Rest Stop (exit 106) | Water

United States


Last Visited: 5 months ago
GPS: 34.80836, -115.21936
Altitude: 571.6 masl


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A few taps of potable water all around. Not suitable for hoses though.


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Open and with water and good connexion.
A little two noisy for a quiet night

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Currently closed for repairs

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I have worked for CALTRANS and please DO NOT ever count on a California rest area being opened. Pay close attention to all signs about rest areas down the road as to whether they are opened. They have water issues from their wells that the state mandates that they be closed when there are problems. What a waste of tax payer money Sacramento, You have one job to do and you can't seem to get it done at the rest areas, keep them opened..... I rest my case.

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Standard rest stop, bathroom, picnic tables, garbage cans, designated pet area. Water spigots but nothing for hose hookup.

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A few taps of potable water all around. Not suitable for hoses though.

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