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temporary closed during off-season

Patagonia Overlander -46.14305, -72.22916

flat area with fire rings. 5G with AT&T. Only downside is you can hear vehicles on the highway during the night.

Nice, easy spot near highway in Forest Service land 33.40227, -105.47458

As reported by others, a great little area. We were in Site 25 and managed to get level with the aid of two small levelers.

Aguirre Spring Campground 32.40107, -106.54971

windy but quiet peaceful and remote. 4 wheel probably a good idea.

BLM dispersed 36.37818, -114.38998

Wow! Yet another beautiful Texas state park complete with wildflowers & wildlife!

South Llano River State Park 30.44711, -99.80080

We have a 25 ft RV. At the parking lot we asked a lady of the staff and she told us we were not allowed to stay for the night.

Balneario El Oasis 21.20323, -100.96473

Parked overnight in the parking area behind the beachers and stayed until about 11:20 am. Had a peaceful and quiet night's sleep with the help of white noise.

Rivas Park 31.04027, -104.83062

This place is permanently closed.

Carnet stamp 14.69694, -17.42424

This CG exists…in Yellowstone National Park. Not near Oklahoma City, OK.

Canyon village campground 44.73585, -110.48891

Very interesting huge outdoor museum with a great guide (Juan). Juan only speaks Spanish but a lot of the signs have English audio explanations.
We highly recommend for people that are interested in the local indigenous history and culture.
Price is 2500p.p. which we thought was very fair .

Hualco Archeological Site Parking Lot -28.48799, -67.11965

It’s marked as permanently closed yet there’s a review from January - frustrating, if it’s closed remove reviews to avoid confusion.

Walmart 33.64190, -112.35676

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -13.52622, -73.78590

Marco's house -13.52622, -73.78590

Make new Mirror for the car. Good working

cycle mechanic 7.40936, -7.55055

Residência de Juan e Jacinta, um casal extremamente carinhoso e atencioso que adoram conversar! Super prestativos, fornecem água, luz e também banho! Se querem um local para descansar e colocar um bom papo em dia, venham para que que irão adorar!

second house after the cemetery -26.93453, -55.04081

New management. Would not let us stay in the car. We went to Lao Style Guesthouse instead who did let us stay.

Thakek Travel Lodge 17.40583, 104.81023

a great place to stay. not free but almost. $10.00 a night, no services but toilets are accessible. very peaceful. I recommend. Thank you Ioverlander

Stroud Municipal Lake County Park 35.80320, -96.60719

It has lots of parking for cars, about 10 parking spots for big rigs and a place for the dog-walk. The toilets are clean and the staff are friendly.

Arkansas West Memphis Welcome Center 35.16522, -90.17210

Ok Place Night. Quite a bit of trash around and actually some cars and buses coming by to go to the village down the roads. Feels still safe though.

Small gravel pit -16.39281, -71.36570

Great park and camp spot. There are tables and water at a neighboring building

Fort Hancock Park 31.29485, -105.84840

This place is permanently closed.

Pilot Truck stop 41.39907, -122.37734

Nous avons trouvé cette petite plage paradisiaque. Nous avons pu stationner notre camping car sans aucun problème, parking gratuit, des militaires qui patrouillaient nous ont rassuré sur la sécurité des lieux.

Punto Esmeralda public beach 20.64919, -87.05048

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 34.01520, -118.48994

Joshua Tree Cottonwood campground 34.01520, -118.48994

This park is now for 3 days 2 nights maximum, we have to send by email your name, plate number, cellphone at [email protected] and they will send you a permit.

Fort Anahuac County Park 29.75693, -94.68738

The place is private. You can’t go by car into the forest in the picture anymore.Also there is specific signs saying no campervans and sleeping in the parking. If you keep going down the road you will find many places, and beautiful ones!

monastère Tioumiline 33.41988, -5.20965
Clerb RV

Nice rest stop. Staying overnight. Little bit of road noise but pretty good overall.

Clean bathrooms and not too far from the showers at dysarts.

2 bars AT&T LTE, sometimes 5G, using Telus roaming.

Hampden North Rest Stop 44.76738, -68.88716
Terry Henderson

There is no such place. I googled "For RV Park" and got... nothing!

FOE RV Park 33.71172, -116.16505
Dr. Logic

clean, nice, easy and open potable water station with two spigots. probably a good overnight away from the interstate.

CBH CO OP 44.27625, -105.44681

just an Airbnb listing.I'm sure it's great but it clutters the map somewhat.

Quinta Dolores 13.48789, -89.31702

local aceita mothorhome,
se consumir pode pegar a senha do Wi-Fi
tem banheiros
São bem receptivos
e o lugar é seguro, apesar de estar do lado da rodovia, se ouve bem os carros passando

Sinuelo Restaurant/Park -15.67964, -55.92688

Got to the beach further south thru very deep sand. 4x4 only!
Driving along the beach at low tide was easy.
Watch tide charts! We stayed a few meters inland from the original spot and stayed dry. Original spot was under water at high tide of +1,6 meters!
Some rubbish and somewhat slow 4G internet.

lonely beach at the cap 12.54307, -16.75423

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