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In the parking lot to the Cabinas with views of the valley. Toilets in the restaurant. We can recommend the one-hour Quetzaltour at 6am (13 US $ / person). We have seen several quetzals. Eating at the restaurant, however, is not worth the money.

(US $ 10 / day)

Paraiso Mirador Quetzales Lodge NP 9.64446, -83.84980

Right at the beach, shady under palm trees. Regular police presence - we always felt safe. Toilets and showers can be used at the attached campground "Los Cocos" for 500 Colones (the campground itself was closed due to the heavy rains and muddy grounds).

Dominical beach parking Pazific 9.25175, -83.86456

NO campground! We rented a stylish, fully equipped villa with 3 bedrooms and 2 large terraces overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Parque Nacional Marino Ballena for a month. Finally hot showers, toilets reasonable, WIFI, washer and dryer!

(1000 US $ / month)

Villa Ventana a las Olas 9.20580, -83.78040

A private sanctuary within the national park. We could camp in the parking lot on the property. Clean toilets and cold showers. Free WIFI. Beautiful hiking options in the rainforest. The entrance fee of $ 5 / person was included in the camping rate.

(US $ 10 / day)

Estacion Biologica La Gamba 8.70113, -83.20161

Very nice private nature reserve. Quite small, but with beautifully developed trails and flowers. Clean toilets, no showers. Site right next to a palapa with benches, tables, sinks, barbecue and electricity. A place where you could stay longer. Camping costs consist of US $ 5 / person admission fee and US $ 6 for camping.

(16 US $ / day)

Finca Cantaros Ecotourism Project 8.81148, -82.96130

Whe asked the mayor of the city where we could stay for the night and he told us to park on the parking lot of the curch. Meeting with the inhabitants was an absolute highlight for us. The night was very quiet.

Church in the village 15.35859, -91.43961

We camped in the parking lot, it was very quiet at night. Public toilets are at the parking lot. The hot springs are beautiful and we have frequently taken a bath. Caution: Very hot!

The fee is very high and only worth it if you use the hot springs intensively.

(Price is made up of 50 Quetzal / day / person entrance fee for the park plus 10 Quetzal for the car. The entry must not be paid for 24 hours, but for the day!)

Fuentes Georginas 14.75036, -91.48012

On the way to the vulcano you have to drive on a gravel road with more than 20 grade. You could go further up to the volcano which we avoided due to the muddy road and therefore spent the night on the first gravel parking lot. The night was very quiet.

Parking at Volcan Chicabal 14.80805, -91.64812

The campground seems to be closed officially (?). There is no electricity and no running water anymore. For this reason we only paid half the price. The owner - Texan Mike - is really nice, but unfortunately suffers from Alzheimer's. Since we had a lot of rain, the grass was so muddy after five days it swept in our shoes at each step and we also left deep tracks - without four-wheel and differential locks we couldn't get out.

From the campsite it's an easy walk to Panajachel.

Caming Campania 14.73798, -91.14931

The park is located about 10 km outside of Antigua on the road to Guatemala City. It's huge and you can choose any site. Many toilet buildings in the park.

(Price is made up of 15 Quetzal / day / person entrance fee for the park. The entry must not for 24 hours, but are paid for the day!)

Parque Ecologico Florencia 14.56798, -90.67413

Unfortunately, the Tourist Police campground was closed for renovations, so we parked in this parking lot. Throughout the day, our vehicle was guarded by a man with a machete. We camped very nice under trees, it was quiet at night and we felt very safe.

The parking lot is centrally locaceted, right across from the bus station and the market. Since the gate is locked at 7pm for safety reasons we received a key from the owner.

(Price is made up of 50 Quetzal / day and 50 Quetzal / night.)

Parqueo, Antigua 14.55971, -90.74158

Parking lot of a small swimming pool next to the house of the owner, about 20 meters away from the road. When cars drive over the bridge of steel Sacapulas at night, it can be a bit noisy. Next to the pool there are toilets and cold showers (unfortunately without water when we were there).

(Price is made up of 10 Quetzal / person entrance fee for the swimming pool)

Turicentro Nelly 15.29017, -91.09138

Huge grassy field right next to the parking lot of the archeological site. New and shady palapas at sites. Very clean area. Clean bathrooms, cold showers. Fee can be paid either at the ticket office or the campsite Guardian (who spends the whole night in the area).

(50 Quetzal / person)

Tikal Campground 17.22481, -89.61034

Beautiful area for backpackers and campers. Friendly staff, many attractive tours to tourist destinations in Guatemala. Many options to camp. Clean bathrooms with lukewarm showers. Restaurant with reasonable prices. Slow free WIFI at the restaurant. Unfortunately, when we were there it was raining extensively for days, so the camping area was soaked and almost impassable for our car.

(25 Quetzal / person)

Finca Ixobel 16.30397, -89.42164

Camping in front of the caves of Lanquin. Pit toilet. The tour to the caves costs 30 Quetzal / person. It is worth visiting at night when at dawn the bats leave the cave. Only parking (without camping) costs 10 Quetzal.

Lanquin - Grutas 15.58024, -89.99047

Camping in the parking lot of the Visitor Center. Clean toilets. The parking lot is located in the area of Semuc Champey, therefore Quetzal 50 / person admission fee is added.

Semuc Champey 15.53658, -89.95493

The highlight of this place is not camping in the parking lot. We stayed on a very full parking lot in front of the hotel. Sitting comfortably beside your car and cooking outside is no fun. However, there is a beautiful, open-air restaurant, where you can easily spend an entire day. Very relaxed atmosphere. Good happy hour, yummie food. Free WIFI. Hot showers. Lavanderia right on the square (40 Quetzal / machine). The boats to Livingstone (200 Quetzal / person or 850 Quetzal / boat) leave from around the corner.

(Large motorhomes 100 Quetzal Quetzal current 25 extra)

Bruno's Hotel (Marina) 15.65943, -89.00210

Fantastic campsite directly on the shore of Lago de Izabal. Very clean area with unfortunately bad toilets. Restaurant. Within five minutes you can drive to the hot waterfall of Aguas Calientes (10 Quetzal / person + 10 Quetzal parking).

Finca El Paraiso 15.57170, -89.19646

Shady camping in the parking lot of the archaeological site. Toilets in the Visitor Center can be used. Since the campsite is located in archelogical site the admisssion fee of 80 Quetzal / person must be paid in advance (the stelae alone are definitely worth the money).

Caution: In February we have been attacked by hundreds of small horseflies which had no problems getting through our mosquito nets!

(Can of Coca Cola for the night watchman)

Quirigua - Ruins (UNESCO) 15.27374, -89.04192

very pleasant spot for the first day in Honduras. Large grassy field in front of the Balneario. The camping fee of $ 6 / person includes the admission fee for the Balneario. Clean toilets, cold outdoor showers. It's about five minutes by car to the ruins of Copan.

Alternative campsite:

Right next to the parking lot of the archeological site you can camp behind the Texaco gas station for 50 Lempira / day.

($ 7 / person)

Aqua Park Hacienda El Jaral 14.86893, -89.06000

Beautiful parking lot right next to the coffee plantation on the farm of Franz of Bavaria. We were allowed to use the toilet in one of the rooms. Since the property is situated in the center it's an excellent base for a stroll. Gracias Lempira is also a very good starting point for a walk in the park Montana El Celaque (admission: 50 Lempira / person). With a high car it is only possible to drive to Via Verde, with a low car you can get up to the Visitor Center. From there a great 3-4 hour hike to the Mirador de La Cascada Santa Lucia starts.

Alternative option for small vehicles:

At the Visitor Center of the National Park Montana El Celaque.

Finca Bavaria 14.59154, -88.57928

Night in the parking lot above the Balnearios. To use the Balnearios an additional 50 Lempira / person admission fee must be paid. The Balneario is made very appealing, has great hot pools and toilets. The parking for the car was not ideal, because we had the feeling that half the population of the village was walking by at night.

Good base to visit the pottery village of La Campa (about an hour drive).

Balneario Aguas Termales (Hot Springs)Presidente 14.55946, -88.57130

A place for people who are looking forward to a fresh draft beer and nice greasy fast food. The parking lot is very narrow and we had to share the tiny parking lot with several cars. If you want to stay outside of the car this is only possible at the restaurant of the small resort. Clean toilets and hot showers. Small swimming pool. Free WIFI.

(50 Lempira / person)

D&D Brewery 14.94650, -88.03865

Parking lot in the orange grove of very nice hotel facilities. Very well maintained. A place where you could stay for many days. Swimming pool, Restaurant, Free WIFI. Clean toilets and cold showers. The facility is adjacent to the lake, cows grazing on the grass, exhibition of old Land Cruiser.

Finca Las Glorias 14.93858, -88.00658

Camping in the national park. Additional 95 Lempira / person (US $ 5.00) admission fee. Large grassy field with fireplace surrounded by the jungle. Palapa with tables, chairs, light and electricity. Bathrooms with cold shower and toilet. Free WIFI at the restaurant. Great hiking possibilities from the campsite.

Cerro Azul-Meambar NP (Pancam lodge) 14.87158, -87.90558

Beautiful backpacker hostel with huge garden area. Located in the center and only 300 m to the Caribbean sea. Bathroom with cold shower and toilet. Free WIFI. Free rental of bicycles and canoes. Free potable water. Beautiful and very well kept garden to hang out with open kitchen, covered dining area, hammocks, table tennis.

To the fort of San Fernando it's just a 5 minutes walk ($ 4 / person), one hour to the waterfall El Chorro.

Roli's Place 15.77794, -88.04447

Fairly basic, secure campsite between the cabins in the botanical garden of Lance Tilla. Additonal admission fee Lempira 154 / person (8.00 US $). There are toilets at the visitor center.

Botanical Garden "Lacentilla" 15.74042, -87.45737

Parking lot of a hotel complex at the Caribbean beach. Hot showers, clean toilets, free WIFI, pool. Very good restaurant. You even get German beer and you can buy fresh baked white bread and from Germany imported dark bred from the german-honduran owners Gunther and his wife Rosa! Big Book Exchange with a wide selection of German books. Long beach walks possible. In the resort there is laundry service for 80 Lempira / machine.

Casa Alemania 15.92435, -85.94542

Not a classic campsite, but a good example of how to find a safe place to stay for the night. We asked at the front desk of a large hotel with secure parking lot if we could stay there. The answer at the front desk was "No". We then insisted a little pushy that we came "all the way from Germany" to here. Thereafter the boss was called who had no problem to let us camp overnight for free. Clean toilets, free WIFI.

Hotel La Hacienda 14.67869, -86.20642

Great campspot in a small pine forest in the equestrian and recreation park. Small zoo with sheep, deer, tapir, parrots and macaws right next to the site. Clean toilets and cold showers. Small pool. Very good restaurant with Honduran specialties. Mila, the Czech owner (?) let us camp for free but thought a tip of 100 Lempira for the night guardian was as appropriate.

Good base to visit the La Tigra National Park and the old mining town of Santa Lucia.

Freizeitpark El Florida 14.15322, -87.04798

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