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7 months ago
330.0 masl
Fabian Pickel


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Mrs. Bandhari's Guest House is listed in every guide book. Idyllic gardens, pool, spotless, WC/showers, quiet, safe, good and expensive restaurant, fresh meat, 450rp/night. In cantonment, about 3km NW of city centre.


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We stayed coming from Pakistan 5 nights. It is one of the loveliest places we have seen so far. Very nice and helpful staff. Really good food, cold beer and a refreshing pool. An oasis for travellers . We paid 4200 Rps + Tax/Night for 3 persons/ motorcycles. Highly recommended.

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It’s a really nice place and also expensive.
Nice to arrive in India going for sim car insurance and all other administrative stuff.

We met Jessie a very nice guy he showed us Amritsar. I asked him to do his phone number to iOverlander - he agreed

Jessie Sweet’n short
+91 97818 63464

He’s a very nice and enthusiastic person.
He can help you with what ever you need!

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Very nice place. Quiet, we enjoyed the garden and the swimming pool all day long. We were parked 20 meter from the swimming pool. Shower, toilet available just nearby. We also could fill in our water tank.
Personal staff was very nice and gave us a lot of advice. Even the restaurant was good.
The price worth it and for long term travelers, it is holiday during travel.
(Picture with 2023-2024 list prices)

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after almost 6 months in India, we are here the second time.
Yes, it isn't the cheapest place, also it's not the most expensive, but it's definitely the best we have seen in the last month.
Here we can really relax unter big trees or at the Pool. we also like the feeling of the old hippie-trail.

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comparing to other places in India its a nice and green place where you can relax.
But now they charge already 500 rs per person and extra 200 for car (WITHOUT TAX)
We was the only guests for one week. But it seems everything is forbidden. Hang out Laundry to dry, using the fridge at 44°C, stay in swim suites 100 meters away from pool... everything is forbidden. We didnt understand the problem.
We clean the place ourself because the stuff was super lazy.
They charge western prices for  low quality. Its a bit sad because it could be so nice

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Yes, it's expensive but for us it was absolutely worth it. After coming from Iran and Pakistan it felt so good to take off my shirt, jump into pool and sit outside, only in my swimsuit under a fan with a beer in my hand. The little things in life...
The place has history and a nice feel to it, the garden is huge and great for kids too. The pool! The staff is really nice and they are helpful. It's not far to the City centre. 5 min walk is a vegetable market and shops. OK, during the day the roads are a bit noisy.

Due to covid they had almost no business for two years, that's probably why the prices changed again.

450 per person, 200 per car + 18% Tax

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wow, this is a awesome place!
After 6 Months in Iran and Pakistan it feels so good to drink a cold beer in a Pool (which is pretty clean maintained!)

Our Truck is stands in the shadow, the owners are super friendly!

How can one say this place is too expensive? They offer a so nice place! Arriving from Pakistan i totally recommend this place!

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A small addition about the Oriental Insurance 3rd party coverage that you can buy from an agent here: When we bought a new insurance for the second year from another agent at another office (but also Oriental), it became clear that the insurance sold to us by the agent that came to Mrs Bandhari’s was not for a car, but for a special category like tractors and rikshas. So if you buy insurance here, make sure it is for the correct category and all details are correct. You might just need it.

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Beautiful property with bungalows, restaurant and secure parking for vehicles and motorbikes. The owner is kind and funny and the staff ensures you have a great visit. The rooms are clean with nice linens and updated bathrooms. Hot water available but in short amount based on size of water heater. Location is great.

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they are now charging 400 rupees per person, plus 100 for a vehicle, plus 18% tax! for camping! much cheaper to stay in a nice hotel.. avoid

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Nice place but expensive.
Now 300 for you and 100 for a car or 50 for a bike. And 18% tax. So 470 to sleep in the van.

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Relaxing place to camp. Spotless toilet and shower. Friendly staff. Nice dogs.

Prices are now:
300 per person
100 per car
50 per motorbike
200 for electricity if you wish
All of the above plus 18% tax.

40/20 per large/small laundry item
150 riksha to center.

Staff can call someone to come over and arrange 3rd party vehicle insurance also. About 100 euro for one year.

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A tranquil oasis that has been welcoming overlanders for 50 years. All the facilities you will need and a 10 minute tuck tuck ride from the centre. Friendly staff. 250 rupees per person plus 100 rupees for your vehicle. An extra 150 rupees per day if you want electricity.

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Verry nice place for camping with Tent or car.
250 rupees for person
100 rupees for parking
200 rupees for Internet

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Mrs. Bandhari's Guest House, listed in every guide book. Idyllic gardens, pool, spotless, WC/showers, quiet, safe, good and expensive restaurant, fresh meat, EUR 3/night. In cantonment, about 3km NW of city centre.

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