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3 months ago
33.6 masl


Something not right?


This is the new location, you can’t find it on Google. (Sept. 2022)
Wrong location in Google.


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Is not correct the position. One Street back from the Main Street.

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Now works with e-visa via Indicate entry by plane, even if this is by land. I have uploaded the following documents:
- Passport
- Yellow fever
- Driving licence
- Vehicle licence
- CDP (all stamps)
- Hotel reservation
- Intivation letter (hotel reservation)

The visa costs 110000 CFA and arrives by email (approx. 3 days later). It can then be printed out and presented at the border and is then stuck into your passport.

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Correct place ! :)
100.000 cfa normal speed 2 days
150.000 cfa express
Got 3 Months multiple entry
German passport ask for fly ticket I sad I go by car and then they need copy of:

- CDP (all page with stamp)
- Driving licence
- car Dokument
- Application Form

I ignore the question about invitation letter :D a hotel bucking is always good

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Info is correct, we did not need a copy of credit card and CPD. We had to leave our passports for one day and can pick them up with visa tomorrow after 12. Good service!

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Visa in the same day if kindly asked. Woman very helpful . Very expansive , but they gave me 6 months / multiple entry. I paid 150k CFA.
Documents required on previous comment.

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To find the Embassy go directly to the E131 street.

The woman who takes care of visas is really friendly :)

Embassy informations
To start the visa process and give your passport : only morning
To get your passport back : only afternoon
The working days are from Tuesday to Thursday for treating visas

French passports
- 1 photo
- passport copy
- yellow fever copy
- covid vaccin copy
- CPD copy
- Car insurance copy (carte brune/carte blanche)
- copies of all African visas/stamps on our passport (a proof we are travelling by road)

Prices (crazy)
130.000 CFA for 3 days waiting
150.000 CFA for 24h waiting

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The location is right. The entrance is not on the main avenue but on the other side. You can apply to a visa here it's 3 days to have it. Can be done in a day (extra fees).
Only morning. And to pick up the visa only in the afternoon.
65 000 CFA (3 month).
All the documents needed it's attached.
Not very friendly staff.

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This is the new location, you can’t find it on google. (2019.10.17)

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