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Enok Vassel

Relatively easy access, 2wd is ok. The gravel road is drivable. Quiet, I didn't see anyone except one shepherd who didn't come close and a boat on the lake. Very beautiful views of the mountains and the reservoir. Suitable for large trucks. A relatively flat and large square. You can see places of fires and some garbage, but generally not too badly polluted. Good 4g.

waterfront campsite 38.33715, 39.89081
Elyse Leblanc

No Camping and No Overnight Parking signs. Didn’t stay.

Pacific Rim Highway 49.00235, -125.57559

Ok camp semi closed in spring, not sure If shower worked on full pressure, clean bathroom, nice little town. $28 for site honestly box. We took forest roads from port Rentrew rough but fun.

Centennial Municipal Campground 48.82764, -125.13027

ATM from the bank BCI. You can get maximum 5000 Meticais at ones. We withdrew with Mastercard.

BCI -20.45330, 32.77269

Exit Zimbabwe fast and easy.
Entering Mozambique was also quick. We have a Swiss passport, so we just have to pay USD 10 or Meticais 650 to get the stamp. The staff spoke English đź‘Ś
Traveling by bicycle 🚲

Espungabera -20.42084, 32.75763

A local and lovely restaurant. They serve sadza, beans and fish.

Cambene -20.44624, 32.77271

Unfortunately we didn't have a good experience with guide Ras Amani (Rasta) in Key Afer. He had promised to take us to visit tribes and the bull jumping ceremony but he couldn't keep any of his promises. He is a friendly guy, he introduced us to his friends and family, invited us to his home, and took us to local places to eat, but he showed us what HE wanted to show and not what WE had requested him. He was more like a local friend that would invite you to follow him on his life but will not focus on you and the experience that you are looking to have. He is not a professional guide with knowledge and technical/historical information on the tribes and culture, he prefers to talk more about his own experience and his personal life. Not at all what we were looking for. We ended up staying an extra day hoping to see what we came for but that still didn't happen, because he didn't manage time we'll, and we missed the ceremony again on the second day. And in the end he didn't apologize for not being able to keep his promises on taking us where we wanted to go, he kept just blaming others. I would not recommend his services. If you want a general guide try looking for someone professional if you don't want to waist your time. Otherwise just take a local guide in each village that you visit, I think that is the best option, and not take. a general guide, not worth it.

Tourist Information Key Afer 5.52045, 36.73450

here you can add COMESA third party for a year TZS 81.000 for car for 2 months. but only on top of local third party TZS 118.000 for one year.

NIC Car insurance (National Insurance Corporation) -8.89277, 33.44517

Wow place to visit. Facilities tops
Lots of shaded campsites in the riverbank.

Namwi Island Campsite -17.49292, 24.34467

New and very expansive Veterinarian for all animals. Huge inventory with premium food choices. Directly across from Marina in large plaza in Santa Rosalia.

Veterinaria San Fernando 27.34032, -112.26647

Stayed two nights no issues. Heard a police siren blip at 4am, two trucks were in the lot but couldn't tell if they were the cops or not. Didn't knock or say anything to me. Dump trucks were dumping snow in the lot the next morning but nobody bothered me

Fairgrounds 39.24456, -106.30933

Very nice location. Super friendly owner. Perfect to explore the city.

Morrill RV Park 21.02491, -101.25253

We spent 3 incredible nights in this place, next to the river with wood-fired food, we made a fire with great caution, there is a Movistar signal, the residents of the villa are very friendly, the place is safe and away from the houses, drinking river water It is recommended to arrive with provisions because there are no stores.

pasamos 3 noches increibles en este lugar, junto al rio con comida a leña, hicimos un fuego con mucha precaución, hay señal Movistar, los residentes de la villa son muy amables, el lugar es seguro y alejado de las casas, agua del rio potable, recomendado llegar con proviciones porque no hay tiendas.

ground near river -43.66323, -72.32833

Camino destruido por las lluvias, solo es posible cruzar en bicicleta o caminando, socavones grandes y rocas en el camino, creo que conté cómo 5 cortés de ruta considerables, aparte de ese detalles el camino es increíble, los cañadones y volcanes es una maravilla los paisajes, el abra está a 5.200msnm.

Road impassible -15.40028, -72.18729

Shelter for those who go on an adventure, it is a house with two pieces, it helps a lot to spend the night and protect itself from the cold. The place is abandoned, on one side there is a water line that comes from the mountain. I did the crossing on a bike and it was a perfect place to rest before going down to Chachás.

Refugio/house -15.40026, -72.18730

The ferry should definitely be booked in advance, we booked on Friday and didn't get a space for 2 axles until Tuesday, there are pictures when booking so you can find your car. You have to give a Cista Rica phone number, we used any phone number. After paying you can download a PDF with the QR codes per person and car on it. We were there 1 hour before departure. Naranjo to puntarenas. Very useful, you don't want to be the leader on the ship. 2P+ truck approx. 24TCol. The bridge is currently closed for 4 months.

Ferry Playa Naranjo 9.94201, -84.97107

A little paradiese - we spend some relaxing days here and enjoyed every moment !
Big rig and pet friendly

The Happee Manatee 17.19272, -88.30430

Not allowed to use! Water turned off . I tried tap and definitely not working

Co-Op gaz station 50.26813, -119.26763

Sanidump is closed. maybe only during Winter.

Yoho Nationalpark (Monarch Campground) 51.42031, -116.44207

Easy to access with 2WD promaster and level spots with great views. Didn’t notice any noise from the road or elsewhere.

BLM land near seven magic mountains 35.82110, -115.28031

Very easy, just some booths to pay on route, with an official table with all the categories and prices. We payed 1500 CFA for our 4x4 Pajero with roofrack.

Foundiougne Ferry 14.14067, -16.47237

Beautiful area to free camp.
Lots of shade and lots of different tracks to take and discover new places to camp.
The only thing is that for shore when it rain the track gets super muddy so be careful.
I didn’t with the track dry and in this conditions any car or caravan can do the job.
4g reception of maroc telecom.
Enjoy the nature and leave the place with your trash.

Into the woods 33.49857, -5.11203

A nice camping ground where you can stay just 4km away from panamerican highway 5$ per night per camping ,

Motoposada_el_rancho 8.07738, -80.95088

Great place, but prices rose to $17 these days :(

Dormís Acá -42.91736, -71.31675

Where there for one week, 7 nights are 2100 $Pesos. One Night 350$.
Pool, hot shower. It's a perfect place to visit Oaxaca. You can take a taxi at the main street 5 minutes to walk, cost +/- 200 $pesos. Really fast wifi, we love the place.

El Rancho RV Park 17.05351, -96.64215

lot of people fishing. nice camping..................

St Andrew’s Point 47.07313, -65.38614

Still there, still amazing! I arrived there on a cold foggy evening on my bicycle. Andrew welcomed me as if we've been friends for ever. after a coffee and tasty fish and chips for dinner he even organized a warm and dry place at the local campsite!
Good food, good coffee, good guy! definitely worth a stop

Klein Oqis Restaurant in Koingnaas -30.20024, 17.27946

Motoposada - we paid 40 soles for a matrimonial with private bathroom. The room was simple but clean, the place is very close to the centre and there is a great juice bar just around the corner (also added to iOverlander)
The owner is really nice and helpful.
A couple of negatives: the mattress, at least in the matrimonial, is very old and so hard it was so difficult to sleep, one of the worst we slept on in one and a half year trip. The pillows were bad as well. Also there are two dogs in the property which are lovely but they don't seem to go out ever and as a consequence they p*ss and sh*t everywhere in the courtyard right outside the room. I had to ask the owner to clean (there were 6 s*its around!!). We complained about it so hopefully they will be better in the future.
Overall a good place to stay a couple of nights, especially for the price

La casa del barbas -14.06883, -75.73027

Wow! What a beautiful property! We pulled in to a closed gate, sent Andrea a WhatsApp message and within 15 minutes she and Dad were back to welcome us. We didn’t read all the reviews to see Tuesday’s are their day off. So make sure you message her if you know when you plan to be here.
For big rigs there is not electricity at site but there is availability if you need it. It was warm during the day but at night cool with the winds & a pleasure for sleeping!
The views are spectacular of Arenal and the Lake. Sweet dogs to keep you company. We did walk to the beautiful Eucalyptus forest and did a little bird watching.
Yes cold showers. Multiple toilets. All clean and spacious.
Yes a working ranch with 120 cattle, a few goats & sheep.
Andrea & her Dad have had the 148 hectare property for 25 years.
Definitely the most beautiful, clean and well maintained campground in Costa Rica!! We stay 2 nights and could have spent 2 weeks here relaxing!!

Camping Montaña de Azúcar 10.47047, -84.78271

Free Potable water and for cooking You can also fill the car's tank

alkhadra 22.91840, 57.52143

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