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Camilla Bendix Petersen

Stayed at on the shore under some trees just before the parking area. No one charged us any fees. Everything is very run down. No available restroom.
Some music in the evening but it was a holiday. Quiet night. Waterfall at the north end of lake was great.

Lake Tortum off D950 40.63505, 41.63370

it's a pretty decent place to stop in Halifax. Very good access to the harbour and city. $3/hr or $12/day so very reasonable. it is not the most level place either. 6 other rigs here tonight.

Halifax Seaport Parking Lot 44.63708, -63.56664

Small park in town with clean public restrooms. Nobody bothered our two vans for the night.

Medicine Arrow Park 38.81864, -102.35431
ioverlander user

grassy parking lot at a beach (700m away). 20 minutes from the port calais.

near the beach 51.00262, 2.06887
Masar Alternativo

Can only recommend this place! Raul and Deni are very kind. lots of space. showers, toilets, internet, electricity. big rigs friendly, tents friendly cabaña for rent. beautiful and monkeys can be seen and heard!

Chiringuito 0.50489, -80.02969

Attention - pourrait être en territoire autochtone ! À vérifier et demander l’accès le cas échéant !

Warning - could be on first nations land ! Please inform yourself and ask for passage if so !

Petit stationnement après le pont juste au bord de la 138 donc sûrement bruyant. Nous ne sommes pas restés pour dormir. De la place pour quelques VR. Poubelle sur le site et petit sentier donnant accès à la baie

Small parking after the bridge. Beside road 138 so might be noisy. We didn’t stay for the night. Few rv’s can fit. Trash bin on the site. There is a small path leading to the bay

Petit stationnement après le pont 49.05021, -68.59870

The only place in Santa Marta to weld aluminum.

Soldadura Aluminium 11.24006, -74.20345

Could fill an European Alu-Gas bottle with a South African adapter. Paid 4 Dollar for 2,1 kg.

Very convenient as directly besides a nice shopping mall.

Flo Petrolstation -20.17758, 28.59102

A simple, no-frills caravan park. You can pre-book online or scan the QR code on arrival to make a booking before selecting your site. No staff on site, it’s all done via the web. £26 for a night and there is no option to not have electricity included. No WIFI.

It’s a nice secluded, woodsy area. But perhaps bit pricey for what you get. But the bathrooms are clean and showers are hot.

Tebay Services Caravan Park 54.44768, -2.60674

tiny village on the tembr. big flat grassy space for several tents. friendly locals, we asked at the house behind the small church for permission and they told us many cyclists camp there.

tap water available, not sure if potable. there seem to be some toilets but they were locked when we were there.

small village on the tembr -0.78028, -78.79580

The Hostal was comfortable with good hot showers, 70 pp for a room with a shared bathroom. We are cyclists and we're allowed to put our bikes in the room, use the kitchen, when they weren't prepping for the jeep tours, and wifi was 20 pp for a day.

We were coming off of the Laguna's route and really needed a place to rest for a day, but we were not allowed to use the common areas (reserved for jeep tours) to relax so had to eat in our room and only had a dirt courtyard we could spend tim in. Since we didn't want to spend all day in the same room, we moved on to another hostel the following day.

Good hostel for one night, but not a great place to hang out being second class to the jeep tours .

Hostal Piedra Andina -20.90264, -67.76743

Pasamos una noche en este estacionamiento luego de haber estado en el estacionamiento del supermercado tania, primero nos dijo 250 lempiras, luego bajo a 100 y terminamos arreglando por 60 lempiras...

Valle De Angeles 14.15570, -87.04145
Hal Barber

Excellent spot for the night. As described by other RVers, easy access for any size RV, lots of space, well off the highway-so quiet, pretty bug free.

Alaska Highway Prophet River Airfield 57.97135, -122.77659

you will take a gravel road on the left after podmelec and go up in the forest and there is a place on the side. very quiet, nice view. only birds sounds
ok for two cars

quiet in the forest 46.16461, 13.80340
Ken Collier

Beautiful city park along the Coquille River. Large grassy park with lots of camping space. There are several obvious campsites with fire rings and picnic tables. We chose a spot next to the river that was not an obvious campsite. The campground host was very nice and said we were fine there. Not many amenities other than some flush bathrooms near the parking lot and several port-a-potties closer to the camping areas. We enjoyed a lot of open space between us and the campers nearby. I would describe this as bougie boondocking.

Sturdivant Park 43.17608, -124.20132

great pullout off the road to the camp ground overlooking the river and mountains. larger flat spot and has been quiet so far

Obsidian Way 38.32274, -119.44542
Scotty B.

Great spot, just minutes from the Capital Reef visitors center. There are dozens of spots to camp, most are pretty flat. Plenty of room for the big rigs just a couple hundred yards in past the cattle gate. But holy fruit does the wind howl!

Beas Lewis Flat Road. BLM 38.29764, -111.38986

Side street between business and residential neighborhoods. No “no overnight” signs and right across from Planet Fitness, laundromat and coffee shop all of which had signage prohibiting camping. Fairly quiet and convenient.

Street Parking 44.06070, -121.29543

Very basic supply. Check the vinery opposite, they have lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products, bread and basics. Fairly priced.

Despensa El Triángulo -25.33019, -66.24349

Overlander said no big rigs but its just a car park, rigs of any size can fit its right next to the highway. Can tent camp but the tent camping area is tiny and not very level

Blue Hole National Park- caves entrance 17.14857, -88.69468

Drove into where petroglyph parking, fence & sign was. Then drove left down road/wash about 1.2 mile. Lots of places to camp. Super quiet area & no people. We were trying to get out of high winds in the area. Camped next to exposed wall of a wash which shielded us from wind. Beautiful area.

Petroglyphs Camp 37.58058, -118.39626

I couldn't get to the spot, I had to stop about 130 meters before because I have a 2wd SUV and the road conditions required 4wd, at least in this time of the year. Nice view of the lake and a variety of birds including swans.

Seashore with nice view -42.36190, -73.60700

I was at this place and everything is the same.

Estatua Dominguinhos da Pedra - Roadside -19.34609, -43.32688

Great spot by the river - highly recommend

Riverside 49.69791, -117.45876

Really big!!! camping area with lots of birds. We have 3,70m in hight. This is a little bit challenging because of the trees, but doable.

Campo del cielo -27.60864, -61.68017

Go across the street to SPEEDWAY gas station.
Don’t go to chevron. See the photo I added of the spigot, on side of building next to gas pump

Chevron 35.29470, -120.66878

Stopped here to get water. Bought some snacks and then asked the attendant to fill up with the hose outside and they said no. Referred me to the KOA down the street, where I was able to fill up for about $7.

Conoco 38.48894, -107.85522

Cool place, by the lake with toilets available by the lake. Nobody bothers you if you spend the night on the street, you can evenspendthe day also. So tough to find overnight parking in this area and no BLMs available close by.

Sparks Marina street parking 39.53708, -119.73020

Amazing ice-creams and very friendly owner. We were offered cremoladas. They also have a shop in Caraz ! Worth the stop !!!!

Helados Yurag -8.73864, -77.90736

Not easy to find a spot when leaving Ayacucho. The dirt road to get there will seem a bit long and dusty but at the end, it is a quiet platform, probably the parking lot of the cemetery. When we arrived it was dark. Very quiet night. A few farmers passed by in the morning and were nothing but curious.

Cemetery -13.19692, -74.29571

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