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Peaceful. Careful if it rains- the roads aren’t paved and turn into straight up mud so it might be really hard to drive out. Other than that solid w/ 1-2 bars AT&T

Camels Hump 46.94536, -103.81724

Nice spot not real busy on a Sunday night. Get your players card for 10$ free

Tulalip Resort Casino RV parking lot 48.08888, -122.19223

Peaceful, relatively flat. Road is rutted in a few places and needed the 4x4 high clearance. Ok Verizon service. Buggy. Dog loved running around and sniffing. Nice trailheads above #3, bad ruts above the trailheads.

Turner Creek Campsite #1 34.71795, -93.99079

amazing free campground in death valley. we got here about 6:30pm and were the first people. spots were completely full by 10pm so get here early. super windy when we went, so be prepared for that. ground is also fairly rocky so bring an extra few pads for sleeping. some people slept in their cars and nothing happened, tents only is probably to discourage RV's. overall a solid free spot to camp before seeing death valley.

Emigrant, Death Valley National Park 36.49676, -117.22765

Good: right across street from a Red Rock Canyon Open Space with 60 trails (10 miles) for hiking and mountain biking.
Not so good: sketchy WiFi and self reported high bike theft issue. They offered to secure our bikes in the "pavilion" with access from 9am to 6pm.

Garden of the Gods RV Resort 38.85856, -104.88628

I feel like the posts don’t accurately describe how great these spots are! The coordinates are a little off, the entrance is slightly before where the listing is, down a short gravel road to an open gravel lot. From the lot there’s a few different paths to take to probable 15-20 different little camping spots. My suggestion would be to park in the open lot and walk around to find the place that you’d be most comfortable driving your vehicle into. Some spaces are smaller and tighter, some have more rocks to get to them, some are larger for multiple vehicles. This almost feels like a forest campground without the facilities / management. I had 2 bars service and there’s access to the river. Pack in and pack out please - this place is great! If you’re into energy, I really felt dropped into my core just listening to the rushing water and being amongst the trees! I’ve posted a lot of pictures so you can see the different types of sites! Enjoy!

light foot 41.28073, -122.38642

i can't see the shower

je ne voit pas ou est la douche

Marina RL 45.37661, -73.75220

auto propane available at the co-op. there are some other propane places north but they were closed on Sundays/ holidays

co-op 49.69406, -112.78067

superbe endroit bien tranquille. Le début d'une piste pour 4 roues avec espace aménagé et même, tables de pique-nique. Nous recommandons.

Bloody Shins Trailhead (BLM Land) 40.97027, -117.69624

nice camp sites, $20 primitive camping. had the entire primitive campground to yourselves.

Blakeley historical state park 30.73998, -87.91328

Hidden from the road wild camping. It used to be a forest road, but there are bushy dead end.

Better backing up your car 30 meters, because there is no u-turn at the end.

Microwave dead end 49.80443, -123.18808

A small Graveled area next to a river just off the main highway that can accommodate 4 to 6 units if not completely occupied larger rigs can turn around. Bit of a slope to the area so some leveling may be required. Yes to road noise but good for a night. Minimal traffic at night. Active Train rail across the highway. Approximately 102 km to Prince Rupert BC. Approximately 42 km from Terrace BC

Andesite Boat Launch Rec Site 54.37192, -129.13707

$150 pesos per person to camp with parking included. Also acces to their facilities shower bathroom pool. If you don’t want to camp you can sleep in your van. Entrance is 3mt high.

Hotel Posada Molina 20.02000, -97.52596

Beautiful and quiet place for a wonderful trail (lot of ways) in to the wild. A lot of places for park along day. I'm not shure about sleep here, "Day use" signal on the way. Pit toilets avalaibles, good for big rigs, pet friendly spot 🐕‍🦺

Myra park trail 49.81280, -119.44219

$150 pesos per person to camp parking included. Also acces to their facilities bathroom shower and pool entrance is 3 mt high

Hotel Posada Molina 20.01990, -97.52568

Right in from of the police station. We ask both the police and the police Vial and they told us no problem to stay on the street and to stayed close to the police station we stayed here one night due to extremely hot weathering May. This town is absolutely beautiful.

Street parking 20.02076, -97.52751

Not sure I found the end-of-the-road spot, but did find a nice pullout along service road 016. Nice view of the sunset over the gorge hills from here (though too far from water for river views). A little windy and exposed where I am but I don't mind myself. Walked with the dogs a little farther down and found what might be the spot mentioned in previous review, and does look bigger and more secluded, though no fire pit (so lazy nature kept me farther up the road tonight).

WBCDR camp spot #1 45.77322, -121.78798

Parqueadero detrás de la estación de servicios

Primax parking lot 2.79153, -75.30162

Amazing place with incredible views!! We spend 4 nights here and nobody disturbed us. It could be windy. There are people working in the nearby houses but nobody told us anything. For us, the best spot in the north!

Quite place with Passu views 36.48571, 74.88739

Many small shops with different specialists. Were keen to help, with one friendly guy speaking French and a little English. Fixed our brake lights and hand brake quickly. Most of them open on Sunday

repair service all vehicles 41.99626, 44.12360

One of the most beautiful rock mushrooms you can find in SA.

Rock Formation 27.22649, 37.20174

Nice spot, pretty quiet. Camp anywhere along the dirt road. Enter the dirt road past the small football field.

Gori Wild River Camp 42.03020, 44.06954

This place is an abandoned road that leads nowhere. 50 meters of asphalt and then comfortable wide dirt road. Had a really quiet and calm night here in my tent. Only heard one person having a morning run here, and he didn't disturb me.

abandoned road 46.26399, 20.12192

grassy platform to put a tent next to the eko gas station

gas station with grass 43.34177, 21.92754

Anne's Baobab House
Great stay at Anne's Guest House. This place is lovely. 10 dollars ppn for camping. I wish I had more day to stay. Contact Anne at +263783549679.

NetOne -20.18744, 28.58557

I mentioned this one because several were closed or abandoned. we had to negotiate to get 50 liters. first they only wanted to give us 20l

open gas station 33.06472, 40.31093

Friendly police just pasport check no problems

checkpoint -5.22293, 12.14033

Good cold spring near the road. Water is tasty and clean

Cold spring 42.81931, 44.85970

On the way through town. At the end of the road, right by the ocean but no beach. Beautiful and quiet.

Ball park in Brighton Newfoundland 49.55099, -55.64002

15k for a room, very basic but clean bedsheets. Mosquito net with many holes. Bucket shower.
Parking on the side, not closed but watched at night.
Was fine for a night, I would not stay more.

Samazi Guesthouse -8.58066, 32.05560

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