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It's open - you can fins places all over the park. Not difficult to find. For staying in the city it's absolutely okay.

En Parque de Mayo -38.69872, -62.26831

It's open - you can find places all over the park. Not difficult to find. For staying in the city it's absolutely okay.

Parque de Mayo-la Isla -38.69517, -62.26659

we can no longer use it, the pipe has been cut and blocked...

Axion Station -46.58274, -70.92788

We had the clutch and a wheel that had been making noise for several hundred kilometers, the mechanic did a diagnosis for us for free, and was very kind. He speaks a little bit English. We thank him very much, even if he could not repair it. :)

Taller Ariel Ruiz - El Coiron -46.59042, -70.92683

water has been turned off for the season.

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Blackburn park in Salmon Arm 50.69397, -119.29197

Small but nice, that's how we would describe the Hotel Camping Suizandina. They even cooked for us, even though we were the only guests. A big thank you to Ivana and Sergio for your support and the good advice for our onward journey.
A very beautiful, well-kept place in a great landscape.

Hotel Camping Suizandina -38.46122, -71.61675

We asked for the 3 days tour and the cost was USD 1342 due to the luxurious hotels they include.This was about 9 times the price of other agencies. We didn’t book with them.

Hidalgo Tours- the best! -20.45913, -66.82058

The showers are located at a wood door right next to tour agency Full Adventure and they are operated by the person in charge of that agency. Two showers.

Public Shower at Full Adventure -20.46319, -66.82268

Steep grade but free BLM land. Sites are informal and are not level.

BLM camp spots near Carlsbad Caverns 32.20496, -104.33290

wasn't busy at all. follow road to left of Cracker Barrel and back behind. Nice and quiet. good stay.

Cracker Barrel 30.36797, -87.68482

Another nice pullout on this road full of pullouts. This is the first snow free road we’ve come to while heading south on Rt 12 from Grover. It’s April 3, and there’s 3+ feet of snow along Boulder Mt.

Under the small power lines 37.99285, -111.43868

Quintessential Arizona. Owned by an old Arizona family. Ron Feldman has written several books and been on TV shows about the Lost Dutchman Mine. He runs the rock shop. Son Josh has the campground and son Jesse has the riding stable. The lots are huge. Water, electric (20/30/50) and sewer. There are no shade trees but the beautiful Superstition Mountains tower over you. About 50% more than the state or county parks, but those were all full. Cheaper than many options in the Valley. A nice experience. We needed to be in the Phoenix area for a while and stayed a week here. Recommended when you want full amenities.

Mammoth Mine Club Campground 33.45849, -111.48855

A beautiful campsite hidden in the Juniper trees. 2wd low clearance friendly to this campsite. No 4x4 or high clearance needed until after this campsite on this road. Turn off the main gravel road to the left. campsite is a short way down on left. GPS coordinate should be correct. Good cell service and internet with At&t.
A very peaceful campsite with a nice stone fire pit. A very historic area named for the beautiful broken pottery scattered across the hillside. Please leave artifacts as they are for others to enjoy and to preserve the Native American history in this area.

Painted Pottery BLM 37.58383, -109.52062

nice guy at the entrance. still for free.
The right shower has an extra sink, mirror and sockets.

showers are nice and clean.

Petro pass station free showers 51.31145, -116.99160
Greg Goldsmith

Nice big flat on an old road spur on National Forest land less than a mile from GCNP. A bit bumpy way in, but away from everyone else.

Long Jim Loop 35.97766, -112.13434

$26 for a non-hook up site for our 19 foot van. We forgot to ask for a discount, so can’t comment on that. Some of the reviews dinged the bathroom and showers, but we found them fine, clean, lots of hot water – definitely better than many state parks. We’re not sure why – maybe just bad luck for the other reviewers and good luck for us? Or maybe people see the same thing differently. Quiet & the staff were very nice. RVs check-in and pay at the motel front desk.

NavajoLand Tuba City RV Park 36.13125, -111.24203

Ya no es posible parar en la plaza ya que colocaron bayas y está prohibido.

Steet parking 5.74735, -75.60661
Manuel K

Well maintained fort from the 3rd century.
There's two different tickets for various sites (300 rupees, the other 400 rupees).
The 300r ticket contains two temples a few hundred meters off the main sight.

To best reach the fort us the "Urvai Gate" to drive till top and car park.

There's also a light show in the evening (see Pic)

Gwalior Fort 26.23079, 78.16910

Decent place with about 20 sites, some are pull through, some are back in. As said by others, there are picnic benches, trash, fire rings, water spigots, and some hookups. Toilets are marked “closed for the season”. Quiet. Only two other sites are occupied.

Pratt County Lake 37.63061, -98.68534

directly beneath a street,but it's not that busy. Stayed here one night with 3 other Campers

Parking Lot - Riverside 51.31144, -116.99159

This is a small RV park that we found on the fly. Most residents are permanent, but they had a few open spots. It was kind of clean. There are no amenities besides a dumpster, power, water, and sewage. The #3 spot is the only one without a sewage tank hook up.
We have a 36 ft tt with a truck and a jeep, and we were able to fit in fine.
There is no office, but you can call or text during office hours, which are never clear. But the office lady responded to texts but not calls.
The residents were friendly, and I felt safe. There is a Walmart and other stores a few miles down the road. Wifi was good, and though it was close to the road, it was pretty quiet.

C and J RV park 32.62060, -93.88455

As described. April 2024 rate for non-electric site is $18+tax ($20.59). The website can't do same day registration, but call in and they are very helpful and will get you set up.

The grounds are very well kept and the toilets/shower house are exceptionally clean. Tons of trails to explore. The 4-mile hike around the spring-fed lake is beautiful. The CCC quarried limestone here to build the lake dam, shower house, and diving platform in the 1930s. Only 5 miles to downtown Eureka Springs. Mobile: 2 bars Verizon was fine for voice and data.

Lake Leatherwood City Park 36.43343, -93.76134

There are a few public parking lots scattered around this area. I only parked here during the day but I bet you could overnight park if you are not super obvious. Otherwise street parking around here would be a good option

Public parking 32.30886, -106.77933

Cool spot. Pulled in late while it was raining. Nobody bothered us. We were one of three vehicles overnighting. No bathrooms nearby. Able to get some cell service.

Umpqua River Lighthouse Station 43.66226, -124.19897

The water here is not cold it’s pretty hot. Dual shower heads on the back wall of the restrooms facing the lake next to fire ring and picnic tables.

Magnussen Park 47.68021, -122.24731

If you are able to make it up to this location, you might as well drive to the end of the road where the trailhead is (at least in the dry season). I parked for the night just past this spot at the next pullout on the right, but if I had known I was so close to the top I would’ve just continued on. 4x4 isn’t necessary for most of the road in the dry season, but the last section (just past this location) has some spots of deeper sand where you might want 4x4 or to air down your tires. I didn’t see the military presence everyone keeps mentioning here and other places online, but I felt safe regardless. Beautiful sunrise hike, only saw 2 other people the whole time.

Tajumulco Vulcan 15.05960, -91.87719

Free city Wi-Fi the signal is strong at the uheights community center and also the jack in the box parking but

Lift zone 47.66597, -122.31377

Showed up around 4 PM, bought my tickets for the next day, and then parked next to the tour guide office for the night. Super quiet and safe as there is a military guard stationed within eyesight of you at the park gate. Little cafe and store, and there’s a Super24 right down the road. Tip: people will start lining up at the gate between 5:30 and 6. They most likely don’t have tickets yet and are waiting for the ticket office to open at 6, so if you already have your ticket just pass them all in the left lane at 6 and enter the park.

Parking lot by Tikal's entrance 17.11685, -89.67631

Free camp ground near weir and lake. Very quiet long drop toilets.

Burke and Wills Campground -32.30477, 142.49853

We paid 3€ for a 3kg small bottle from moroco. We didn't have an adapter. Nevertheless, he was able to fill them.

Gas filling station 30.36575, 48.27828

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