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Camping next to the pool behing a small hotel just before Danli. Located on the hillside and far from the noisy main road. Clean bathroom with cold shower. Extremely friendly, elderly owner: Mario Alfredo. Unfortunately the pool was painted so we could not use it. Covered poolside seating.

Villa Alejandra 14.02333, -86.61102

Beautiful gardens, supermarkets and ATMs within walking distance. Electricity / water / waste water on the pitch.

(Usually 200 pesos / day, discount for one week: pay 6, 1 day for free)

Victoria Trailer Park - CLOSED 23.74364, -99.13589

Right next to the pool in the forest, facilities not usable on our standards. Water on site, power which I would not want to make use, sewers are no longer in operation.

El Banito Balneario y Restaurante 21.91500, -98.95139

Beautiful campsite on nearly 3,000 m above sea level, very cold at night. During our stay the toilets were open only on weekends (3 pesos). No showers. We used the toilets at the visitor center of the park. Beautiful hike starts from the Visitor Center.

Parque National El Chico 20.17504, -98.69887

Camping in the parking lot between cars. During our stay the parking lot was completely occupied. Power on the parking lot. Beautiful swimming pool, very slow WIFI, showers and toilets at the pool. On pages of other travelers we read that they had paid only 200 pesos - so it is worth asking.

Poza Rica Inn Hotel 20.51615, -97.44197

Located near the sea, with own palapa, electricity / water / waste water at site. Large swimming pool, bathrooms with hot shower. First day the super nice managers provided us with table and chairs.

(Usually 200 pesos / day, discount for one week: pay 6, 1 day for free)

Mar Esmeralda RV place 20.30091, -96.84562

Camping overlooking the sea, electricity / water / waste water at site. We stayed six days at this place and we never felt welcome. Sometime the men's bathroom was locked for an entire day, sometimes the ladie's bathroom. The same owner has probably built a new campsite close by and maybe tried to attracht guests there. With the excuse that a big event will take place they sent us to a corner at the very end of the area - the event never took place! When a heavy storm passed by they didn't inform us and we had to move our car in the middle of the night. There are definitely better campgrounds in Veracruz (eg Rancho La Condessa. 19.09583, 96.11667 W)

El Rey RV Park and Campground 19.05278, -96.02278

Fantastic campsite in the jungle overlooking the lake. We saw toucans and howler monkeys in the morning. Small restaurant with delicious hamburgers, natural swimming pools and water slides with spring water. It is also a great destination for a day trip (50 pesos / day / person). Access through the jungle is very narrow and bumpy!

(Normally 80 pesos / day / person, but because the shower house was renovated and was not available, we have only 60 pesos / day / person paid)

La Jungla, Catemaco 18.44543, -95.06740

Beautiful campsite right in the center of Catemaco. Everything in easy walking distance. Electricity / water / waste water at site. Clean toilets (which were cleaned twice a week), large pool, Fast Free WIFI. Great excursions in the surrounding area.

When we came back in August / September and December / January, the pool was no longer filled and the toilets not so clean anymore.

(Usually 250 pesos / day including current or 200 pesos / day plus electricity, we have the monthly fee of 3,700 pesos including electricity used)

Tepetepan Villas and RV Park 18.41889, -95.12139

there was no campsite close by.

(The owner has not been required, as he has but even hung us his hammock at the palapa on the beach, we gave him 100 pesos. We were even invited to the evening to a small dinner at which we have contributed drinks)

At the beach in cocoa-nut groves 18.38001, -93.62106

Campsite overlooking the sea at the public beach. Electricity / water / waste water at site. Bathrooms so-so. Overpriced.

Freedom Shores 18.78293, -91.49409

Very original mini-camping in the front yard of a private home. Too many dogs who left their poop on the grass. A toilet, a shower. Good bus service to Campeche Centro.

New Samula Trailer Park 19.81722, -90.55222

We were allowed to camp in the parking lot under shady trees. At night, the street is pretty quiet.

Parking lot Kabah 20.24918, -89.64834

Parking without shade and without facilities. Free WIFI. Good starting point to watch the nightly light show. When buying a drink in the hotel bar, you may use the swimming pool and restrooms.

Uxmal Parking Lot 20.36131, -89.76792

A bit run-down, huge place. Electricity / water / waste water at site. Located next to a large shopping mall. Easy to take the collectivo to the city.

Rainbow RV Park 21.04139, -89.63028

You can camp here if you buy a trip to the flamingos for the next day. We moved further from the parking lot through the large gate to the port and camped beautiful there overlooking the boats. No night guardian. Heavy traffic and motorcycle races on the road next to the spot also at night.

on jetty for Flamingo Travel 20.85771, -90.38397

Beautiful little campsite directly at the ocean and on the dirt road which connects Celestun and Sisal. We could not drive the dirt road to the end to Sisal as our car was too wide with 2 meters.

On the beach between Celestun and Sisal 21.05626, -90.26297

In the parking lot of the hotel. Cute, small pool. Large, shady palapa.

Hotel y Apartmentos Bienestar 21.26889, -89.73540

It was not easy to find a campsite at the beach as most land is privately owned. We turned left before Dzilam de Bravo and arrived at a trashed parking lot. From there went down to the beach and turned right around the next curve in direction of Dzilam de Bravo. Then headed back to the beach and camped between the palm trees.

Beach 21.38676, -89.92687

We camped on the parking lot only seperated from the road by a hedge . Extremely loud during the night because of a Tope forcing the noisy trucks into braking and accelerating. Beautiful pool area. Short walk to the ruins.

Piramide Inn 20.69338, -88.58265

Fantastic campsite under palm trees in the white sand of the Carribean sea overlooking the turquoise waters. Unfortunately, it was so windy our car was blown with sand through the mosquito nets.

Xpu-Ha Campground Mundo Chalio 20.47182, -87.25852

Large grassy areas (especially good to clean his car again from the inside). Electricity / water / waste water on the pitch. Free WIFI. Many Iguanas. Although located just one block from the beach, but we have found no access, since everything is obs;-)

Trailer Park and Cabanas Mecolco Inn 21.21167, -86.80306

You can see the tower about half way through the bushes to the left. You drive to a parking lot, which is not visible from the street. We walked through the gate to the Laguna and could see thousands of flamingos breeding here in the evening.

At Flamingo lookout tower 21.54060, -87.79168

Beautiful campsite right at the lagoon. We camped right beside the huge palapa, which we used for the hammock and barbecue. You can swim in the water, but there are crocodiles. The promenade invites you to walk into town. Toilets are available, but preferred not to use them.

El Balneario Chiquilá 21.59615, -88.14632

Spot in the white Caribbean sand. Approximately 100 meters to one of the most beautiful beaches. Showers and toilets o.k. Many travelers and elderly hippies.

Soc. Coop El Mariachi Restaurant 20.20608, -87.43320

One of the nicest campsites in Mexico. Perfectly groomed garden right at the turquoise lake with jetties. Water / wastewater at site. No power on the campsite. The rental of canoes is already included in the rate. During our stay in June, the Tábanos - Mexican horseflies - were a pain, otherwise we would have stayed longer.

Who ever has German books should definitely visit the neighbors Elke and Rainer for book exchange! The two have been living here for many years and have operated the campground until September 2011.

Laguna Azul 18.92503, -88.16611

Great spot and very well maintained campground right at the ocean. Pool, palapas. Very good bathrooms. Power at site. Free WIFI. When we visited the place the first time in May 2011, the rate was 200 pesos (12.50 euros).

Yax Ha Resort 18.56083, -88.24917

We camped on a large grassy field, next to the restaurant, not visible from the street. We can not recommend the food in the restraurant, but it seems they don't expect you to eat there.

Restaurant La Selva 18.54086, -89.92322

Superb location in the Jungle. Great wildlife: The monkeys fed on the mangos above our car, wild boar, deer and other animals close to our site. The shower building is just a wooden shack in the camping area, we didn't dare to have a look at the toilets.

Casados Ranch camping and UMA 18.60171, -90.70124

The campground is located in the tropical jungle with great flora. Howler monkeys in the jungle right next door.

Electricity / water / waste water at site. Large pool, many travellers, large bathroom (but only with - not closing - shower curtains in front of the toilets). About 2 km from the ruins.

(Usually 180 pesos / day as we did not need electricity, we got a better price)

Maya Bell Campground 17.48808, -92.03781

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