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A good spot in a less visited area of the state. A few campsites along the shore of the lake and a few scattered around the rest of the area. It doesn't seem like anyone would care if you set up where you like. Lakeside sites have a picnic table and fire ring. Trash container. A great spot to kick back on the way through.

Howard City lake 37.46532, -96.22479

Blue water spigot near the entrance of Unhenged Stone Park in Richfield, ID. Sadly, it was not on during our visit, but snow has been in the forecast, so it was probably turned off for the season. Potta-potty across the road in clean condition. Beautiful free place to camp!

Unhenged Stone Park - Water Spigot 43.04282, -114.15419

Nice guy and place. Shower, toilets, roof for the tents, tables... Everything you could need.
Asked 30k /tent.

Nuevo Mundo Camping - Hostel - Cabañas Mocoa 1.08886, -76.62759
Honey and Me

A beautiful area just outside of Prescott, AZ! We were happy to find this spot with all the now closed overnight spots in town. There are no outhouses, so you NEED your own toilet. Too much TP left in the woods here. No garbage cans, so make sure you take yours with you. ALL of it!!! Don’t leave it in the firepit or let it blow off into the woods unless you chase it down. There is too much here already. Picked up a bag around our site to do our bit in keeping this a free campsite for us all to enjoy.
Heads up on the campsite road. When it’s dry, it’s great! If it rains it’s as slippery as an eel! We had 2 inches of snow the first night here and when we headed into town our 1 ton 4x4 wanted to slide off the road! It’s super slick. Campsites 1-5 are at the top of the hill, then there is a steep hill down to the rest. I found 6, 10 and 11. Not sure where 7,8 and 9 were though. They are marked with metal posts. There is a trail that crosses the road between 10 and 11 we’ll be hiking later today. Site 11 is right before a closed red gate marked ‘Keep gate closed’ but is only held closed with a chain and clip. Sign says no camping or fires past this point, so I’m assuming you can explore beyond it. Map shows this road dead ends at private property.
We got our 25 foot trailer backed in to site 5 with some maneuvering. Pretty level on the far side of the firepit. Big site.

Enchanted Forest Trail, Walker Road 34.49640, -112.37625

Good night love n strange abandoned waterpark. Funky place to camp. great for the border crossing. $2 per person

Laguna Aramuaca 13.42861, -88.10181

Still here tonight and adding photos
you can park behind a sand dune so you will not hear the sound of the i-95

BLM South of Searchlight 35.40106, -114.89823

Pila pública en plena plaza principal de Mizque, frente a la catedral

Mizque -17.94271, -65.34204

Tom Mix Roadside rest area with two shaded picnic tables. No bathroom, water, or facilities. There is a fence pass through to access the surrounding desert and/or to relieve yourself.
Poor Verizon signal. Road noise tho less at night. Cows on other side of fence.

Rest Area 32.82121, -111.20344

Baño por 1bs. y Duchas por 5bs 15 min, un lugar limpio

Ducha Mizque -17.94169, -65.34137

the onsen is great, with restaurant, manga reading room. the bath are zxcellent with sauna etc...

onsen parking 34.39760, 132.36947

Pasé una noche muy tranquila debajo del techo. Hay agua potable de trás de la cancha, y en el pueblo hay una pequeña tienda de campaña para comprar comida.

football field (with roof and walls) -18.33617, -67.58614

Sprinter 2WD 7m long, no problem getting up. 95% off time on second speed. 2-3 patches about 20m little bit more bumpy but nothing special. Nice ride. I guess nobody came here to drive panamerican highway :P

Dirt Road to top of pass 19.07900, -98.53998

Came today and park is closed from unknown reasons. Can't stay on parking police said, we went to Apatlaco camping.

Paso de Cortes / Visitor Center 19.08639, -98.64638

wonderful stay on the 3. booked in advance on Whatsapp. very friendly owner. clean, gated parking, hot water and wifi. $23,000 for a room with 2X beds (unsure on cost of matrimonial)

Departamentos Cabañas -47.02705, -67.24517

Nice campground with fantastic views of the red rock and Colorado River. $20 or $10 with a geezer in pass!

Lees Ferry Campground 36.86002, -111.60674

Habitaciones cómodas y accesibles con servicio de internet, Dish y Megacable en Coxcatlán, Puebla.

*Habitación matrimonial $250.⁰⁰ pesos.
*Habitación doble $500.⁰⁰ pesos.

*También contamos con servicio de baños públicos y servicio de regaderas en la planta baja.
📍 Dirección: Calle Juárez y Miguel Hidalgo, Colonia Centro, Coxcatlán, Puebla.
☎️ 236 108 2418
🏢 CP: 75980
🌎 Ubicación:

Hotel Rojo Canela 18.26695, -97.14801

I woke up to a dead squirrel by my door, almost stepped on it. I cried, called my friend then buried it. It was a lot! But to the spot it was cool. The train is loud but I slept right through it. The place is beautiful, I didn’t see trash and the other people that sleep here were quiet. It was a good spot other than the dead animal 😭🥺. Would come again and probably stay her for a few. Oh there’s three lots and a restaurant by it. It’s called Waterfront Renaissance Trail Vancouver WA Address: 115 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98661

SE Columbia Way 45.61997, -122.66801

Buenos Aires > Colonia

1. Buy tickets online, prices vary based on dates. Paid US $140 for two and a vehicle.

2. Show up at the terminal about 1.5 hours before departure. Friendly security guards will indicate where to park.

3. Go inside the ferry terminal to check-in (regardless if you have luggage or not). You will get multiple tickets. The passenger can't exit this building once they enter.

4. Go upstairs for immigration. First Argentina and then Uruguay (they are side by side).

5. After this, the passenger remains in the waiting area while the driver goes down (see big sign "Solo conductores / Drivers only"). Once you exit this area, you can't go back.

6. Driver: go back to the vehicle and wait for the Aduana to check your vehicle. A loud announcement will be made asking you to be in your vehicle.

7. About 45 minutes before departure the Aduana agent will check your papers, keep the TIP paper so that they can cancel the TIP. Another agent with a dog will give your vehicle a brief sniff.

8. Board the ship. On our ship (Silvia Ana), most areas are 1.90m. So we parked right at the entry, the only area that has higher clearance (max 4m)

9. Deboard in Colonia and after 20-30 meters stop to the left at a big modern building with large windows where luggage goes through customs (ignore anyone telling you to go further). Pass the scanners and to the left you should see a big Aduana / Customs sign and two green office chairs where you can wait.

10. Get the TIP. You you need passport, registration, Mercosur insurance.

11. Go toward the exit where other Aduana officers will inspect your vehicle. Super friendly and quick, did not ask any questions. No issues. ;) But everyone else could be gone by now so they might search your vehicle in front of the Aduana building.

12. You've made it to Uruguay!

Buquebus Ferry Terminal -34.59717, -58.36790

Can’t beat this view, especially for FREE! Lot’s of campsites to choose from. Only about 1/2 dozen other campers here so we all have privacy from each other. Spotty service with at&t

Lake Meredith - $25 bucks with elec (Free without) 35.70488, -101.56284

READ ALL THE WARNINGS ABOUT HOW TO ARRIVE. We went through Copacabana by accident and somehow made it through. It was either that or my van was going to flip over and be totaled 😂 see the warning pin in Copacabana.

Anyhow, this is a good little spot. Interesting mix of stoners, overlanders, and long-stay residents on one property.

It is a bit of a journey into and out of Medellin from here, but it’s a great spot to relax and regroup. Hot showers, fair price (24,000 pp), and a nice laundry machine (10,000) with a covered drying area. Free potable water with a hose to fill up your tank before leaving.

Our small dog loved it here. Lots of big, friendly dogs to play with.

Al Bosque Hostel & Glamping 6.22933, -75.49072

About 20 rooms available. Some with A/C others with a ceiling fan only. We paid 12000 for a room with a fan.
There is a small kitchen which has a gas hob and microwave but not much else (bring your own pans and plates!)
Lovely staff. Everything very clean.
Secure parking off road.

Cabins Corobicí 10.42638, -85.08880

They asked if I had produce and I said yes. Then they asked if it was purchased at a store and I said yes. Then they waved me to go.

California agricultural inspection 39.73079, -120.03814

You can get propane at this loves it was 399 a gallon when we were here.

Loves travel stop 37.20108, -85.93572

That's the best pizza of our travels since two years!! Perhaps even the best we ever had😱

The staff is amazing, the owner has more than one aword in world championship for Pizzaioli. He is sympathetic and is enthusiastic about his job - pure passion.

Open from 20:00h in the evening - absolutely worth to wait!!
(Margeritha 9000$, Burratina (with real Burrata!!) 12'000$)

(For the night: You can find boondocking in this district - we went to the Parque De Mayo (marked, too) to be a bit more away of traffic. But in the end I think it didn't really matter.)

Bizzo Pizza -38.69809, -62.20260

Très bel endroit SILENCIEUX et assez près des maisons. La roulotte à côté de nous a fait marcher sa génératrice toute la nuit. C'est pour cela que nous perdons de beaux endroits gratuits parce qu'il y a des plaintes des locaux...

Cleeces ferry boat ramp 36.14296, -86.89009

Stayed here for 3 nights, a bit south of the pin. This was my favorite spot in town after staying in many different ones. Really quiet and safe area, barely any noise at night or in the mornings. Unrestricted parking, apart from street cleaning in the morning on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Recommend staying stealthy since there are homes across the street

North Park 32.75184, -117.13508

Road is open. No issues driving down this road today.

Road to Cocora Valley 4.64173, -75.56567

For those doing Quilotoa Loop: there are some unfriendly dogs on this route: village Guayma-San Pedro. Better bring your walking sticks with you!

Beware of dogs! -0.83118, -78.91125

After being told by Lowes that they don't allow overnight parking, I found this dead end road in the Harbor Freight/Planet Fitness Parkinglot area. No "no overnight parking" signs.

Corner of Springdale Drive and Springdale Plaza. Right by the Universal Auto Credit Inc.

Another Truck parked here overnight. Perfect stealth camping for a van but would be too obvious for an RV or larger. No cars passed through during the night and I had no problems. Left around 8:30am the next day.

Dead end road in shopping center 35.34180, -81.91453

Used this a few times in the past couple weeks, but showed up today and the hose was gone and the water was turned off. Bummer.

Public Boat Ramp 32.79470, -117.21589

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