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Fabian Pickel

At the end of access road to the waterfront, between two big hotels, only about 10m wide but right by the sea

Waterfront 36.67324, 30.56913
Fabian Pickel

Grassy area right at the beach near Kizilot. About 200m east there’s a real campground, too (there: EUR 10/night, wifi, electrcity, good restaurant, right behind the beach).

Kizilot Beach 36.71123, 31.56163
Fabian Pickel

Open space right by the sea, between two nice restaurants, WC in little park next door. Surrounded by holiday homes.

Between restaurants 36.84059, 36.16139
The Belgian and the Aussie

Park amongst other European motorhomes.

Old Dock Parking 51.21070, 4.38792
Brian Wilkins

We stayed a week many years ago. It is a couple blocks back from the main road and very quiet. Great owner/managers, good pool. Clean and safe. We will try it again this winter.

Los Girasoles Apartments 23.24842, -106.44990

Torrinha is a small village, here you can park your vehicle and get a boat to "Boibeba" island. The price of the parking lot negotiable, daily between 15 reais per day in high season, the speed boat cost R$100,00 (for group) and the low boat cost R$ 15,00 per person.

Torrinha -13.57238, -39.01155

It was very nice and clean. I will return in the future

John Pennekamp State Park Dump 25.12280, -80.40733
Stephen Stewart's Travel (Forty Five years of travel)

An idyllic beach with easy access from the road.

Just south of Knobby Head -29.66913, 114.96107
Landcruising Adventure

Camped at the petrol station on the north side of town.

Petrol Station -18.47837, -64.11343
Landcruising Adventure

Perfect, shady parking spot at the plaza.

Buena Vista -17.46087, -63.66028
Landcruising Adventure

South side Pantanal: Piraputanga. Campsite, quiet during week days, more lively during weekends and holidays with Brazilians enjoying their music. Price: R$10 per night (2 persons).

Price: R$10 per couple

Pesqueiro do Bill -20.46657, -55.51868
Landcruising Adventure

Great camping spot, along waterfront and protected from dust from the road.

Estrada Parque- wild camp -19.38020, -57.05077
alice dee

Punta Sabbioni is quite a good start to visit Venice. It's an official place for about 30 camper. It costs 20-23 EUR for 2 persons and one van, electricity is 3 EUR extra. The strand is quite near. Also quite near is the pubic ship to Venice which departes every 30 minutes.

Punta Sabbioni 45.44113, 12.42129

140 ZAR = 15,50 EUR for a car with 2 people, we were almost alone and enjoyed the peace

Country Park Campsite and Vehicle Storage -26.05795, 27.88058

150 ZAR (16,65 EUR)

Sukuza Camp -24.99600, 31.59233

Camp inside Kruger NP

Satara Camp -24.39300, 31.77965
Landcruising Adventure

Parking lot next to a Parque Ecológico. Quiet spot.

Brasília - wild camp -15.82840, -47.85578
Landcruising Adventure

Parking lot of goldmine Mina da Passagem.

Mariana- wild camp -20.38423, -43.43877
Landcruising Adventure

Spent the night on parking lot of church on top of the hill. Quiet during week days, in the weekend not so quiet (evening visitors to enjoy the view). Good place from where to explore Ouro Preto.

Mariana -20.38345, -43.41858
Landcruising Adventure

Eastside of the park. There is an off-road linking the two towns. Coming from Lençois there is a perfect rough camp just before you cross the rivers a couple of kms south of Lençois.

Chapada Diamantina NP, between Lençois and Andarai -12.58607, -41.38272
Landcruising Adventure

On the westside of the park. Had an fantastic rough camp along a stream. Turn-off is difficult to find though, it lies on your left side a couple of kms before reaching the village of do Capão. (our GPS indicated: 'trilha dos rios claros').

Chapada Diamantina NP, Vale do Capão -12.57257, -41.49137
Landcruising Adventure

North of the park are various impressive caves / carvernes. We had a good place to camp in the parking lot of Caverne Pratinha, where you can swim in a crystal-clear river and visit two caves. Price: 10 *reais* per person per day.

Price: R$10 pp

Chapada Diamantina , Lagoa Pratinha -12.35157, -41.54120
Landcruising Adventure

In northeast of state of Goiás and has more than 200 caves. Most need to be visited with a guide (can be hired in São Domingos). We found a great rough camp near a river across from a huge cave.

Terra Ronca State Park -13.73433, -46.35690
Landcruising Adventure

Spazenda (furnished farm and ecolodge). Between Alta Paraíso en Moinho Janet and Xavier renovated an old farmhouse and constructed a lovely ecolodge. Both are properly furnished and can be rented. It's a beautiful region as well as a good base to explore National Park Chapada dos Veadeiros and surroundings.

Chapada dos Veadeiros NP / Alta Paraíso -14.09167, -47.47340
Landcruising Adventure

Spent the night in the parking lot of Alojamiento Sicancahur, shower for 5 *bolivianos*. Friendly owner.

Price: Bs.5 per shower

Alojamiento Sicancahur -20.90030, -67.76708
Landcruising Adventure

North of São Miguel dos Milagres. Awesome beach, camped majestically in all solitude among coconut trees.

Praia Patacho- wild camp -9.19452, -35.30922
Landcruising Adventure

South of São Miguel dos Milagres. Awesome beach, quiet night at the end of a dead-end street.

Praia Barra di Camarajibe -9.29540, -35.39532
Landcruising Adventure

Fish restaurants, quiet night along the beach, entrance to Praia de Carro Quebrado for 15 kms of beach driving, which is only possible during low tide.

Praia de Croa -9.40810, -35.49692
Landcruising Adventure

Near Pontal de Coruribe. Fantastic beach, with other other side a sweet water river to rinse. Just perfect.

Praia Lagoa Pau -10.13037, -36.11150
Landcruising Adventure

In parking lot next to Hotel Colonial downtown (next to church NS da Correnta).

Hotel Colonia -10.29120, -36.58630

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