South Luangwa National Park | Tourist Attraction



Last Visited: 4 months ago
GPS: -13.09846, 31.78584
Altitude: 1097.0 masl


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open from 06.00-18.00 hours. entry fee is 35usd pp and 15usd per vehicle. entry fee is only valid for that specific calender date you enter. very muddy during rainy season. do not leave the gravel roads


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We did a walking safari and a night drive with James which we highly recommend!!!
He is so very well educated that is going to be a wunderful experience combined with a high amount of information! South Luangwa is one of the few places where you can do walking safari, James made it very special. As he is British the communication is very easy. You can WhatsApp him
James +260 96 3814222

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Prices remain much the same, you still have to pay if you transit through the park.
The direct road to the northern exit is not driveable at present so you'd have to take the long road (6-7 hours).

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The park is great, lovely scenery and good sightings. We normally self drive but for a little bit more we opted for a guide and car for morning and night drives. We find sightings are much better and get a break from driving. Prices with guide are:
Entrance fee: USD 25pp
Guides car: USD 5 (night drive they might charge you USD20)
Guide and safari car: USD50 for two persons for 4hrs

We’ve used Standwell as a guide. Great person, a bit shy but very genuine and knows his stuff. Would definitely recommend him! You can call or WhatsApp him on +260 (0) 96 3876511

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Fees for International tourist and car:
30$ ppn entrance fee
15$ for car up to 3 t
30$ for car more than 3 t
ticket is valid for calendar date not 24 hours regulation

night drive is just possible with tour operators but if you have already have the ticket of the day there is no extra entrance fee, just what tour operator charge you.

walking safari just possible in dry season

it was cheaper to pay in Kwacha; we saved 5$ with the exchange rate at this time

you can go out of your vehicle to have breakfast, a coffe or sunset drink. The tour operator do it with their customers in open areas at the river or lagoons, put a table and serve drinks :-)

very nice and relaxed park, ask the safari divers where you can see the big cats, or wild dogs, they are happy to help you

gate open :
6.00 am - 18:30 pm (April -Nov);
6:00 am - 19:00 pm (Dec-March)

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We entered with our Unimog (7,5t)
Entry fee:
30$ pp
15$ for the car (it is usually 30$, but we negotiated a little bit, after the ranger encouraged us to negotiate)
Very friendly staff!
Really a nice park- you can see a lot of animals and especially cats (saw Leopard and lions)

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I suggest to have a night tour (from 4 to 8pm) to see night animals (especially lions and leopards). The park closes at 6pm, so the only way to have a night tour is join to a guide tour. In the lodges\campings the price is very high for every kind of guide tours (up to 50$pp), so I suggest to stop one of the many Land Rover around Mfuwe and talk directly with the drivers. For example I paid 100$ for a standard night tour in total!!! (We were 9person on the land lover, so about 11$pp instead 50$pp...). My driver is called George, his number is 096 5052721. Anyway, park fee is always apart. So 11$+25$, instead 50$+25$.

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USD $30 pp and $15 for a vehicle under 3 tonnes. Gate closes at 6:30pm so there is a good opportunity to see lions. One lion has a tracking collar so the safari trucks know where they are - just follow the hordes of trucks after 3pm to see them!

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open from 06.00-18.00 hours. entry fee is 35usd pp and 15usd per vehicle. entry fee is only valid for that specific calender date you enter. very muddy during rainy season. do not leave the gravel roads

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