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Carlos Saraiva

WOW! This is one of the best campgrounds that we've been to. Gravel all around, extremely clean everything, washers and dryers in every bathroom. Slow Wifi.

The Canyons RV Resort and Cabins 36.89846, -111.44958
Manuel K

Friendly staff, nice hostel, with good communal area, restaurant, dorms and privat rooms. Beds are comfy.
I paid about 800r for an AC 8 bed dorm.

Parking for a handful of motorcycles is possible inside the yard. No cars though.


Live Free Hostel 25.28495, 83.00706

Safe place to overnight even near airport.
no water, no energy but quiet after 22 hours.

jundiai near airport -23.18749, -46.94287

As described - there is a gold washer around the rear faucet that the water initially comes out of when you use the pump. Pull that gold washer down and the clean water comes out of the front spout. Think like it’s a bathtub and it makes sense. I used as my sink water and didn’t try for drinking.

On Cue #139 35.18497, -97.41928

noone there. seems to be closed. we drive through.

Fruit Control -29.54762, -68.10351

The showers are hot, super clean, great water pressure and now 1500 p. Get a shower coin in the store, the coin machine for the men's shower is on the exterior of the building in the rear area next to the trucker's restroom/shower door.

Axion Gas Station -34.12505, -59.02191

Perfect wind sheltered camp in a cave with nice view on the Jebel Bayda and the lava field. At our time first night rainy and windy.

Sheltered cave 25.66508, 39.95766

2x ATMs just off main road. 25 cedi withdrawal fee, doesn’t tell you on atm but saw on statement, accepts Mastercard.

Ecobank 5.57265, -0.20235

just off the square. I think it's the same place but mentioned as a hostel. It is definitely a restaurant. Today is sunny so tables have been set up in the courtyard. soup with a choice of mains, 20 bol for 2 people. soup very tasty main heavy on the carbs. we didn't ask about rooms

Small restaurant -15.75795, -69.06517

Ficamos em frente ao caern, perto da barraca PANDOKA, lugar tranquilo e seguro, não tem energia, mais consegue água e wi-fi no quiosque PANDOKA,


CAERN PANDOKA -6.18277, -35.08950

Pasamos una noche tranquila, en la parte de atrás de la YPF, todo bien sin problema, hay baños excelentes y llega la wifi

YPF -46.54585, -68.90926

Excelente atención. Instalaciones básicas, está partiendo, pero todo bien. Electricidad, agua, ducha, todo ok. Nos cobraron 5500 por noche, 2 personas en motorhome .

Camping Don Luis -46.60028, -70.92096

tool, 78 auto............................

tool La Antigua 19.31911, -96.31034

100 pesos auto..........................

TOOL 19.30303, -96.30378

nobody here.....................

Police corupt 19.30303, -96.30378

...................243 pesos............ . .... ..

TOOL 19.30303, -96.30378

nobody here.....................................

Unmarked police-style checkpoint 17.75252, -93.99783

There is a sketchy bridge here, the road to some campgrounds south.
There is a sign saying “danger, maximum 3Tn”. We are heavier so had to turn around and couldn’t reach the campground.

Dangerous Bridge max 3Ton -12.61430, -69.19520

we arrived at Sunday evening. there were a lot of motorcycles and local people for the sundown. originally, we want to sleep near the museum but decided to go to the end of the parking space. After sundown, we were alone and had a quiet night.

Estacion 2, Chilecito -29.13186, -67.56333

Fantastic fenced in dog park in Waco
Friendly people and dogs

HOT dog park 31.60164, -97.16141

Stayed 7 nights. Unlevelled spots on grassy parking lot. Only 1 spot if you need electricity, you need a 30m cable. This is not a camping. No camping facilities; no place to do dishes, wash, communal kitchen, nor proper place for trash. 1 basic shower/toilet that seemed not cleaned for months. The shower has no drainage so you stand in a disgusting pool of water. Terrain is next to the dusty road; and smoke & dust hangs in the air constantly. It felt unhealthy. Very loud in weekends, noisy traffic at night and their rooster every morning at 5AM.

Bad experience here. The owner wouldn’t let us go for groceries without paying in advance.. even though we left our stuff behind. Next day he unplugged our cable without saying anything (even though we said to never unplug it, it seriously harms our batteries). He sneakily locked the door so we couldn’t put it back in. We went to ask, he said “time is up”. Very very rude.

35soles per night + 1Sol per KiloWatt/hr used: total 42 pn. Would not come back.

Villa Hermosa de Tambopata -12.61010, -69.19739

This place is suitable for almost every kind of vehicle, including big rigs. Fairly even. Very quiet spot, surrounded by trees. Might be a little challenging after heavy rainfalls (muddy).

Very quiet spot above the river Mosel 50.34629, 7.54126

We selpt here for several days and also left our car while exploring the historical center. During the day it's very busy with tour buses, but it gets calmer from 17h00 onwards. We felt safe. We could fill our water tank at the petrol station just a few meters down the road.

Calle Saphi -13.51167, -71.98428

Absolutely beautiful! It was a great place to hunker in for dinner and rest! Plenty of room, and several sites to choose from- very spread out too!
Fire rings were nice snd wide, with plenty of sticks to forage for in the woods.

Highly recommended for those who just want to be in the forest!🏳️‍⚧️⭐️

Mountain Camp 1736 37.74738, -91.99446

Robinet très pratique à la petite place du village. Débit faible.

Water tap -27.09353, -66.82198

The price is now 150 pula. The camp is in good condition.

Kwalape Safari Lodge -17.79836, 25.21705

I got here at this location at about 7pm. I found a fairly level area and didn’t get bothered all night. Very beautiful spot but as stated a lot of road noise and foot traffic. I just shut my blinds and did my thing. Went to sleep and up and gone before 6:30am.

Riverside 44.05771, -121.32259

Nice location, quite even at saturday night. Water available.

Plaza with water ! -19.99587, -69.77239

Washboard road access with some washout spots. Accessed with truck and small trailer (15ft) slowly. Not ideal as exposed to wind.

Ryolite 36.89075, -116.86539

Super muddy after the snow storm - didn’t want to get stuck so ended up staying down the road at Bloody Shins

BLM Water Canyon Recreation Area 40.92921, -117.67343

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