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Janashakti Auto Workshop, Satdobato, at the Ring Road’s southernmost point, opposite the Swimming Pool Complex. Welcoming owner, routinely helping overlanders.


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I was extremely fortunate to be introduced to Irwin and to have had his help in the transport of a motorcycle of mine from Nepal to India. From start to finish--and there were a lot of steps to go though--he was easy and delightful to work with. I highly recommend Irwin for any vehicle (car and motorcycle) transport / maintenance issues you may have.

Specifically, Irwin transported a motorcycle that I had parked in Nepal... to Delhi, India. I had believed that I would be back in time to move the bike myself (it was in Nepal on a temporary, 6 month permit (Irish license plates)) However, I was unable to and so reached out to Irwin for his help. He took care of everything including getting the documentation required for both traveling through Nepal (insurance) as well as India. I sent him the carnet documentation and registration and an authorization letter and with that, he took care of everything. Note, I never had to return to Nepal at any point; he managed it all without me being there.

There was a lot of back and forth correspondence throughout this process--Irwin was always very cordial and helpful. High integrity in everything. He does this in part because he enjoys working with Overlanders and helping them out.

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Excellent garage. S'est déplacé à plus de 15 km pour nous dépanner.

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Très bon mécano bien connu des camping-caristes. il est venu à 15 km de chez lui pour nous dépanner. On peut rester en storage chez lui.
Excellent et très cordial.

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Janashakti Auto a.k.a. Irwin’s Garage.
Irwin has lots of experience working on overlanders’ cars, big overland trucks and also motorbikes. He’ll be able to help you with anything, is creative, can source parts and he’ll even enjoy it if you just come by to say hi.

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Good company to get your car fixed or do some maintenance. Irwin and his team are super experienced and know everything regarding 4x4 vehicles (and more).

We needed a car part that was really hard to find but with all their contacts in the car business we eventually find a good secondhand.

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Very nice owner, he is very helpful and can store your car for months and also fixed it if need it

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Good place to store your vehicle while you head into Kathmandu. They understand overlanders. Is possible to sleep in your vehicle if you want. 350 rupees per day.

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nice open air workshop but if you have to fix something on your VW choose the "awesome Volkswagen workshop" in KTM. Great hospitality by Irwine. Crowded and messy, noisy, dusty or muddy place for staying. Toilet and bucket shower available.

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Janashakti Auto Workshop, Satdobato, at the Ring Road’s southernmost point, opposite the Swimming Pool Complex. Welcoming owner, routinely helping overlanders. Parking charges apply, WC, shower, wifi. Rats around.

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