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Troca de oleo de motor e filtro. o preço está bem acima do Brasil. O serviço é de profissional.

Automotriz -51.72590, -72.49912

The road out is still closed a few miles in. I could not fet to the site. The ranger said it would be another month, maybe until it's open...due to snow/wetness. He said it has to fully dry out first.

Great Sand Dunes NP Primitive Road 37.80316, -105.49512

Natural peanut butter here ! Packed in plastic (best than glass for cyclists)
Also dry fruits
The shop is called « Vidanueva Organico y Natural »

Organic Shop -39.28148, -72.22988

local lindo de mais, de graça
e não tem ninguém, o pessoal costuma ir no camping do trem do.fim do mundo e aqui fica vazio

Municipial Campground -54.77917, -68.26991

This is where you should be able to fill your tires back up after the primitive road....but there is no hose.

Air Station 37.74354, -105.50681

Free fresh water and $10 dump fee. They also seem to have propane refills.

Flying J Dump Station 35.28379, -93.08983
Wabi Sabi

Brochures for surrounding area, sun shade with picnic tables.

Big Bend Visitor Info 29.32778, -103.53491

Great place in dispersed camping in the Sam Houston National Forest along the shore of Lake Conroe. The many trees, covered in Tillandsia provide shade, and a nice breeze comes from the lake that invited for a little swim. Most spots were occupied every night. NF was doing prescribed burns to prevent bigger forest fires during dry season, the air smelled very aromatic! Sites are easy to reach, some are dry, others a little swampy. Great cell service.

Sam Huston National Park 30.49349, -95.60011

O motorhome que alugamos deu problema e precisamos trocar a bateria. A empresa conseguiu este contato para realizar a troca, fomos bem atendidos pelo Sebastian, e ele foi muito paciente!

Moura - Baterias a domicilio -34.90996, -54.97304

Rua tranquila com predios e casas que vai dar na praia. Maravilhoso dormir com o som do mar ao fundo. Sem conforto.

Na Rua -26.95826, -48.62970

the police have just stopped by, it is now forbidden to sleep here in a camper van. Precision The second policeman filmed with his phone the fact that I understood the ban on sleeping by the lake.

la police vient de passer, il est désormais interdit de dormir ici même en camping car.précision le second policier a filmé avec son téléphone le fait que j'ai bien compris l'interdiction de dormir au bord du lac.

Acaba de pasar la policía y ahora está prohibido dormir aquí en una autocaravana.Precisión El segundo policía filmó con su teléfono el hecho de que entendí la prohibición de dormir junto al lago.

Lago Angostura Picnic -26.93233, -65.69487

Customer Service says they don't allow overnight RV parking. Park at your own risk.

Walmart 40.11170, -88.15987

Lots of Dispersed camp sites 3/4 mile from the rest area just off the highway.

Badger Springs Rd - Agua Fria BLM 34.23151, -112.10026

nice overnight place, room for two rigs, not far from the road but above it some.
Great overnight spot.
it is level, I just wasn't parked at the time of the picture

yet another pretty spot 32.33040, -112.85891

Estacionamento bem amplo liberado para motorhomes, próximo ao centro cultural e pracinha. Tem energia e água.

Praça Segura -16.36743, -39.01024

We were stopped 15:45 on a Tuesday. Control on all lanes. Exactly as the first comment they stopped us for a small crack in our window. Fine was $400 and the car “would be taken to a car detention center”. Paid $80 and let us go. Other officers passed us during our talk. They are all corrupt

Corrupted police -3.24637, -79.84307

clean bathrooms, hot showers, new picnic tables, friendly host Lots of shade. Must pre apply for a special use license prior to arrival (free). AT&T 2 bars

DuPuis Management Area 27.00320, -80.55941

I stopped here to get propane and water. It was around noon on a Tuesday and it appears to be closed for business. A rope was tied across the entrance and no sign of activity. I did not see a propane tank anywhere so am guessing they don’t off it any longer.

Chance's Creek RV Center 36.67646, -80.70687

Perfect dump and frequentie water for free. clean and easy

Speedway Fuel RV dump station 32.39680, -110.95934

Best vegan Restaurant, they usually just have 1-2 dishes and are open for lunch and dinner (even if Google tells it different)

VEGAN Resto Ay Ni -19.05178, -65.25467

Stayed for one night. Very noisy with trucks coming and going all night long. I parked on the side where the trucks enter and exit which was probably a mistake. I was trying to stay away from the area where regular customers are coming and going. Anyway, I slept ok with ear plugs. Not the worst place, but if you don’t need to stay here I wouldn’t bother.

Circle K 36.67341, -80.71245

Unfortunately there was no water in the river or waterfall because of the lack of rain. Friendly locals were offering a tour in a boat to see a cenote but we preferred to follow our way to the next stop.

Entrance to Tamul Waterfall 21.80592, -99.18375

The flying J truck stop has been closed since January 2024. A few semis still park in the back of the lot.

Flying J 45.77294, -111.18314

Drove past the dinosaur tracks. Open spaces everywhere, on both sides of the road. Great road in. Ant mounds where I spent the night. Didn’t bother me or my dogs but I kept them close. Nice sun, a little wind to keep bugs at bay. I love this place. It’s farther off the Hwy than I usually go, but worth it.

BLM Spot (Dinosaur Tracks TH) 37.90497, -112.97814

Typical loves truckstop. Water available at pump #2. Spent the night here felt totally safe as a solo, female traveler.

Loves Truck Stop 37.31277, -108.60877

Beautiful Colorado rest area… Several small hiking trails, large truck parking area plenty of room for campers/RVs and vans

Sleeping Ute Mountain Rest area 37.35389, -108.44391
Thompson Sylvia

The water is closed.There is no sign of “no overnight parking “, so we slept here and it is a bit noisy.

Rest Stop. East bound 38.39219, -82.42185

Nice place to sleep here. Recommended by YPF guys. There is a little supermarket. Policy is just here. Ok for Big rigs. Some dogs at night but very faraway.

Plaza with playground -27.22863, -66.82748

15000 per night. includes use of toilet, kitchen and terrasses. really beautiful and peaceful place. value for money!

Hostal & Loft el Laurel -38.69502, -72.54783

Nice remote spot! The ground is slightly slanted just doable! Space to def pull in. Fire ring and nice views! 1-2 bars Verizon!

Henderson Peak Rd 37.71966, -112.08183

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