PORTA VERDE | Established Campground



Last Visited: over 1 year ago
GPS: -5.152507, -80.611195
Altitude: 41.1 masl
Place Website: [email protected]


Electricity: Yes - Not at Sites
Wifi: Yes - Fast
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Cold
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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Contact Gonzalo: [email protected]

very nice place with big park, shade from the trees, little restaurant (good crevice!) and outside bar. sometimes the gate seems closed but isn't, so if you arrive late try to enter. cold shower and very good wifi. good to chill in the hammocks.. but some mosquito too!

Use the access road to the west of the area. Gate is at S05.152507 W080.611195


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we stayed here for one night we drove for an hour extra with high hopes, then it turned out to be passable for a night. Gonzalo is really nice and offered us volunteer work for accommodation (4h/day). there's no kitchen, the fridge is broken and the toilet doesn't flush. if you have a motorhome it is ok.

Nice spot but expensive. 35 soles per night for one person. Was not too bad otherwise.

A cool place with good food, good music, modern vibes if you come from the bush of Ecuador as the first contact with modern civilization. Arty surroundings, nice bartenders and nice drinks. A real oasis in the desert. We had a nice spot for the bus and the dogs on distance of mine. Owner is around and friendly, very welcoming. Also other guests are welcoming so it was kinda hard to leave.

Free camping with facilities and internet. Gonzalo found me at a gas station and led me to his place. It's a bit of a paradise! Except there are some barky dogs but they don't bite. Gotta contact him first as you may not find it easily, or the gate might be locked.

Lindo sitio semi-rústico. Muy fresco gracias a los árboles . Amplio y acogedor. Nos encantó

Lovely place in nature.
It does do events so there will be some noisy nights in the year, but you can always ask Gonzalo ahead of time or choose not to stay.

Paid 35s for 3 of us.

Swim pool, showers and toilets.
Bar/ restaurant open weekends.
Second time we have stayed and will do so again if passing through.

We (2 people plus camper truck) paid 35 soles per night for a 2-night stay. Peaceful place - a quiet oasis from noisy Piura. Fast wifi. Water not potable. Electricity only available from outlet near bathroom. Bathroom is open-air (not too private) and shower water is hot. Toilet does not flush well - you need to add a bucket of water. We did not try restaurant. Easy to catch bus (one sole, Super Star, blue and white, stopping every few minutes) across the road from the campground to go to giant superstore area. A little confusing to find parking when you come through gate but you will get there. If gate looks closed, you will be able to untangle chain to get in. Peruvian dogs will come barking at you.

Beautiful oasis. We arrived Sunday and stayed 2 nights. Place is closed on a Monday so we had it all to ourselves.
Food is excellent and staff and host very friendly.
Great place.

Nice place to rest and park outside Piura. Lots of space, trees and pool. The restaurant has very good food.
Be aware that the voltage in Peru is 220 v!

Very nice place outside Piura. Clean, beautiful and quiet. The restaurant is very good too! Gonzalo the owner is a friendly guy who can help you with any issue.

Arrived at dawn. Gonzalo was very nice. WiFi was ok fast and reached to our parking spot. Level ground. They cleaned the facilities when we arrived. Nice place for a night.

35 S/night/camper with electricity. They sow new lawn, so we needed our 25m cord and another 15m from Gonzalo to reach our RV.

Gonzalo is a good and entertaining host, the staff is very friendly. The menu has a good variety, food as well as cocktails are excellent. We stayed a few days at this peacefull place and parked our motorhome close to the lake. 15 Soles/person/night and 5 Soles/night for electricity.

We stayed here 2 weeks waiting for a replacement part for our van to arrive. Gonzalo is very welcoming. We parked right next to the lake. Peaceful place most of the time watching the geese and ducks, using the facilities, etc. Weekends are a little noisy but never later than 8.30, and usually only until 6 or so when the restaurant closes. There is now a private shower and toilet for campers, near to Gonzalo's house. There's also bathrooms by the restaurant, big sinks to wash dishes, pool table, swimming pool, lots of tables and chairs. Very easy to take bus into town for S/1 each.

Still open ! We were alone. Very nice staff !

nice place. a warm welcome. in no time we had a cold beer. WiFi is fast. during the day there is relaxed music. The bar and swimming pool will close at 6 pm and will be quiet. except the sound of the birds and geese. beautiful artworks. toilets are neat incl TP and soap. only thing it lacks to be perfect is a private shower

35sol now for a couple just to sleep. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use the pool or the showers.

Gonzalo and the camping crew we found in this place was great. It was much better for us to camp by the restaurant as bathrooms were closer. Good for 1 day or 2. Pet friendly and good WiFi.

Not a happy peanut. Money grab. This should be 5sol/ppn. Secure spot, wifi does not really work, bathroom and shower in one room without a door. Basically no facilities, save for security. Up the street is a gas station that offers the same for free. If you are looking to camp (it is a “nice” camping spot)... why do it in Piura?? No thank you.

Arrived late and the gate was locked. After ringing the bell, calling the number on their Facebook page, we finally got the owners number (info below). By the time he got back to us we had moved on to be Primax down the road. Looks like a great spot, just make sure to send Gonzalo a message beforehand!

Gonzalo Mata +51 985 617 382

We encountered a different situation. Gonzalo was not there, and staff told us we could park on the dirt behind the bar only. Later, a woman wanted to collect money up front, and she wanted a copy of our passports; we refused to provide copies. She also said electricity would cost extra. We only charged computers at the bar.
Gonzalo arrived the next day and told us we could park back by the house and shop also. This is where the only shower is located, about 300 meters from the bar. In general, the area back there looks abandoned. It is partially overgrown, the small tree hut is falling down. Squirrels chewed off the shower head, there is only a hose now. The toilet there had no water.
The toilets by the bar were clean and functional with seats and paper. Good wifi at the bar. There are power outlets on the pole behind the bar. This place needs maintenance if it’s supposed to be worth 15 soles per person per night. At the least, the only shower needs to be fixed, the toilet by the original camping area needs to work, and wifi should be available there also.
We did not use the pool and negotiated 10 soles per person per night with Gonzalo.

Really great place! We'd had a very long day crossing the border and within minutes of arriving we had a cold beer and a meal of great Ribs in front of us. Gonzalo is really nice. Also some great hairless dogs!

easy going place. clean toilets, cold shower, great bar! spent a quiet night. s15pp. Gonzalez is very friendly and helpful and so is the rest of the staff. highly recommend it!!

very nice place. not worth the warning sign. didnt have any problems connecting my car to electricity.

Great place to relax. Loverly pool, bar and food. Restaurant open at various times and days. Families enjoy the pool at weekends. Dogs welcome, there are 5 onsite and a cat but friendly. One little brown female a true treasure. Toilets onsite close to shaded camping area. Shower at the owners house. We just filled a big container and used this as plenty of space by the toilet block to throw yourself a shower.

oasis in the desert, arrived today from Ecuador, driving through the heat and got here into the shade, plus pool, cold beer and nice friendly atmosphere, dinner was awesome but obviously you need to be here way before 6pm. Highly recommend.

Beautiful place. THE WARNING ⚠️ PLACED BY flinikey1 IS TOTALLY FALSE. The mains are perfect

Be aware after spending time here and helping a US truck with electrical faults the issues are the mains electric supply here is dangerous ...and was the cause of the faults, the truck body was tested as giving 315volt AC when plugged into the bar mains supply ... the earth supply is not connected and the negative is not connected correctly .
Be Carefull please don't connect up.

Good place to chill mozzies are hungry but the pool is great

Lovely breath of fresh air (literally) after all the traffic! Has lots of trees, clean pool and bathrooms. Restaurant open 11-6 only. Cold beer! Good WiFi. Camping entrance is the first right when you pass thru gate right before the entrada sign. NOTE:. they do NOT close over winter. Be aware: power here is not grounded and can run to 315v!

A lovely relaxing place to wake up in. Thoroughly enjoyed our night, if the gate is locked just bib the horn, there is a night watchman.very friendly place.

Beautiful & well maintained! Gonzales & staff were very friendly & helpful. Extremely peaceful! They do events here wedding, parties etc so it may be noisy some nights. We stayed Thursday & Friday night without events going on. Bathrooms were clean & had tp & seats. Maybe they have remodeled them as they were not "rustic" as mentioned before. Highly recommend!

Lugar muy amplio, silencioso y seguro, alejado de la caótica ciudad de Piura, tiene piscina, baño, ducha, wifi, bar, hamacas, pequeño lago, y servicio de restaurante, área de camping sobre césped. la tarifa 15 soles/persona. (usd 5)

Gonzalo is very friendly! Lots of dogs, all super lovely and cute :-)

We had a very quiet night, we were alone for 2 days.

Gonzalo allowed us to use the kitchen to cook if we want, as long as we use a cap before entering the restaurant kitchen.
We had some beers and pisco together, some pool... very nice place to rest!

Stayed for two nights.

Bathrooms rustic outdoor but ok for two nights. There other ones next to the bat which are good.

Bar/Restaurant is really good. Recommend to eat there.

Campspot is under trees, not my favorite but a at least not as hot as in the sun.

Shop is 3-4 km away, big mall with all you need incl tottus and diy-shop.

All in all a good place to stop!

We left our RV here for 6 months. You need to go to the SUNAT and require a suspension of your CIT. Takes a few days. Gonzalo knows the procedure and can help to get the police document which is the primary one (however they require a "tip"...). Camping there is great, quiet and safe.

Arrived on a Monday and thought it was closed. Gate appears locked but wasn't, so we could enter and were able to stay.

Great spot. [if you need wifi try and camp close to the little bar as it doesn't reach far]. 6 dogs, all friendly.

A great place to stop after the long drive crossing the border to Peru. It's a little paradise and a calm place to catch a breathe. Gonzalez is a sweetheart and has great advices for upset stomachs :)

Fantastic spot. So tranquil. The pool is lovely and the weather at night was nice and cool.

A very helpful and friendly owner. He has also a Restaurant on the campground. The food is amazing, very good quality.
If you have a dog and you need the papers for crossing the border ask Gonzalo he knows where to go.

great place! gonzalo Made us the Most awesome food i have ever eaten! for the 3 of us he Made 3 dishes to try! I think his prices are steep but man oh man it was good! (Best fish i have ever eaten his tuna!)
and the place is great quiet and nice to Hang around. on monday there is no bussniess at all and all overlanders have it to themselves. :)
he drove us into town too and helped out with a couple of things!

We definitely think this is the best option in the area. The moderators note I think is old. We emailed but no one emailed back. This place is definitely open for business. They do hold events here so maybe try and avoid weekends. Pool, toilets and wifi. $15sol/pp

Great stop after crossing the border. I think the floods damaged a lot of his property so he had us set up in the front part near the pool. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and everybody was gone by 4pm or so. Very nice owner. Muy tranquilo.

il faut arriver avant le depart du patron vers 17h30. piscine, pelouse, wc, douche en panne... 30 soles. Repas possibles

Little paradise on the road, out of the noisy town. Big pool, beautiful huge garden, and very, very friendly owner ! Met a few other over landers here. YOU CAN ALSO LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE HERE FOR A LONG PERIOD ! The procedure is to be done at the SUNAT in town. Gonzalo knows about it now. The place is very safe, including during the floods, as the whole land is a bit higher than anywhere around !

Maybe it is out of season now.

It can be tricky to get there, especially if it's raining but Porta Verde is a really nice huge area to spend restful days and nights. The owner Gonzalo is lovely and helpful.
The amnesties are basics. High WIFI. Swimming pool. Really good food.

Restaurant are open for miday///-almuerzo till 16.00,h.
Nice quiet place
Gentle Goncalo...

Friendly campsite with basic ablutions, lots of birds and very helpful owner. Individual sites around lawn. Only too many dogs. PRN 30 (2 adults, camper). Extra fee PEN 5 for electricity.

Gates look locked but you can push them open. Ring bell, drive in. At sign saying "entrada" - with left arrow, turn right and go round to the right. You will see the gates with a sign. The odd plane taking off nearby. Crackers & Brilliant. Owner speaks some English. Puera is not easy to drive through as roads are full of massive potholes and driving is "interesting!" Maps Me found the site but not the Garmin. If you arrive on a Monday and there's a sign at the gate saying they're closed just ring the bell. Sign is just for pool.

very good place with fantastic owner Gonzalo!
huge grassy area with trees, nice, quiet and safe!
bathroom is right next to the campsite, flush toilette, warmish water- just perfect
stayed here 3 nights and there was a wedding party at the event area but we barely heared anything
so highly recommended
thx Gonzalo for all your help

It might be a little bit tricky to get here (it was for us) if you don't have Internet. The GPS coordinates are not recognized by our Garmin Montana GPs so we just follow the dot on our Ioverlander map. You will pass by the university and follow along that road pass the bridge and you will eventually get here it is very well signed from the road. The place was very relaxing, lots of beautiful birds in the morning, shade from trees, the bathroom is cool, shower was not so cold, Internet is fast, there are 6 dogs in the house but they keep to themselves, they were friendly. Gonzalo is super nice and has kept his place decorated with all of his work! We only stayed one day but it was a good stay, I recommended specially since there's nothing else in Piura!

Gonzalo is the man! Came for 1 and Stayed for 3, and were treated with great hospitality and nice accommodations. Can't say enough about this place. close to town and a major hardware store and mall for resupply but far enough away to be super quiet and secluded. 10sol pp


I agree on all positive comments, but not on the negative ones:
- There is a toilet and shower right next to the camp site (still under construction, but it's working, we used it every day)
- We have been here 3 whole days, there are of course some flies and mosquitos (it's in the nature!), but nothing as described before (and the hoverflies don't even bite)
- This is a place for events as well, so saturdays there might be some 'fiestas', but Gonzalo (the very nice owner) does communicate it for sure.
We haven't been here over the weekend, wanted to stay just one night, ended up in three. Very nice and relaxed!!!

Everything that is written in the positive about this location is true. Still working on the shower. If this is ready it will be a 10. In the morning you will be awakened by the birds and you might see squirrels in the trees. At the site are images created by Conzalo. He is a super host. Instead of one night I stayed 3 nights. Definitely a place to come back.

Not that sure about this place. It has a lot of potential for sure, but...
Plus side:
- Price - 20 soles for 2 adults in a car
- Safe place, big rig friendly
- Owner Gonzalo is super friendly and nice
The bad:
- still no shower, toilets kind of far from the camp spot
- saturday morning at exactly 7AM, we were woken up by 40+ crowd about 15m from our trucks, guy speaking through large speakers to them. Apparently it was a teambuilding event that was held in the same area, just a few meters from our car. Met other couple in the next campground who told us the same happened to them a week before, both saturday and sunday morning. Would be nice to at least tell us (or them) before about it. And it wasn't particulary good to climb out of your rooftop tent and have 40 people looking at you doing that.
- when the water level at nearby river dropped, annoying black&yellow flies (like small wasps) came out and were literally everywhere, until about 3-4PM. They are drawn by water, so no way of taking the desired cold hose-shower, that would be suicide. Difficult to eat/cook/wash the dishes as well.

Awesome place, a oasis in the desert! Gonzalo is super nice!

In case you arrive while the owner is at work and need the wifi, the password by the house in the camping area is [passwords are not allowed unless explicitly permitted by the owner]and the password by the pool is [passwords are not allowed unless explicitly permitted by the owner]

Super nice owner Gonzalo, very helpful. Also very nice Campsite with water/electricity. Bamboo-shower just finished. Big pool is only 100m away, but in the same property. Good place for kids too. Trampoline and swings next to the campsite. Definitely recommend

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -5.15285, -80.61048

Gonzalo (le propriétaire) est une belle personne, toujours prêt à vous aider. Il vit dans un merveilleux endroit ou il pratique son art. La douche pour les iOverlanders fonctionne bien qu'elle ne soit pas encore terminé. A ne pas manquer si vous sejournez a Piura.
PS: si vous utilisez "maps.me" suivez la direction de la piscine situé juste à côté

Gonzalo (the owner) is a great person, always ready to help you out. He is living in a beautiful site where he practices his art. The shower for iOverlanders works although it is not finished yet. Not to miss if your are staying in Piura.
PS: if you are using "maps.me" follow the swimming pool direction which is situated just aside.

The place to be on the road to Ecuador!!!

Entrance to Porta Verde. When you get to the pool area, take the track to the right, 200m to the gate & iOverlander sign. Inside, behind the trees is a lovely camping area & Gonzalo is definitely the friendliest and most welcoming host ever!. Great place & will be even better when he's finished the shower block etc. S10 pppn

un lugar hermoso, tranquilo y el dueño Victor es super amble. Hay piscina, arboles y buena sombra.
lo super recomendamos.

hermoso lugar con muy buena compañia

A very nice and quiet campground. We were happy to find such a place next to buzzling Piura. Highly recommendible!

We spent a quiet night here and our host and new owner, Gonzalo, was gracious and welcoming. Beautiful setting, 26 hectares. He is in the process of adding an iOverlander sign which you will see on your right, on the road from Piura. Gonzalo will soon add more amenities for overlanders. We paid 20 soles for the 2 of us + our van.

Cool place. Very quiet at night (no roosters or dogs making noise). Nice pool,and nice open space to park. He also has a metal shop, so if anybody needs any work done, he offers his shop to people. Super nice guy. No showers, but he's working on it. There is water so I'm sure you can take a bucket shower if you need to. The place is like an oasis. Very beautiful. Fast internet reaches your vehicle even when parked far from the house. 10 soles per person.

The place is open! Ring the bell, if the gate is closed; someone will come and open it. Drive passing the event area and continue until you reach another gate, wich is always open. There you can stay on a grassy area with lot of shady trees. There is electricity nearby, but the toilets are further by the event area behind the pool. The owner will build a toilet and a shower near the camping. You can use the pool. You pay 10 soles per person per night.

Nice camping, perfect for before/after border crossing. It is NOT closed because it has a new owner. Bathrooms are a bit far away and there is no shower but the owner is planning to install bathrooms with showers nearby. Refreshing pool is available, as are shopping possibilities. Payed 10S per person. If the gate outside is closed: Ring the bell!

great place to stay and chill. gonzalo is very nice person. he is thinking of making some showers and kitchen for overlanders. he is also making arts so all place is decorated by his arts. gonzalo bought all this big land and trying to protect that.if you are coming from piura u pass university campus and after bridge go left and follow asfalt road for about 1km. there is a big sing on your right evento-porta verde. if gate is close knock or wait . there is always security guy but place is super big so he might be on his walk

excelente lugar! un pequeño paraiso en la ciudad! pasamos unos hermosos dias, gente muy amable, wifi, electricidad y piscina
tocar el timbre al llegar y preguntar por Gonzalo, no esta cerrado, sigue funcionando

now it is an area for special events...

excelente lugar!!!!, tranquilo y seguro, el dueño muy cordial, 100% recomendado, lo pasamos genial!!!!

amazing place. I recommend. a paradise near the city. great green area. pool and wifi. I Love 😍👏🚌

Is a place free ... only good persons

Place for camping cars, motorcycles, electricity 220v, pool,pets, wifi, natural water,forest, no laundry, no bathrooms, good atmósfera , security, welding workshop, eight dollar a day person, improvements soon , welcome...