of "La Bufadora" has some space that is available for RVs for 300 pesos, including a palapa (see our picture). We're staying for 2 nights as this place is absolutely gorgeous.

Lookout close to La Bufadora Inn 27.12466, -114.29608

Checkpoint going westbound on i10. 👮🏼‍♂️

California Agrculture Inspection Checkpoint 33.60616, -114.53558

Great camping, clean toilets and clean hot shower, and wifi works really good ! We paid 4300 ARS for 2 people in a van (we have a big car with beds and kitchen but no shower)

Gob. Gregores Municipal Camping -48.75443, -70.24342

As stated earlier it is no longer accessible. Actually the entire beach is now a huge camp for seaweed. Disappointing and not what we expected.

We drove all the way to the end but had to turn back.

Beachside. Quellon -43.14081, -73.49604

Couldn't find anything suitable for camping at this location. Just a tiny patch of grass near a house. Didn't stay.

Punta Chianguao -43.14388, -73.49132

At least during the weekend it was packed with locals. Lots of trash around. It looked like it had the potential to be a loud night with cars driving around so we left.

This entire area is just too close to the town and not good for wild camping.

Chaiguao beach/forest spot -43.12867, -73.51592

Station essence ou plusieurs poids lourds passent la nuit. Parfait pour un stop d’une nuit… c’est brouillant par contre très proche de l’autoroute…

GasOMax 21.29486, -100.59377

We arrived around 9 PM after failing to find any proper wild camping spots around this area.

The owner was friendly and gave us a short tour of the place. Everything looks clean and well maintained.

Grassy area ideal for tents, not the most level for vehicles but we managed. A few good spots for Starlink.

Quiet night but they have roosters so the wake-up call is given early in the morning.

Paid 8000 CLP ppn sleeping in a vehicle.

Fogon y Camping del Chono -43.05225, -73.59344

As described! Nice pull over spot. No water, but toilets available

Gin Gin Rest Area -24.97431, 151.94686

No issue staying here, nobody else stopped here. Got here at 4pm. Theres a trail going into the woods, didn't walk much of it.

Highway 197 pull-off 36.10717, -82.35475

The gate to the parking lot was closed, maybe seasonal.

isolation plus 36.37080, -81.96711

We stayed here one night. The place has wifi and bathroom. There are no showers. It was quiet at night.

Terpel Station 6.64926, -73.94829

hideaway spot next to creek off of Golden chain hwy. no signs stating no parking. 1 bar of t mobile. slept here over night. hidden by trees. peoples lights not shining directly in your car. past the no parking for 2 miles sign

hide away from the road 39.31188, -121.11125

We feel really fine in Hotel Freiburg! Good beds, very clean, and quit! 10 Minutes zu walk to center, safe parking, and a charmant Chef Jürgen and his thaughter. Thanks for your Hospitality! Drink a beer here, Cerveca Tovar, so good made by German Beer law!

Hotel Freiburg 10.40464, -67.28370

the dump station is on the way out of the welcome center.

Rest Area/Visitor Center 30.31104, -89.60086

Great spot, beautiful views and well maintained site. Toilets without seats and one shower has a tarp for privacy, others are open. Paid 320 pesos for 2 adults/2 kids. When I said I thought he would be 260 from recent check ins, he said price raised by 60. I didn’t really care because kids needed to get to the playground after a long drive day and grounds were beautiful

Campestre Zapotitlan 18.31870, -97.50858

Secluded campsite near Honaker Trailhead. 2WD accessible, 3G T-Mobile. Beautiful surrounding views and hiking Honaker Trail to the San Juan River is a must!

Honaker Trailhead 37.18850, -109.95098

huge parking lot behind hotel with no signs of no overnight parking.
quiet and good cell service. we stayed only one night and left in the morning.

big parking lot behind hôtel. 37.50472, -122.48446

Woww what a camping. Clean toilets and showers. Nice restaurant. Full hook up if needed. Perfect to stay.

Yax Ha Resort 18.56150, -88.24951

Nice hot shower. Water turned on before putting tokens in but I’m not sure if the tokens trigger the hot water or if the showers are free for the off season. Regardless, very worth it!

Shower at campground 36.99703, -111.49525

We're not fans of informal sites. However, we were caught on the highway, which was closed due to smoke clouds for over 2 hours, so it prevented us from going to the place we had planned to go, and we had to find a place quickly to spend the night safely. There was no attendant on site. But we parked (level!) and went to do our grocery shopping. We even had time to walk a little in town before sunset. The town is not touristy, and we were able to enjoy Mexican life. In our little RV, we slept very well, no noise. In the morning, we had to pay 256 pesos according to the time elapsed, however, the regulation says that a lost ticket costs 150 so I found the parking attendants, who are not easy to find, and told them that I didn't want to pay more than a lost ticket. In the end, we paid 150 pesos and had a good night!

Soriana paying parking 19.17760, -99.47103

got the knock at 9 pm, local cop said parking lot closes at 8 and you can't just sleep in cars and need to go to motel etc. also for single car setup he said things that block out your windows like reflectors or curtains are illegal in NY, idk I'm from out of state

Reeves Meadow Visitor Center 41.17373, -74.16846

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