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rustic campground $20 for the night, has 30 Amp

jordon valley camp ground 42.97458, -117.05234
Sir Def 110

Ample free and quiet parking with views of the Pacific. Possibility of outdoor activities (trekking, surfing, etc.). A few meters away toilet (close at 7 pm) and picnic area. Important: "The whole city of San Francisco (including parks) is covered with signs that recommends closing cars well and not leaving valuables in sight because they steal.".

Wild Parking at Rodeo Beach 37.83192, -122.53721

Petit stationnement pour petite van, chaise sur le
Bord de la rivière et beaucoup d arbre

Barrage 45.44489, -73.26208

Lodge with nice view to lake.
Rooms from 350 to 570 ZK (for 2 person)
NO wifi.
Bathrooms with hot water.
Price is really fair.
We stayed for 2 nights.
Some small ants in the room, so we put all food in fridge, it’s not a problem for us.
No restaurant in the territory.

Lake view lodge -16.53979, 28.72137

Stopped for a couple of hours to work. There appears to be an RV park which allows overnight camping. Public restrooms and picnic tables with grills.

Just outside of Comanche and quick access to 67 and 36.

Two bars Verizon 5g

Comanche City Park 31.89295, -98.61729

The police station you’d pay a fine for here is in Tsumeb, about 2km away. Go and report any attempted bribery at the station and it will be taken seriously.

Police Check at Stop Signs -22.11121, 14.27255

Phillips 66 - they have spigot with hose.
I asked if I could use the spigot, cashier seemed to be annoyed and said no only bottles or jugs

Free Water at Phillips 66 30.31678, -99.56836

Pin is in between two parking lots at this park. There are no “no overnight” signs. Nice park with trails and water access (there were people coming with boats). Bathroom with signs that say it automatically locks at dusk. Picnic tables & small playground although i’ve seen no children since i’ve been here.
Got here at 5pm and stayed the night and the next day to work. good AT&T 5G signal!
not sure if it’s allowed but no one bothered me.

Park Parking lot 45.60470, -122.41056

Found a couple of spigots but water was turned off

water faucet with thread 30.48913, -99.76108

We were going to stay here, but these are the rudest people on the phone. Drove to park to check it out lots of empty spots. I know why… it was lunch couldn’t talk to anyone which was fine. Called back after lunch and the lady was rude from the beginning of call. I’d rather pay more and be welcomed than stay here.

south bay rv campground 26.68056, -80.72801

They declined to issue a visa in my passport, saying that the eVisa will get me across land borders.

General Consulat of the Republic of Cameroon 6.43111, 3.41134

I went to this workshop. They refurbished my big motorhome. I asked them lots of things: treating chassis rust, fixing the front doors which were making noise, fixing the aluminum rocker panels, repairing the plastic rear bumper, fixing the spare wheel under the motorhome and replacement of the double door mosquito nets. Michael is very knowledgeable. he works very well, I highly recommend

Atelier de carrosserie, de peinture et de maintenance générale Maycol -19.02159, -65.24765

Beautiful campground, primarily aimed at RVs, but there are primitive tents sites (walk-in only) in the woods as well. About 18 sites are near the lake with w/e or w/e/s, with a few smaller sites up the hill. Sites on the lake are in full sun. CG also has very modern cabins. Great spot to access the great DFW area. Quiet at night

We paid $36 for w/e spot, booked online (I think all sites need to booked this way to get the gate code)

Dump station, disc golf (only 4 holes), mountain bike trails, and boat ramp as well.

Two night minimum on weekends.

Twin Coves Park and Campground 33.00579, -97.10370

Several water spigots for fill up. Great water flow.

Flying J 35.21965, -114.00739

Airtel shop to purchase SIM card. 600 kwacha for SIM + 7500 kwacha for 20GB of data. Quick and easy process. It is also much less hectic compared to the booths on the street. I went here after a street vendor couldn't do it without Malawi ID.

Airtel SIM card shop -13.79581, 32.89120

Wow this place is amazing. By far the most impressive canyon waterfall in the country. Well hidden. I went in the morning and only saw a few friendly farmers on the field. Thanks for the directions they were useful.

Cascada la Golondrinera 13.76721, -89.71669

Nice big Lowes parking lot right off the highway. Spoke to the manager and she said it was fine to park overnight in our Skoolie as long as we parked out front under a light.

Nobody bothered us and it was very quiet overnight minus a little highway noise. Not bad at all though.

Felt safer than the local Walmart.

Lowes 42.45020, -96.33166

We tried to follow this road, we turned right like the first comment said after 1km. The road is very rocky in some parts and we encountered a small (but rocky) river crossing. We had to turn around because we have an half burned clutch and the road was steep, I guess it's doable with a good motorbike/4wd but we definitely expected a better condition trail after we read the first two comments. There are no directions whatsoever but two locals confirmed we were on the right way and the mountains are more or less 4km away.

entrance to the coloured mountains -14.43263, -71.10478
Bruce Forrester

Just checked their website which indicates that the Capulin campground is CLOSED. Please let us know when it re-opens, assuming that it does! : (

Capulin Campground 36.36996, -105.48244

We drove down here in our 2wd truck. We are staying at a spot further up the hill because we tow a trailer. But this spot is awesome! Could totally make it in any van or truck, just take it slow. I just wouldn’t recommend towing anything down here, or attempting in the rain. The road is rutted and pretty hilly. If you can make it, the spot is right on a nice flowing creek, and it’s decently sized. Worth it!

East Eight Mile Creek 39.24110, -112.22397

Perfect place. Flat,quiet, clean hot shower and toilets. Table. We payed 1500 per adults and half price under 12 years old. Ok for big rig but the place are little bite narrow. For a truck maybe you have to stay in the parking lot. Wifi disponible but near the sower.

Talampaya National Park Visitor Centre -29.78477, -67.99398

Superbe petit musée de miniatures et automates créé par un monsieur doué et imaginatif. Le lieu est magique et enchanteur. Ouvert de avril à Octobre, les vendredi, samedi et dimanche. Entrée 6 USD pour les adultes

Tinkertown Museum 35.16930, -106.36720

Great tour operator, has a small office inside the gates of the Protea Hotel. phone Saira @ +265 999 080 006
They can arrange everything. We did a 2 day trek in Mulanje through them.

JSB Tours -15.78423, 35.00396

They allow overnight parking of vans, campers, etc. in their SOUTH parking lot overnight. There is security all night and we had no concerns with staying here. The only drawback is the south parking lot is under the i40 bridge/ramps and can be fairly noisy with traffic. If you are a solid sleeper you should not have any trouble here, and it is an absolutely fantastic location.

Restaurants in the pyramid, along with restrooms. Really neat elevator to the top of the pyramid for $8

Bass Pro Shop Pyramid Parking 35.15435, -90.05315

Three acts of crime by passing vehicles last year. They now have security to watch over at night, and cameras. They also have new ablution blocks. Drinking water available if you ask, as well as electricity to charge from solar. They definitely seem to be working on improving things.

If you arrive and nobody is around, like me, just wait. Manager lives across the road. N$100.

Bo-Plaatz Camping -28.13863, 17.19477

Awesome spot for the night. There is one area where I was able to get Starlink connectivity through some trees.

Lots of people stop during the day and at night to utilize the bathroom. Ranger drove through a couple times.

Lava Lake Sno-Park 44.41618, -122.01201

no hay ningun servicio, no hay agua, energía, todo está destruido. hay un techo con parrillas, pero no hay mesas. bastante mal está el lugar. los baños no hay energía y tampoco AGUA. la municipalidad no se hace cargo. estuvimos de paso solo xq nos agarró la lluvia y queríamos armar la carpa (no se puede armar bajo los quinchos). Somos de Motoca Off Road.

Rio segundo -31.40685, -63.05864

closed during winter season. Entire campground closed

Fallen Leaf Campground Dump Station 38.92714, -120.04641

Stayed here for two nights waiting to board the boat to Porto Jofre. Quiet at night, close to downtown. If you park close to Culinária Brazao, you can use their WiFi.

Corumbá Harbour View -18.99824, -57.65489

All trees are cut down now :-( believe you can still stop for the night but it looks very sad now:-( We will be looking for somewhere else.

Fancy Bluff 31.13449, -81.56034

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