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The campground South of the river is closed. The riverbank North is free

Knik River North 61.50742, -149.02868

Closed with logs

grassy flat area 37.66833, -119.80546

The trail is closed to the coordinates. There’s a camp spot with fire pit, just before

Dispersed Camping in Carrizo National Monument 35.03900, -119.65834

Area close to camping 10 pm-6am

Hot Spring 35.88415, -116.23414

This is actually a scenic look out. I am posting a picture to show you. The view is incredible but it is listed on Google maps as a scenic look out. There are no signs that say anything about parking overnight. And I'm staying

Hamilton Hill Road 50.09282, -120.68705

Nothing to add to previous comments. Had a great time and loved the waterhole.

Senyati Safari Camp -17.87232, 25.23616

Place is open. Closes seasonally. Great spot please mark open

Rest Stop Trinidad 37.22534, -104.49445

duchas quentes a 10 reais ou se compra algo na conveniência ou abastecer a ducha é grátis
dormimos no estacionamento do posto próximo do banheiro feminino
lugar calmo e tranquilo

Posto E Churrascaria Quinta -25.43397, -49.52468

Here again there are professional LPG stations to fill even built-in gas tanks

LPG gas station 36.18337, 44.00301

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 49.54951, -55.63547

Brighton Municipal Bldg / Cobbler's Trail 49.54951, -55.63547

Walter doesn‘t live here anymore.
We contacted him via WhatsUp an he informed us, that he moved.

Casa Walter -6.70589, -79.91047

Depois de 3 dias estacionados na praça dos girassois, fomos expulsos pela polícia. Falaram que não querem motorhome estacionado por aqui. Nos mandaram estacionar em uma das praias.

Praça dos Girassóis Palmas -10.18674, -48.33428

Without adding too much more all the points made below are valid with one additional item - Ana team collect and return you to your hotel/ hostel after delivery of vehicle to port and again for the narcotics inspection. This adds to the seamless and easy service and these transfers are included in her quoted fee so no extra costs.

Ana Rodríguez - Shipping Agent 10.39831, -75.51470

end of street :-)
there are a couple of places at the end of the street
you can walk on a trail leading to water
Nice and quiet

A walking distance to a restaurant for you and your dogs
open Friday Saturday and sunday

station d'epuration 45.55460, -73.87742

Bien pour une nuit. Authorisation demandée au Walmart. Ok à condition de rester loin des entrées.

Walmart in Utica 43.12468, -75.22661

There are several spots up this trail. This pindrop is a large level area surrounded 360 degrees with different mountain views, including the velvet ridges. Large stone firepit. Elevation 7000 feet. Daytime ATV trail use nearby. but quiet at night. Must cross a small creek to get here. We did it easily in regular clearance 2wd van, but I can see how it might get tricky if the creek gets higher and more water. 14 days free camping. Ranger patrolled.

Fishlake National Forest. Great Western Trail 38.31893, -111.44308

It says park closes at 11pm but we had no issues staying one night. It was just us in the park all night as far as I could tell. Quite spot. It is a bird haven! Great place for a dog to run around.

Springwood Park/Cardinal Greenway Trailhead 39.85495, -84.90086

Buen lugar al lado del camino, hay una casa abandonada, pase 2 noches en él, precaucion con los espinoso ya que pinchan bicicletas

Outside the city -31.64677, -71.19268

Dry Camping has been discontinued! Cheapest RV site is now ~$65. Still gives access to restroom, showers, laundromat at the RV park and pool and hot tub at the hotel.

The Mill Casino & RV Park 43.39752, -124.21901

good simple and clean. place for bike downstair.
rooms at 30k and 40k

Hospedaje El Rosario 2.02477, -75.99602

A great place while waiting for your vehicle to arrive at the port.
Good WiFI. New, clean, peaceful and nice boutique hotel with a parking space right in front. 24hrs security cam and reception. Common kitchen for light cooking. Walking distance to collect your TIP. 20 minutes walk to Old Town/Getsemani. Very helpful staffContact Roberto.

Hotel Casa Mishka 10.41465, -75.53608

Man muss 6km durch eine leichte Offroad Strecke fahren.
Auch ohne 4x4 machbar. Aber dann findet man einen super Stellplatz direkt am See mit Feuerstelle und tollem Sonnenuntergang.
Es lohnt sich den Weg durch zufahren.

Drift Lake 48.68814, -90.06742

Safe place by the river. It has barbecue grills and tables for public use. Natural water source. Extremely safe! Recommend

Boat Ramp -25.55077, -49.89838
Chase Nelson

Three dump and water fill up stations on the truck/RV parking side.

Potable Water at Rest Stop 46.83547, -122.98553

Very Loud street. Street parking saw at least 2 RVs already parked and No " no parking " " no overnight parking " were seen posted.

Street parking 40.77735, -111.90223

Free library wifi even after closing hours
(no overnight parking allowed past midnight for rigs over 22f long or 7f wide)

11ms latency, 10ms down, 11ms up at 23h

San Francisco Public Library - Ortega Branch 37.75149, -122.49809

Little picknick area at the cycle path "Havellandradweg". gras was very high when we were there but there is enough space for six tents maybe. Noone was there except a ton of frogs which were very loud at night...

Little pond near Pessin 52.62871, 12.65090

Really beautiful and peaceful place. We only stayed for 1 night, but could have easily done much longer. Family is super kind and collected wood for us. Had a great campfire with the most amazing stars! Definitely recommend.

Nuweputs Bundu camp -29.79139, 17.77741

Quiet at night, well away from the road. There was nobody here when we came in the afternoon and we had a pleasant night.

Qasr Al-Harranah Parking 31.72659, 36.46337

Official Parking lot at Purren with benches, tables, and barbecue area. Very peaceful with a breathtaking view over Lake Constance. Accessible legally only via the road 'zum Purren' between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. (Google Maps incorrectly shows it as inaccessible). We arrived a bit later, but it was not a problem.

Purren 47.71673, 9.16237

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