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Paid $60k for outside wash of a very dirty Land Cruiser. Nice job! It’s white again…..

RA Lavadero -27.08019, -55.64666

Overnight parking allowed, grey/black tank free dumping, potable water all on the island by the entrance.
Clean rest rooms well lit and the trucks enter on a different side than the RV parking so it’s quiet.

Trails Truck Stop 43.65775, -93.31636

A big fee parking close to the beach. Restroom. RVs seems welcoming. There is no sign mentioned Rv’s not welcome

Marineland Beach Park 29.66684, -81.21208
Carlos Lenette

It is not closed

Canyon Drive City Park 44.95934, -124.01976

We paid 395 each for a visa on arrival with German passports. We paid by card. Then 287.50 for the mandatory car insurance (we chose 1 month). Took us 1,5 hours in total. But we had to wait 2 hours at the gas station to get Diesel.

Border Oman Saudi 22.19284, 55.49743

we spent one night here
relatively quiet
street light at location

Pull out 10.02887, -84.46910

Got Super fuel here (13 litres for our motos). Blue building "Almacen El Desierto". Price today 1480 pesos (1€=1000ARG) per liter.

Selling Fuel Tolar Grande -24.58816, -67.39007

Google maps will do you wrong. Continue on landfill road, turning left on Reservoir road (gravel) just before the fairgrounds. Otherwise you end up at boat dock, park.

Location is a little odd as it's just a corner between road and Jackson Flat Reservoir. It is BLM though I checked map. Stayed 4 days and nobody bothered me. Once in a while had another guest. People use area to access the park too. Porta John there (for park actually). Paved trail around lake is great exercise. Not that many level areas, but got my 31ft motorhome level fine near fence. Also rained and got muddy in parking area so beware.

Land Fill Road 37.00720, -112.51131

perfect spot ! fresh river ! looks safe ! few neighbours walking with.their dogs at 6pm.. Birds and river sounds ;)

La Gamba 8.72108, -83.20151

Good and cheap restaurant. Authentic food very clean and Wi-Fi.

Restaurante New Hawaii 8.25183, -80.54469

This place is permanently closed.

Iveco & Volvo Centre for southern Chile -41.47281, -72.99507

Buen sitio para pernoctar, frente a la facultad de enfermería Universidad Cuenca. En el parque el paraíso se tiene acceso a baños y agua potable.

Free parking -2.90921, -78.99091

Very clean with newer machines. Grocery store next door or fast food. Very convenient location.

Sooke Laundromat 48.37800, -123.72228
Peter & Lisa

Indeed, some shade but the grass is very nice! The views are nice and the altitude ensured reasonable teperarures. We paid ZAR 200 for 2 persons and our camper.

Inthaba lodge -31.25522, 27.82220

Very cool spot with a nice 4km walk to see the monuments

Hierve el Agua 16.86770, -96.27643

$15 for dump and water.
Park ranger very friendly

Havasu State Park 34.48971, -114.35618

A super place that is protected by trees and has a flat space for popping. There are you platform for a gorgeous river and last chairs to sit on if you don’t have your own. Small woods nearby. The pitch with some good birds to take photographs off. Sadly the toilets and showers were closed for the year. Little steep rode down to the spot but nothing a car could not handle. Well worth popping by for a night. Quiet quiet and felt very safe. 4G also available

Rio Bueno -40.32951, -72.96194

I wasn't able to find this place.

Salty Roadside -24.72716, -67.93873

7am to 3 pm.
We were not able to get propane since we got there at 4

76 gas station 34.49370, -114.35693

Nice spot at the end of the parking lot which is almost leveled. A few rocks around to trim. Prices are still the same as before.

Hierve el Agua 16.86691, -96.27641

Nice place to stay with your camper if not too long a vehicle.
CFA 5000 per night.
Use of clean pool CFA 2500.
Clean toilettes and shower.
Welcome was not very friendly but ok, maybe because of Ramadan.
Dinner provided upon request.

Africa Strike 13.78942, -16.47675

Stay with Camper is 5000 per night.
Use of clean pool 2500 extra.
Clean toilet and shower.
Maybe because of Ramadan welcome was not very friendly but ok.

Africa Strike 13.78942, -16.47674

Very unfriendly welcome from keeper. Would not let us stay there with excuse owner not being on site. Keeper refused to call owner and ask if ok for us stay in our camper.

Le Margouillat 13.78946, -16.47676

Very rundown place. No one there to let us know if we can stay with our camper or not.

Keur Thierry 13.78942, -16.47676

love this place. Normal car can go, some people were also there, made big fire. Lake water is clean, great for a swim.

Lake view close to border 39.91087, 20.36235

This place is permanently closed.

D2303 for cyclists -20.71743, 14.31498

Nice little creek side spot, open sky for star gazing, shotty service, with fire ring and room for multiple rigs. The road off the first site is muddy and sticky clay at this time of year. Some loud erie birds for the hour or 2 when we first arrived around 730pm.

Little Hay Creek 44.41392, -120.49607

As previous posts mention, super cool pinnacles, mountain ranges all around, big skys for star gazing. Many many places to camp; tent, van, RV, TT, etc...We arrived the day after a major rain, so there were large puddled and ruts to navigate in our 28' RV, towing our small Jeep. 35 - 40 minutes to Ridgecrest, that has everything you need. 2 - 3 bars Verizon, no T Mobile. Clean pit toilet, bring your own paper. We walked all around the area, and no trash but some broken bottles. Please pack your trash out.

Trona Pinnacles 35.61673, -117.36895

This place is permanently closed.

Chez Papa Poochy 6.35114, 2.34034

I've camped in another spot along the river just west of this location. I had no problem getting in with a 23ft travel trailer pulled with a mid size truck. There are 2 parallel unpaved roads to get in. One is following the river bank and another one a bit more to the south.

The place I camped at was clean. No broken glass and no trash. 4 bars of 5G with Tmobile.

South of Williamsburg 33.10072, -107.28856

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