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Incredible hike, maybe the best we've done in south america. You're surrounded by these giant mountains all the way up and we found this awesome. Do not spoil you with photos, you will not regret it.

Laguna 69 -9.01185, -77.61027

$20 fee now. Easy to find a site even on a Saturday night. Clean flush bathrooms with showers.

Tsali Campground -Nantahala National Forest 35.40625, -83.58594

Wetlands might be a better description of this place but I got in and out just fine in my non-lifted AWD Sienna on AT tires. Path to site has many large potholes of water as it just rained a day or two ago. Lots of bugs at all times.

Had 1-2 bars of Verizon and LTE all night and had no issues loading stuff on my phone.

Iron County wildlands 46.53257, -90.49470

Pig farm that allows camping in their garden in exchange for some shopping in their farmshop.
We bought eggs, super delicious ham and sausages and a homemade soup/stew. Bring bread and your dinner is set!
Hot, very good and clean shower is 2,50€ extra.
Flat gras, perfect for tents and even big rigs. Very friendly owners!

„Porc & Pink“ farm 43.57069, -0.26351

Stayed 1 night with no problems at all. Ordered a pizza from the food truck that's in the parking lot. I stayed here last year also. Beautiful Spot.

Searsport Pier 44.45307, -68.92527

THIS is the correct location. Nice hostel with 2 friendly hosts, Eduardo and Mauricio. Rooms (already a little run down) in 2nd floor are nice with a nice view to the parks around. We could use the (not very clean) kitchen for boiling water and preparing our breakfast. Eduardo is very helpful. 1 fenced parking lot, good for a car or 2-3 motos. Walking distance (5min) to Carulla Supermarket and other shops/banks/ATMs. Walking distance (30 min) to our garage (KTM Powershop). We left most of our luggage here to leave the country for about 2 months and payed 1 night extra(100000 cop) for the storage. Safe and very quiet place. +57 311 2121599

Hostal Bogotá Real - correct location 4.69098, -74.05820
O Mundo a Nossa Volta

Um bom local pra passar noite, banheiro e chuveiro frio grátis aberto a noite toda, o posto no sábado fechou as 20 horas, tem conveniência e água gelada,gasolina em maio 2024 R$ 7.37.

Auto posto tigrão -10.47630, -50.50834

vraiment un bel endroit! Très tranquille. Electricité gratuite. Un homme nous offre de nous apporter jusqu'au casino en kart de golfe et le casino offre une carte cadeau de 10$ et des lunettes de soleil ou porte-clé au personne qui y vint pour la première fois. Nous avons vraiment aimés cet endroit. Grand terrain. Les enfants pouvaot courrir partout.

Lucky Star Casino 35.51721, -98.93256

Ficamos aqui 4 noites, não tem serviços.
Lugar super seguro com bons vizinhos.
A 150 metros da praia mais linda do Brasil.

Rua sem saida -8.96274, -35.17583

We should pay 3000 p.p. incl. photos. there were no choice without. beware of it if you have fear of snakes. you will be forced to hold a phyton. doesn't matter how strong you will disagree

Python Temple 6.36000, 2.08515

totally different experience. we go to the official selling point. but they told us the only chance is to take the private tour. 5h - 90000! we made a photo of the fee board. we were asking for the upper group Tarif 5000-6000. but they said it's only for locals or it's extra beside the private excursion fee. make no sense at all. we discussed long only chance was to negotiate the private excursion to 50000, because it time (2 instead of 5h). at the end the guide arrives to late and bring a french white "Friend" with him. at the way back we took some locals with us. the biggest ripoff so far on west africa. is a nice trip but not worth the money. after the tour we gave the guide only 30000 because the rest he could take from his friend, that got more explanations as we got and was taking photos like a white tourist.

Ganvie Stilt Village 6.44780, 2.36023

They asked for 10.000 for two people. we negotiated to the 6.000 pp that are mentioned here. we had a great guide (Primaël KOUDJE +22996693463), he speaks a perfect English, the best so far. and he is learning German to. and exercised a little bit with us (its very good already) the tour takes 1,5h and was very interesting. museum is still closed but was not missing for us. It was a little bit adventurous because of the rain before. very muddy and big lakes 😅

Historic Museum and Royal Palaces of Abomey 7.18565, 1.99405

Camping em área ampla, chuveiro quente, limpo. Frente pra praia.

Camping Doce Mar -17.91200, -39.38578

Not far from the village, on the side of a dirt road - a few motorcycles in the evening and next morning - a flat grassy platform. Quiet night. Weak Claro signal.

Ocoruro -15.04582, -71.12923

Very nice place. The family who manage the ranch is very nice. Reachable for big rigs also. They gave us water, there is shower, toilet, wifi in the restaurant. Swimming pool but be careful with children, the wall in the bottom can hurt due to lack of maintenance but it’s Ok. 100MXS/adult and 50/child. We learned that a part of the commission on the sale artisanal products are for the population of Edzna.

Hacienda del Jade Restaurante Edzna 19.60444, -90.21076

Dispersed campground in an open area without any shade. Nice spot, many spot available but fill up quick at night. You should come early.

Surprise Designated Camping Area 34.82317, -111.90574

still closed in May.......................

Owl Creek Park Boat Ramp 31.21772, -97.51259

For $10 with a pass it’s not bad value, especially at this time of year when there is almost nobody here. We had C 20 with a great view and no neighbors. I wouldn’t like it when fully populated. Far too close together.

South Rim Campground 38.54476, -107.69016

This is off road 4725. After it leaves CR N it’s obvious it would be very messy in rain, but dry it’s fine. Great views and good Verizon service.

Canyons of the Ancients National Monument 37.39690, -108.82162
Mad or Nomad

A very cool place to stay! 800 for an air conditioned room (we're here in summer and it's crazy hot) or 600 for fan room. Cabanas on a ranch, secure parking, good WiFi, the owner makes a great dinner and a light breakfast. Great restaurant close by.
Would recommend!

Casados Ranch camping and UMA 18.60020, -90.70088

Stayed one night. Expensive by Baja standards maybe, but also easily the best built campground we've stayed in so far. comfortable fit for large camper vans whereas both Ballena and Pepe's seems like a tight squeeze. Owners live on site part time and offered us use of their ice machine.

Pros- Brand new with impeccable landscaping, clean and large showers, spacious sites with 10 to 11' lighted palapas, full hook-ups and picnic table at every site, pool access

Cons- Price, middling wifi, one shower only had cold water while the other only had hot

The Last Place 23.42937, -109.42995

Not accessible anymore. Height restriction!

Stellplatz Hausdülmen 51.80715, 7.24778

Great location not far from highway. Good stopping point for tent camping and small campers. So nice to be secluded.
It would be perfect if the target shooters that use this site would pick up their trash when they’re done. We spent 30 minutes picking up debris and it’s good as new. Wes blm to come in and pick up the big pieces of debris.

BLM land 37.78764, -108.86000

great spot to camp near Yosemite!!! all camping was full inside the park so we headed here. clean bathrooms, playground, tables. there were only 2 other people here and everyone was respectful and quiet. not too much road noise either. would stay here again!

Midpines County Park (Park & Ride) 37.54653, -119.92012

so close to pinnacles Park! not a quiet spot, as it is just right off the road but a nice view and no one bothered us. cars driving through most of the night but not too many it was noisy.

Beside a quiet road 36.54011, -121.15296

Seven small lagoons. In the first possible to swimm. Nice, but worth the expensive entry fee and the long ripio road coming here?

Lagunas Baltinache -23.19259, -68.51197

Firepit is still here. 😊 We did not use it because of the wind. Better place than staying at the parking lot direct to the street.
Please bring your own wood to have a Fire and save the rare plants arround. If they survived the goats, they should not be burned. It‘s too hard for any plant to live in this area so it should be protected.

Arianes and Tins fire-pit -22.73989, -68.06597

huge area for big and littles to play, separated areas and even an agility course!

austintown dog park 41.07380, -80.77609

blue water spigot outside fences at the dog park! biggest tank i’d say to fill here is 40 gallons don’t wanna take advantage, NOT big rig friendly

water spigot at dog park 41.07379, -80.77616

Found the spot. Only path down was too hard for me 58 yrs old w bad knees. It looked great but I could only find one path down. So kept going

Nesika Road 42.51443, -124.40969

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