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Still there. Pin looks to be on small side street but the exchange office is on the main road. Pretty decent rate for IQD to Lira.

Kocaman 37.24637, 42.47138

Big shop on the main street. Paid 1.980 for 50GB for 1 month.

Turkcell-SIM 37.24724, 42.46872

Nice spot in between some trees, along a small stream. Can be muddy after rains. Easy acces for all vehicles. Good internet reception with Turkcell.
Hidden from the road if you park behind the trees.

Grassy field with trees 38.02437, 42.07889

We made it to here with a Light Truck.
After all the way from Jordan, to Baghdad, Kerbala, Babil and Erbil it is a beautiful and quite place to relax a few days. During the day some sheppards and at night we heard Shakals/or Wulf‘s 😳
Anyway it seems a quite and safe place.
We stayed a bit in front of the indicated place because it was much cleaner.
The waterfall and bassin seems to have water all year long.

Hills 36.79973, 43.29063

There are several option around westside of the lake. This place is more difficult to get to. Very bumpy track with some sandy patches. Ground clearance and prefferably 4x4 and a small vehicle only is OK. Right on the shore is a grassy place with a firering. Weak phone signal only.

Lakeside Camp 54.77561, 25.44825

didn't have as bad an experience as other people that stayed here. simply a gravel lot overlooking the city. no trash, clean, open, not private but good view. someone came along around 10pm and played their bass loud but other than that it was quiet. cars driving by but didn't bother us. if you want something more secluded, you could probably just continue driving north along the highway more into the forest, there's a ton of pullouts that might be less visited by locals. overall not the worst spot for one night

viewpoint parking 34.23046, -118.18140

Sant'Angelo - Il Paese delle Fiabe
It is a small village with lots of beautiful street art. Amazing and definitely worth a detour.
Parking at this point possible.

Il Paese delle Fiabe 42.56678, 12.16880

Die Plätze sind etwas schräg, es liegen jedoch Steine zum ausgleichen. Es handelt sich lt. Besitzer um archäologischen Gebiet und das darf nicht weiter geebnet werden.

Safranbolu caravan camping 41.25096, 32.69025

Large esplanade at the top of the hill with a breathtaking views. From here you can take the hike to visit the glacier. You have to pay a small fee (100rp van + 100rp per person) and you can stay as long as you want.

From the main road to Lake Borit the road is paved, then it is a gravel track but in good condition

Amazing place 36.45128, 74.87012

Pulled up here at around 3pm, was the only one in the car park. Stayed here till 7am the next day with no issues. No “no parking” signs at all.
Parking is in a lot just off the road so it’s private enough and you can’t really hear the cars. Nice path down to the beach.
No ammenities here but 1-2 bars of T-Mobile which is nice. Please pack out your trash as there is no bins here!

Bruhel Point 39.59930, -123.78506

It was fully booked when I went there so you should try before arriving. I called them but they never answered.

YMCA Transient Hostel 6.44277, 3.41953

nice 4x4 road to a rather flat area with grass, firepit and a kind of shed with fireplace. no toilet, no water but nice quiet location with stunning view and amazing sundowners.
fee NP 52USD pppn camp 20 USD pppn and cartax 300 shilling.

rather less wild, we saw buffalo and birds

Reedbuck Campsite -0.48095, 36.72985

foreigners fee NP 52USD pp for the rest of the day or when you camp for 24h. Camp without facilities 20 USD pppn. Cartax 300 shilling. no cash. nice rainforest at 3000m

KWS Headquarters. Aberdares Park -0.34753, 36.92394

Good food and nice English speaking staff. Rather busy with locals is always a good sign.

Johanna restaurant and grill -0.32859, 36.90502

Patrick fixed a big star in our windscreen. Quick and friendly. We paid 1000 Shilling so to less to take the risk to keep on driving with it.

Nakaru Auto Windscreen Repair -0.29281, 36.06042

large space. We stayed one night ( free). have dinner in the restaurant (one menu chicken) 1300 pp. from 6 pm to till 8 pm loud music.

Restaurant 4.66110, -58.67636

you can not stay here without a booking. and they are not interested in overlanders. so we drove to Lethem the Cashew park.

Waikin ranch 3.37369, -59.80636

Great little spot. Clean pit toilet, three benches, a tent platform. Not to close to the road.

Look for the rest stop - the gps took me down a disused paved track (one way) that goes behind the rest stop. Was just able to turn around in my e150, larger rigs would have been reversing out into the highway…

The road could be a good spot for over flow if it had gotten busy though.

Bugs were ok, lovely view of the river

Rest area of ​​the Township of Lochaber Municipality 45.60128, -75.19381

Stayed overnight. Lots of other campers. Outside of Winnipeg enough to not feel like u r in the city. Nice park. Plenty of picnic tables and fire pits. Awesome bathrooms.

Park La Barrière 49.72058, -97.17204

Ficamos duas noites, precisamos fazer compras na cidade Supermercado, Western Union, lavamos roupa em uma lavanderia do outro lado da estrada desse posto abre 9:30 fecha 16:30, lavanderia Lave Rap R$25,00 pra lavar e secar. tem uma estação de gás à 400m, vamos abastecer.

Axion Rodovia -38.70500, -62.33833

ASA municipal no Sardoal.
Gratuita em todos os serviços.
Localização tranquila, área recente, com excelentes condições e limpa.
Vila com boa oferta cultural e simpática para visitar.
Boa restauração, recomendo visita ao Zito.

new service point. 39.53619, -8.16172

Public lot between Prairie Pride and Kinkaider brewing companies (technically there's a third brewery serving their beers right around the corner at Chicken Coop). Prairie Pride said they no longer do Harvest Hosts but said it's ok to stay in the lot. Felt safe and wasn't bothered.

Prairie Pride Brewing 40.92663, -98.34010
ioverlander user

this is an easy free day parking lot to walk to castle neuschwanstein. dont park here at night, its forbidden and the fee is 50€.

free day parking for Castle Neuschwanstein 47.56266, 10.72674
ioverlander user

famous castle neuschwanstein. you can see it best from outside for free. best viewpoint is marienbrücke (free).

Castle Neuschwanstein 47.55742, 10.74941
ioverlander user

free dumping station. its from the camp ground on the other side of the street. also free water with nice pressure.

dumping station 47.62046, 10.49758

Food was good and portions are not bad. Service was also good.

Hickory Creek Spur - Dunes Mall -22.95827, 14.52082
Micah Bond Photography

Unfortunately not too much good to say about this place other than the location. 

I paid for a private room with bathroom (60S/n) but when I arrived there was no water. I was assured it would be fixed in the morning but after five days, it still wasn't working.

I was allowed to use the shower in one of the upstairs rooms but that room reeked of cat urine.

I had to argue for a discount and in the end they only took 5% off the original price.

Otherwise the place was a bit rundown but okay, except that the outlets were hard to connect to. One of them melted my adapter.

Would not recommend.

443 Ugarte Street Hostel -8.11414, -79.03076

I slept in my camper van at the end of this street, near the kitesurf school.
Just a little noisy until 10 Pm because of people who come with theirs cars to speak and relax with music, but after I was alone.
Nice view and nice sign with different cities in the world. Paris is at 11.948 Km ...

Informal camp -40.73010, -64.91775

Bom local para passar a noites, padrão YPF, com banhos, wifi e loja de conveniências

YPF -34.13520, -59.04739

lindo lugar con parrillas, bancos y mesas. muy tranquilo y limpio. a nosotros no nos cobraron, pero hay carteles que avisan una tarifa municipal, debe ser para otra temporada del año. los baños estaban cerrados.

Camping las palmeras -33.21911, -66.23093

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