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As describe between the gates of the military with their agreement, we spend a secure and quite saturday night. No bars and restaurants nearby, it is a residential area for wealthy Ecuadorians.

Salinas - Chipipe Beach, in front of Base Naval -2.19758, -80.98445

If you have a big rig and no free place during the day, come at the evening when people of the beach are leaving.

Salinas - Chipipe Beach, in front of Base Naval -2.19758, -80.98446

It’s an Hostel and cabanas. A place cosmopolite for surfers. The owner Anna is swiss from Lausanne. We have parked our big rig in front of the hostel and pay 12 dollars to stay include the dinner for 2 persons. The village of fishermen is authentic with just a few tourist facilities. No mass tourism here. We love it even if we dont surf.

Free Spirit Hostel -2.56037, -80.50734

There is an other tab next to the 3 boxes for garbage. See photo

Ayangue -1.97749, -80.75175

Slept well, but parked in front of the closed building next to it, but it's too far to get WiFi. Lot of trucks idling but not that bad. Better get the windows blocked, then the light from the opposite parking lot is bright.

Dirt lot behind McDs 35.03631, -110.69767

Very large national park. L150 for one person to camp with a moto. Basically pitch wherever you want. BBQ pits and tin palapas. Cafe on site. You pay extra for the pool. This is a heavily used locals haunt during the day, reminds me of National Parks in Oz… YouTube:


Parque Aurora 14.29587, -87.40475

Newly renovated RV park and mineral hot springs. The 3 soaking tubs are in private bath houses each with a shower and key code to enter. 104-106 degree F temps. No chlorine is added to the mineral water. We paid $75 for full hookup, unlimited access to bath houses 24 hours, WiFi, community room with TV and games, laundry available, and an incredible complimentary home-cooked breakfast. Besides hookups, tent spots are available or you can rent an RV on site. This is a clean, well-kept facility.

Tecopa Palms Therapeutic Hot Springs Resort 35.87672, -116.23178

Street campspot with walking distance to everything in town. We slept here one on a saturday and it was quiet.

Street Camping 9.65642, -82.75339

The camping is still open, very frendly wellcome!

Camping los Ñires -46.15966, -72.26661

just out of the village you will find this beautiful, quiet and even a bit sheltered spot to pitch your tent.
no facilities, but close enough to the village.

Chucuito - stunning view of Titicaca -15.89798, -69.89536

I asked attendant inside if it was ok to get some water from their hose. He said no problem, just to not make a mess & to turn it off when I was done. Hose is located on side of building next to Pump 13. There is not super high pressure, but hey its free.

Murphy usa gas station 30.16264, -85.59158

just where the road 190 closes, you can turn off into BLM land with a sign "open to all vehicles"
about 1/4 mile in is an old neglected paved road suitable to sort of drive on.(I parked up on this) it can get windy at night here
lots of sand, be careful, but mostly hard packed, make wide turns.
Great views, oddly good cell service, like camping in the desert.

yet another BLM road 36.29885, -117.97897

Stayed 2 nights for 300 per car. Quiet, wifi working closer to restaurant. If you want to see more balloons above pyramids, best day is Sunday. Saturday 2 balloons, Sunday 30 balloons. Be sure you go to museum in site, it's included in ticket. After covid it's not possible to walk up to pyramids.

Mi Mexico Lindo 19.68791, -98.85216

The girl at the cashier said manager doesn't allow RV overnight. Not too sure if she just being bitchy or..She said how much other Flying Js make you pay? I said always free! Flying Js are very well known as being RV friendly. I asked for the manager, he wasn't here. I said well then I'll stay! She said you may get towed away, good night!...anyways had diner, shower in my rv, used the free dump and left. Rapid City is not RV friendly.

Flying J 44.10334, -103.14934

no fresh water for us after filling up our truck with Diesel. the Lady sent us to the other Copec in town. no water neither...

Copec -22.07663, -70.19282

Excelente lugar para pasar varios días, hay wifi, baños y agua potable!
El personal de seguridad súper buena onda y acostumbrados a que haya varios motorhomes!

Aeropuerto Oruro -17.96267, -67.07921

Nice clearing in a small burn scar surrounded by unburt forest. About 200 feet down a side dirt road off the gravel road (Cartright rd/ 56/ FR 1115) to Barkshed Recreation Area.
3 bars TMobile (Mint)

Hill Top Clearing 35.99073, -92.26543

no knocks stayed two days to let a storm pass. General tourist trap but I just came out of the badlands National Park so it w as conveniently located at the exit.

Wall Drug Camper Parking 43.99252, -102.24328

Super & paved Campground 👍 Spacious bathroom with clean toilets and showers. Very friendly hosts. Recommend!

Camping Paseo Mazzaredo -47.18343, -67.14751

Nice place, too bad the locals use it to burn their old tires and trash it up. We were the only ones there.

North Shore Recreation Area 44.06560, -99.47354

Only open 24 hours on weeknights. We arrived around 11pm on a Saturday to a totally empty parking lot, and felt weird staying overnight. Guessing we’d feel comfortable staying on a weeknight. Went to the casino nearby without issue

Planet Fitness 35.65892, -105.98087

Stayed here for one night. Didn’t see a security guard, so we didn’t have to give our license plate info. 3 other vans/campers around lot 3 & 4. Quiet night!

Tusque Casino 35.76706, -105.94590

we visited this place on April 7th on a Sunday it was closed but there was a big sign up saying no RVs boats or trucks so it wasn't an option to spend the night

Savannah Convention Center 32.08567, -81.08850

Only a place for small campers. Not Big Rigs

Plaza Rivadavia -34.49827, -61.54249

Beautiful free campsites with a creek and pit toilet. Stayed 2 nights in our van with only 2 other rvs and 1 tent. Lots of space and a beautiful little day park up the road to bike to, about 1 mile.

Huskins Branch campground 35.08764, -83.86671

4th time here, in November on the way down last year discovered a new Operator, wifi now works pretty good. As described, prices have gone up but we have had no issues with electricity. Water isn’t worth using but if you want a hot shower at the motel, they will accommodate you for a few more pesos. $200 pesos with electricity and wifi. Six store now here.

La Espinita 28.00647, -114.01293

Estacionamento com ducha fria, 20 soles por 24h. Ótimo lugar para deixar o carro e ir até Machu Picchi ( 10.5km ). Proprietário super gente fina.

Parking Familia Escobar -13.17349, -72.56558

Gate closed & locked at several roads leading to spots right now :(

FS-712B off Telephone Rd 41.26146, -105.40537

picturesque ruins with stunning views, worth a hike and visit!

Inca Ruins -15.88956, -69.93156

Government Gulley Road currently closed :(

Government Gulley Rd Dispersed 41.24099, -105.44354

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