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Big flat grassy area in a river bend. Is in right of a village on the other side of the road. But nobody came to visit or disturb. No traffic at night. Beautiful quiet spot despite the people in the vicinity.

Grassy Camp next to river -28.62070, 28.43679

Nous y avons passé une nuit. Le stationnement est en partie en pente, nous nous sommes trouvés un endroit complètement en haut près du muret en brique gris. La nuit a été somme toute calme. Nous ne retournerons pas à cet endroit à moins d’être bien mal pris.

Éconofitness / Cora parking lot 45.39412, -71.94953
van Fernweh

Rolled in after dark to overnight, no problems staying. A few other trailers here already. Low road noise and fairly pleasant.

Sierra Blanca Brewery 35.00011, -106.02443

everything matches the description from previous posts. A heavenly spot after the 300km of dirt from San Matias. Rudi can arrange gasoline at the surtidor for 5bol/liter instead of foreign price

Lavanderia Suiza -16.37240, -60.96704

Since beginning of 2024 this aduana is open again to cancel/register your Tecat (Brazilian tip). no need to go for Cáceres anymore. attention customs continue at Policies Federal in Cáceres

Receita Federal (aduana) -16.39368, -58.33893

Hotel is closed, Restaurant is still open

Qarunj Hotel/Retsaurant 39.55883, 46.03628

The visit is guided by Joseph. From the point where we arrived, we can see 7 waterfalls. But the most beautiful thing is the view from the other where you can see the main waterfall much closer. It is really impressive. I leave a review in the other point marked in ioverlander. Admission costs 100ZMW PP and 50 for the car. With the receipt you can access both parts as long as it is the same day.

Main Gate - Ngonye Falls (Westside) -16.65665, 23.56955

We looked for a place , admin day, and they wanted TL 1500 !!!! for car with RTT in first half May for a Sunday night.

Decided to look further and ended up following the Anzac coastal road. On your way to sheltered place there are plenty beach side spots

Kum Camping 40.15933, 26.24814

It's not easy to get to but it's worth it. Use the or Osmand track. You will come to a fence where there is a small sign for Ngonye Fall. Here you have to show the receipt they gave you at the main entrance, marked Ioverlander. You enter without paying anything and reach the parking lot, where the road ends. From here you must cross the river to reach the panoramic view of the main waterfall. It is a little complicated, but in the dry season it is possible, I don't know in the rainy season. Enjoy the show

Ngonye Waterfalls -16.65338, 23.57535

Great place. You can get on the outer west rim of the big lot in back if it's not too crowded and get away from everything like semis. A bit of highway noise, not bad. 4 4G tmobile bars. Fine overnighter.

Kayenta 36.70835, -110.25291

Safe, you can stay just be respectful and don't overstay. Get a shower super nice gentleman Bryce handles the showers.

Truck stop 39.77854, -105.13441

Parking spot next to the Castle.
No water, no commodities, just good for a night for small van not RV.
Good view.

Chateau de Chazeron 45.92231, 3.03697

Welcoming pub where you can pitch your tent or park your camper van. They also have rooms. Used by lots of cyclists doing LEJOG.
Toilets, wifi and good 4g.
Lunch available until 4 pm. Evening meals available if you book at least 24 hours in advance. They can be contacted via Google maps:

Crask Inn 58.18652, -4.51198

aucune eau disponible cela a été enlevée. cependant on peut vider.

Casselman, On 45.30514, -75.07287

Nice spot next to a picnic area. There is water-not potable, but good for a shower or others. Very calm at night. Good flat place for a tent. We are two bikes.

nice picnic-area 42.55072, 12.13288

Endroit très tranquille près d'un petit bar et du restaurant II Galeone, un nuit de samedi très tranquille. au bout du terrain de soccer en direction du petit bar. située à une quinzaine de minutes des grottes Neptune.

Maristella 40.59266, 8.22119

Excelente posto, atendimento muito atencioso, estacionamento bom com cobertura (para carros no máximo vans), só não tem duchas mas os banheiros são novos e super limpos, passamos uma noite tranquila, local seguro.

Taurus gas station -22.22203, -54.73356

Free sani dump with rinse water, potable water and garbage. Easy access for any size rig. Open for use from second Friday in May until second Friday in October.

international friendship garden 48.38802, -89.26382

en face du poste de police
vidange seulement pas d eau

wendake 46.87186, -71.36690

Aucun accès par la route d'arrière, il y a une clôture qui barre l'accès. Je crois que l'accès se fait seulement par la I90. Nous avons dû faire du reculons avec notre roulotte de 31pi.

Tiffin river travel center eastbound 41.60272, -84.40676

UzTelecom shop, open every day until 7pm. 60gb (day) for 115000 som

UzTelecom shop 42.46208, 59.60473

Still here and free, but very low pressure

Love’s 35.99196, -87.48885

Nice Cracker Barrel, 7 spots that should fit up to 50'. Pretty quiet at night. We were only 2 RV last night.

Cracker Barrel 39.93429, -76.68440

R360 for shared ablutions. R390 for private ablutions. Nice views, but I had better spots for free elsewhere. Other site is R330. Shop nearby is under stocked and overpriced as well.

Strandfontein Caravan Park -31.75114, 18.22676

bunch of spots in this area, good att service and 30 min from zion

Virgin River 37.21395, -113.24596

It is iffy if this is truly an accepted dispersed camping site. we did stay one night. there are signs on BOTH lots that say "Day Use Parking". It doesn't specifically say no overnight camping and we were getting desperate. Turns out though, that we later saw a paid BLM camp site just a half-mile further while out walking. camp here at your own risk. you will be visible from the road and camping is probably not allowed.

note: there are two dirt pull offs just past this point, between the boat ramp and the campground. those look like the approved dispersed camping spots.

Community River Access 39.65241, -106.98443

Campground full, so I parked overnight in parking lot. Peaceful night, some noise from people moving about in evening. Many car, though unsure how many had occupants. Fill out short blue form outside office that allows vehicle to stay overnight in lot. No mention of prohibition to sleeping in vehicle, though best to be discreet. I'm in campervan. Free.

Porteau Cove Prov Park 49.55897, -123.23502

It’s better to buy a SIM card here than at the border. Good rates (see image). Has eSIM available as well (with extra cost).

Buy Sim Card UCell 42.47177, 59.60288

Beautiful spot along the Trent Canal. Level gravel parking lot, outhouses, trail, restaurant. Priority parking to boaters.

Hastings Marina 44.30647, -77.95693

Don't be fouled when you enter! It is much nicer behind. Each space has a shelter with tables and a primitive grill.
Abolution is old but clean.
20 Euro 2 ppl incl. vehicle and power. Right on the beach well off the hyw.

Bala Kapa 57.08137, 23.27109

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