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Cute spot on the lake. Literally 1 min from the freeway so perfect to rest after a big driving day. People come and go during the day (it was the week-end) but no one bothered me. The road tend to be pretty loud when semi trucks drive by, manageable with earplugs. A lot of bugs and especially flies! Very good cell service.

Lake Guckeen Boat Landing 43.66361, -94.22637

An ideal place to spend the night. Room for a big rig. View is one of the best! Flowing stream running by in June as well. Tried to grab it the 2nd night, but someone was already there.

trail head 63.08537, -146.43397

Potable drinking water tap next to the Penticton Visitor Information Centre where you can fill up water bottles or jugs (definitely cannot fill up a RV tank here). I managed to fill up a 20L jug in about 5-6mins.

Drinking Tap next to Visitor Information Center 49.50252, -119.59731

talked to the manager and had zero issues sleeping here, have used this location multiple times without issue

Home Depot Parking Lot 45.57135, -122.54661
Por La Tierra y El Mar

Good beach for wild camping. a lot of trees with shadow.

Playa con árboles 39.29446, 26.64809

Flat gras spot for tent with nice view. Quiet during the night, train and dogs can be heard from far but you are protected from sight.

Place does not look like private property - no fence, no sign and the place and the ground is not at all maintained.

Mobile data works here.

Camping in nature 40.77991, -3.76846

Wild camping on Bureau of Reclamation land, next to a small boat ramp and fishing pier on Lightning Lake. Accessible by 2WD. More spots further back in the trees, but would recommend 4WD to access those due to the rough trail. We caught trout and perch in Lightning Lake, and walleye are in the adjoining Lake Holmes.

Lightning Lake 46.82870, -100.89883

Great secluded spot! I stayed here on a Fri/Sat night during the spring lighthouse festival in Door County. I thought there would be other people staying because of the busy weekend, but both nights when I came in there was no one and no one when I woke up either. Other than boats going by and 2 hikers on the trail across the canal, I never saw or heard another person in the lot. Coast guard boat came by while I was setting up my car and they could clearly see my bed, they just waved and kept on boating by. Definitely think no one cares that people stay here overnight so long as we all respect the place.

The road in was gravel but well maintained. A few potholes but nothing serious and very easy to avoid. Wide road and the lot itself is wide enough for any RV, I would think. The grassy area I've seen mentioned and photographed over on where tents could go was NOT mowed and was up to my waist high. So if thinking of tenting, beware that you might be stuffed up awkwardly on an edge somewhere. No signs saying to not park overnight and no facilities. Gorgeous sunrise AND sunset from this spot!

Army Corp of Engineers. Sturgeon Bay 44.80515, -87.33030

Lovely place just a few feet from seashore. We park between a lune of palm trees for two nights.
Quiet and with some neighbors a bar and an “estaquero” nearby

in front of the beach, just beautiful!! 9.41454, -75.72375

looked nice, pool looked very inviting, we were able to shower for 1000 (2 persons), very nice lady even brought us cold dinks

Crossways Campsite and Hostel 39.74768, 45.31152

Clean and functional! Just dumped our grey water; did not fill up.

Speedway gas station 35.14584, -106.58029

it doesn't seem to be $11 anymore. he asked me $31 for a single bed. I declined. I tried for $20, and he declined. I went to the nearby Hostel Salom instead; $11

Hotel Umariyon 39.49334, 67.60654

Very cool bar in Bissau old town, indoor and outdoor seating. Selling cheap locally brewed Guinea Bissau draft beer! (Djumbai) 500 small, 1000 large. Also a large selection of cocktails, Caprihiña 1500, wines and Portuguese beers. Some food too but I didn't try. Live music on a Saturday night starts around 10pm

O Barril 11.85912, -15.57933

Nice small area for people selling their products, many homemade items

Mercado Artesanal Bissau 11.86634, -15.58545

If you want proper hand stretched pizza with a good crust visit this place! There is a very large selection and most of them cost around 6000. We had a bacon one and the veggie, perfect.

They also have many other things on the menu, plus a selection of ice creams, It's 600 for mini beer. Outdoor and indoor seating, we didn't but you can park on the street outside. The place is very busy on a Saturday night, eat in or take away.

We didn't try O bistro pizza but I doubt it's better than Papa Loca

Papa Loca 11.86172, -15.58655

Small, friendly and relaxed campsite. Carrefour market just opposite the road, atm within walking distance, clean beach. Bonus points for the owner's golden retriever doggo.

Uzunkum 41.14478, 37.27696
Where’s Oscar

Great spot. Loads of firewood if you wander out towards the water. Nice and level. Huge views. Plenty of birds tweeting.

Lovely place. I’d stay here again.

Starlink great. T-Mobile two bars.

Clark Fork Drift Yard 48.17370, -116.23261

great free rv dump on the way to Vancouver

Squamish RV Dump 49.73639, -123.13437

Perfect place for the night. Lots of spread out sites in the area, extremely beautiful, would completely recommend.

Stunning viewpoint deep in the backcountry 40.81153, -114.06159

Still 30.000 for a single room, but has a 120 bed which is fine for 2.

Deluxe Hotel -0.53348, 30.12244

Nous avons dormir dans la petite partie du stationnement à droite du Cabela’s. Endroit calme et boisée. Plusieurs magasins et restaurants autour. Possibilité de remplir gourde eau à l’intérieur.

Cabela’s (Bass Pro Shops) 44.34250, -79.68419

The lake is fantastic, like in the Caribbean. Paddling with your own canoe. Canoes can also be borrowed

der See, wie in der Karibik.
waren mit dem eigenen
kanu paddeln.
Kanus können auch geliehen werden.

Boya Lake 59.36769, -129.10462

Currently $15/night (seasonal prices?), 14 days max stay. Nice, beautiful camping amidst of nature. Of you like a bit more privacy and quiet, we'd recommend the second loop in Little Paint Campground (places 100 and above).

Big Paint | Little Paint Campground 43.18739, -91.23525

Big and accessible place. Not very quiet tho. We were there on Saturday noght (maybe this is why) and first from 5pm to 10pm there was a big potluck dinner organized so a lot of traffic of people, but all super friendly so it was nice but after around 11pm some young locals arrives with big trucks and motorbikes and played drifts for HOURS!!! We could not sleep at all. They left around 3 am I think?
So maybe if you want calm avoid weekends.

Big gravel parking direct access to beach 60.53302, -151.26938
Les Frabys

Comme il est mentionné, le chemin n’est pas trop entretenu. Nous y sommes allés en vélos depuis le camping. À un endroit nous avons dû porter nos vélos car un tronc d’arbre barrait la route. Les derniers 100 mètres se font à pied. Au retour , vous pouvez ensuite revenir par la chaussée.
Très belle vue

Cerro Corá Muralla -22.64261, -56.01946

Sites have paved spot for vehicle, steel fire rings (with barbecue grid) on concrete plattform, picnic table with bench on two sides and a huge shelter about 3m×4m to sit or put up tent under inthe shade. Campground has pit toilets, yes. Price is still $15 per night and you can pay by giving credit card details on an official form to put in an envelop and drop in a letterbox. So NO CASH REQUIRED to pay campsite.
No cellphone service - zero bars.

It's first come first serve BUT if you want to stay more than one night (7 nights max) you can fill-in accordingly on the supplied payment form. And tear a slip of that form and put it at the pole of your campsite so that others can see that your spot is "booked" for more than one night while you are away during the day. Even if staying just one night you fix the slip at the pole of your campsite - pretty handy if e.g. you go to see the sunset somewhere and need to make sure your campsite is not being taken by someone else while you are away.

Willow Flat, Canyonlands National Park, Utah 38.38286, -109.88806

This campgroud is closed for the season.

Timber Point Campground 60.37494, -133.12098

in this place have free wifi, at the wall near of hospital

Hospital Alberto Sabogal -12.06316, -77.12259

Good campsite right off the public land road. Fairly packed gravel road, harder to lay down stakes for a tent, but the site was clean. Could hear some passing cars closer to the road.

Amherst Public Land 44.82767, -68.41642

Really nice area. Plenty of spots near boulders full of fun lines. Soft grass, flat, sun till 5:45, hidden from the road, river to jump in, what more could you want?

Between the boulders by stream -11.80614, -76.18715

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