Sendelingsdrift Border Post | Customs and Immigration



Last Visited: almost 2 years ago
GPS: -28.122683, 16.888917
Altitude: 0.0 masl


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Border Namibia - South Africa, border Sendelingsdrift.

The pontoon takes max 6 tons.


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Easy border.

Check out of Nam was quick, fill in the exit card, check the car (they took 5 minutes, looked in a backpack and our camera back, opened the doors, all very friendly) and you’re done.

Take the pontoon. Max 6 tons.
Payment is at SA-side, 110 if you visit Richtersveld, 160 if you don’t.

1. Pay at Sanparks. Card payment possible when there is power.

2. Go to immigration. We needed to show our yellow card certificate because they saw our Angolan visa.

The immigrations lady was very strict and gave us a hard time because our passport is almost full.

3. Then go to the police. They fill in some stuff and you’re good to go.

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Immigration is straightforward, they don't have a custom there because it is not a comercial border, but the immigration will stamp your carnet if necessary, (we had to stamp our following carnet), the police will check your car and bags more precisely than on other borders, probably looking for diamonds

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There is a fee to cross the Oranje rover ferry crossing from Namibia to RSA.
Can pay with a card

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Very friendly - going out of the border. He looked for big sharps in the car and looked carefully anywhere in the car where there was a pouch / bag / compartment but everything was good.

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Bicycle pay 30rands. Very easy crossing.

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Fast and easy border with Carnet. 3 steps to exit SA (2 times inmigration at desk 1 and 3, desk 2 for customs)
Namibia apply an entry fee since June 2016 for foreign vehicles, 165nad for motorbikes, 259 for cars and vans, 541 for trucks and bus, you get an official slip you must keep during your stay in the country.
Entry in Namibia filling the form in Inmigration, pay the fee for foreign vehicles and stamp the Carnet at customs.
No checking the vehicle at all, just asked about vegetables or alcohol and trusted us.
Insurance not compulsory.
Free to drive in Namibia.

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Border Namibia - South Africa, border Sendelingsdrift

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