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I didn’t stay here but I popped in to check it out and took a picture of the room prices. They are without AC and all are shared bathroom. It has a cute front deck with big tables overlooking the street and a back deck with large tables overlooking an open hangout area where they have movies and stuff. The rooms have desks. They also allow you to hang a hammock to sleep as the cheapest option. You can park a moto inside the gate but it’s kinda a narrow space.

Pied A Terre-JAW JAW 5.83357, -55.15293

Just don’t. 20 minutes on a road that feels like a comb.

Rainbow Point 44.77821, -111.17479

Fancy hotel, negotiated so we only paid $50 for one room. There is a price list at reception, which showed $70. WiFi works but it is slow.

Karon Palace 38.45487, 70.78967

Among the trees, next to the main road. Very pleasant, quiet cool break by the river. You can still hear the road well even if the night is calm. 4G with Free mobile but no connection with Beeline. Construction shed above, they told nothing. Gravel/dirt path. With the cows.

Nice spot, trees and river 50.28908, 57.67804

We payed 1000 rub for 8.5 tons truck for the ferry

Bridge Crossing. A340 49.36340, 60.47699

We went up with our 21ft bus. It was a bit challenging due to potholes in the road. There were several smaller pull outs that could fit a car. Probably wouldn’t recommend anything more than a car or truck but it was doable with our bus.
We didn’t end up staying due the spot at the top looking like abandoned junkyard. But the pullouts app bc the way would work.

Nice spot off FS road 48.44893, -121.56511

Wonderful spot! However the potholes are crazy! We took our 21ft bus down it and it was a bit nerve racking. A truck with camper would do fine. There were spots to put tents in each of the pull outs.
Beautiful once you make it in, but proceed with caution and high(ish) clearance.

Boulder River 48.26647, -121.76350

I parked a little up the road closer to the college buildings. It wasn’t the most discrete as it is a pretty busy street for foot traffic. we didn’t have any problems, just some stares from the locals.

Side Street Park 32.85910, -117.25527

Planet Fitness / Frontier Mall parking lot. Parked outside in large RV with two semis. No trouble, could even access mall WiFi

Planet Fitness 51.10152, -115.01495
The Kombi Chronicles

Crazy unclear pricing. We turned up and really needed hook up so we paid, they wanted 5,000 day use, 5,000 overnight and 2,000 pp. Then the car wouldn’t start so we had to stay again but this time they only charged 7,000. Showers hot. Nice bit space away from the road, club in the town still kept us awake at the weekend.

Camping El Manantial -34.55862, -59.12269

Local tranquilo, com banheiro água é energia elétrica , não tem sinal de internet nem Wi-Fi, pia para lavar louça fica na entrada do lago

Camping Municipal Lagoa Santa -19.17932, -51.40325

Parking lot of church near trailhead. Slightly sloped pavement. Great views. Be careful if you have pets - there is avian flu in the area. Spent a nice, quiet night there. Hiked to the lighthouse in the morning.

King's Cove - Lighthouse Trail Head 48.56983, -53.33242

Very dusty, breeze makes the heat bearable. Very quiet most of the time, occasional sightseers stop for pictures. The signs coming in from Big Pine say large rigs are in advisable but as long as you don’t go further than this, it’s totally doable. We have a 35-foot gas powered rig and it had zero trouble. Just go slow^^

Slightly off the main road, up a dirt road. 2WD handles it just fine.

Up the hill from Big Pine - Great View 37.20572, -118.24394

the thermal pools are open now. Lots of people, it costs 200 som per hour. The whole place is extremely dated. It's nice to visit after a long hike but otherwise I would not recommend it.

Issyk Ata Swimming Pool 42.60098, 74.90922

I tried to eat lunch here, but it would have taken one hour to prepare it.
The staff is friendly though.

Silundu Ranch camp -17.77817, 25.53803

Msima, beef and vegetables for 25 ZK. A nice place along the road.

Local food restaurant -17.77668, 25.27654

This place was fine for one night.
The staff isn't particurarly friendly, but still ok. Really a pity, that camping is not allowed anymore.
You can pay by card btw.

Elephant Trail -17.80847, 25.21165

Camp host liked to chat about the history of the area. Alligators and blue crabs. Bathrooms were okay, for the area, run down but clean. Camp host said people leave doors open so bugs come in.

Burns Campsite 29.57353, -91.53756

Heading east, turn right down the side of a canal/drainage ditch/irrigation channel, out towards the fields and away from the road.

We found a spot a couple of hundred meters down.

Very quiet, just a couple of farmers working their land, who went home as it went dark and we had the place to ourselves

Nice spot for the dogs to cool off

Quiet spot by irrigation channels 43.03889, 58.86425

Beau stationnement en gravier pouvant accueillir 4 ou 5 VR. Belle randonnée de 3 km à faire. Centre d'accueil fermé. Toilette sèche sur la piste, après le centre d'accueil. Endroit bucolique et très tranquille, cimetière tout près, mais ils nous ont pas dérangé.😀

Harvey Trail 47.58450, -58.96813

tout est parfait grande espace pour vider

Sorel 46.01769, -73.13302

It is a village of my uncle where in located at kaliambi village of Jhatgram District of West Bangla

Kaliambi West Bangle 22.23266, 86.93652

The checkpoint was still there, they just waved us through. Nobody was getting stop from both sides.

Police Control Ojo de Agua 23.74512, -103.79447

Family run establishment, Freddy was super accomidating, allowing bicycle storage out the back and willingness if I had any requests. His two kids were charismatic and curious, big cuties!

Private room was 20 soles per night with shared showers + toilets. Shower was really warm, heated from gas, what a treat! Bed was a wee springy but super cosy with the 4 heavy blankets.

Pollo, papas, arroz and buffet salad bar was 17 soles, really well priced for a substantial and delicious portion.

A little loud of a night due to being in the plaza, but highly recommend a stay!

Hostel + Restaurant Edith -15.49341, -71.46540

Very quiet with beautiful views in every direction. Beats being directly off hwy 287. Dirt road in was very smooth and well maintained.

Black Rock Road 47.29416, -112.23320

Stay was great, typical highway sounds. Awesome free shower, though was dirty AF.

Erie travel stop 41.36795, -82.95882

A great spot with walk in to the actual fire ring and camping spot. Enough room to park a van in the pullout. Works best parking parallel to the road so you have a nice flat spot. Starlink works perfectly here, otherwise I had one bar of T-Mobile LTE on an inconsistent basis.

WG47 Campsite 38.96053, -107.03230

We camped here the night before we hiked to lagoon 69 - ideal for getting an early start and getting ahead of the crowds of tour buses. The toilets were open and free (although not very clean) during our entire stay. Lots of llamas, donkeys and cows roaming around freely. The cows liked our camper and licked the entire vehicle during the night so that it had an interesting pattern the next morning ;)

IG: compasschronicle

Yuraccorral camping -9.05280, -77.61808

Very quiet place, we slept a little further on the dam where we found a space to pitch a tent. Access from the north requires a 4x4, access from the south is easier, a high clearance vehicle is sufficient.

Lakeside Camping with Lamas -19.60693, -65.73335

Who ever found this spot. Thank you. Beautiful spot. The only thing I would add is walk up to top spot before you drive up. There was two groups up there and a rv was headed up and wouldn’t not had enough room to turn around to get back to lower spots. It’s well worth the drive on dirt road to get too it. It backs up to private property so leave no trace so they don’t close it. Enjoy

BLM. Near Hwy 252 39.73049, -107.94323

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